Hog management software gets new Canadian distribution

Collaboration intended to better serve Canadian clients

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EastGen is now providing sales and service of PigCHAMP for pork producers across Canada.

The partnership was announced May 10 and the team will be led by John Wiebe, business development manager for IMV Technologies.

Why it matters: Management software for hog farmers is important, especially as record-keeping becomes more of a quality assurance imperative.

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The Ontario and Alberta Pork Congress were the first main events to promote the new collaboration.

“The whole point of us being (at the Ontario Pork Congress) is to answer questions, to help people find out what has been happening with PigCHAMP over the last few years,” says Wiebe.

Vet offices across the country were previously selling the program, but it was pulled more than five years ago because veterinarians wanted to focus on being vets and PigCHAMP felt confident in servicing all North American customers from Iowa. Some veterinarians also switched to using competing software.

“Clients were coming in and we were able to support them from Iowa, but even though we speak the same language, it was getting to be more difficult,” says Jayne Jackson, product and sales manager with PigCHAMP in Iowa.

“We create and design the product for our customers and it varies; different countries do different things. To help us understand that and guide us through those things, we need someone locally and I think EastGen is a great fit.

“PigCHAMP approached (EastGen); Jayne and I talked about it amongst ourselves. We are not competing against each other in any way, we are already in the industry and we know everybody in the industry. It is a good fit.”

About 250 pork producers across Canada use the program software, which has been in Canada for more than 20 years.

The swine software has packages for reproduction and farrow to finish. The app allows the program to be accessed through a mobile or handheld device.

“Most of the software systems that are out there are primarily online and single database. We provide the option for our clients to be online with their own database, not a consolidated database,” says Jackson.

“Pretty much everything can be tracked; it’s all productivity related,” says Jackson. “We have a wide spectrum of clients — thousands and thousands of sows, niche markets, 10 sow operations — we wanted to give them the power to be able to customize their system.”

“(Producers can say) ‘this is what I want and need.’ Based on their feedback, we sit down and we design our products. The impact is from our clients, our clients tell us what to do.”

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