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Olymel has labour challenges relating to COVID-19, reducing its processing capacity.

Olymel reducing Ontario hog numbers

Company is in court Monday to try to get out a requirement to take Quebec hogs first

Reading Time: 2 minutes Quebec pork processor Olymel is taking about half of the pigs it usually does from Ontario and is working to get out of contracts with producers, due to processing shortages related to COVID-19. Olymel informed Ontario producers on April 2 that it would be invoking Force Majeure – the clause in contracts that covers unforeseen […] Read more

Ontario dairy farmers have been asked to dump milk from their cows due to supply chain challenges due to COVID-19.

OPINION: Thoughts on dumping milk during COVID-19

Unprecedented shocks to the market are to blame, not supply management

Reading Time: 3 minutes I received a sad text from a friend of mine who is a dairy farmer. They are being asked to dump milk as the processors to whom it is assigned can’t use it right now This is difficult to understand in a time where we are seeing empty grocery stores shelves. Supply chains are complex […] Read more

The 40,000-litre tower now in use at Grootendorst Farms near Maryhill sits atop a 12-foot by 12-foot concrete pad.

Test period underway for vertical milk storage in Ontario

Approved sampling protocols must be expanded for towers to come into use

Reading Time: 4 minutes A test period has begun on a 600-cow dairy farm near Maryhill for the use of a 40,000-litre vertical milk tank. It isn’t currently legal for use on-farm to cool and store milk in Ontario because milk truck drivers can’t see, smell and sample the milk as prescribed under the Milk Act. Why it matters: […] Read more

U.S. says it will ban pig shipments if fatal hog virus is detected

An arrival of African swine fever in the U.S. would disrupt global pork markets

Reading Time: < 1 minute Reuters – The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it will prohibit shipments of all pigs for at least three days if the nation ever finds a case of a fatal hog disease that has ravaged China’s herd. The federal government is preparing to contain and eradicate African swine fever if it spreads to the United […] Read more

Opinion: We’re often afraid to ask questions, but it’s a key skill

On the farm, being curious and asking lots of questions is a good thing but for some reason, we tend to hold back

Reading Time: 3 minutes The little boy was curious and always asking questions. Over and over again he would ask his increasingly impatient mother why, how come, how far, how long, when, where and what. But his grandfather would gently smile and say, ‘That is a wise boy; for you are only one question away from being a better […] Read more

Earlier this year, fifteen girls witnessed a calf being born during a farm-tour birthday party at Joe Loewith & Sons.

Farm birthday tours fill charity requests

The donation brings more consumers to farms, and helps out good causes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Joe Loewith & Sons, of Copetown, donate farm tour birthday parties to local charity auctions to provide unique experiences for bidders. “Every now and then there are auctions, Rotary Clubs, or different events like that, where they are looking for more unique experiences (for donations), instead of just a product. We thought this was a […] Read more

Some farmers will have to dump milk in order to try to help right the dairy supply chain.

Some Ontario milk not being picked up as market shifts

Closure of restaurants and food service due to COVID-19 has challenged processors

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hundreds of Ontario dairy farmers won’t have their milk picked up and potentially into the future because of gluts of milk at processors due to market changes from COVID-19. Dairy Farmers of Ontario let its farmers know on March 31 that some will have to dump their milk due to huge changes in the milk […] Read more

The health and willingness of truck drivers will be critical to maintain the agriculture and food supply chain.

Tight supply chains pose food system risks with virus

Lack of redundancies in meat production system could post challenges

Reading Time: 3 minutes A lack of redundancies in agri-food system supply chains means there are risks for farmers from a disruption like that caused by COVID-19. Farm Credit Canada chief agricultural economist J.P. Gervais and Guelph-based economic researcher Al Mussell say, however, that the government knows how important food is to Canadians and will find ways to assure […] Read more

Completing tax filing in good time can help speed eligibility for programs like AgriStability.

Time for another look at AgriStability?

Application dates remain the same, despite tax filing deadline extension

Reading Time: 2 minutes Even though the federal government has extended the tax filing deadlines many farmers will benefit from getting their year-end financial work done before planting. If you are expecting tax refunds, doing the work now will mean a quicker return to help with cash flow. The other reason to complete your year-end is to ensure you […] Read more

Veterinarians more likely to have suicidal thoughts: study

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canadian veterinarians, particularly women practitioners, think about suicide more often than the general population and suffer poorer mental health overall, a study by University of Guelph researchers has found. As an occupation, veterinarians have higher levels of stress, burnout, compassion fatigue, anxiety and depression, and reported more suicidal ideation and lower resilience than Canadians generally, […] Read more