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Gillian Grieves works for South West Ontario Veterinary Services.

Ontario invention wins national swine award

This year’s F.X. Aherne prizes were presented to the inventors of an easier way to handle piglets

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The inventors of a device to allow easier handling of piglets and the developers of a system that provides more even heat to young piglets received awards for their efforts Jan. 9 at the Banff Pork Seminar. Tess Faulkner and Gillian Grieves of South West Ontario Veterinary Services invented the Hammock, a […] Read more

A Cornell researcher is testing a novel approach to control diamondback moths, a major pest of brassica crops including cabbage and broccoli.

Genetically engineered moth could help control pest populations

Science Notes: The diamondback moth damages brassica crops such as cabbage and broccoli

Reading Time: 2 minutes A newly published study reports a first-ever open-field release of a self-limiting, genetically engineered diamondback moth, stating that it paves the way for an effective and sustainable approach to pest control. The diamondback moth, also known as Plutella xylostella, is highly damaging to brassica crops such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and canola. This new strain […] Read more

Bayer’s short season corn will only grow to about seven feet tall.

Bayer announces new herbicide mode of action

The broadleaf herbicide will be the first new mode of action in 30 years

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new herbicide molecule, a different approach to short stature corn and XtendFlex soybeans are three projects in the Bayer CropScience development pipeline that could have an impact on farms. Why it matters: There is increasing resistance to current herbicides so a new mode of action will be welcome. Bayer announced the new herbicide and […] Read more

The PrevTech unit being installed in a barn.

New tools aid farm fire prevention

Automated tracking and new fire extinguishing technology could reduce barn fires

Reading Time: 4 minutes New electrical fault detection and fire extinguishing technologies are giving farmers new options to prevent fires. Alarm systems and other technology designed to prevent or extinguish fires have had limited availability for on-farm use. Why it matters: Farms, especially barns, are becoming more valuable so fires have become more costly. Two new technologies recently introduced […] Read more

Karen Galbraith, left, and her husband Steve Dolson are in the process of transferring their farm ownership and management to 
Geoff and Sally McMullen, who they didn’t know before the transition process started.

Making non-family business transition work

These two families found a way to make a dairy farm transition succeed

Reading Time: 5 minutes Most farm transitions today happen through succession planning between families, but there are growing examples of how non-farmers are making it work with existing farmers and on their own. FarmSmart, held at the University of Guelph on Jan. 18, presented opportunities for young individuals who don’t come from a farm to be successful in running […] Read more

Moving more land into hay and pasture can make organic transition easier.

Hay and forage can help ease organic transition

A program in eastern Ontario aims to help farmers going through the three-year period before certification

Reading Time: 3 minutes Having a plan for making money from either hay or pasture can significantly ease the financial strain of transitioning from conventional to organic production. That was one message delivered by Semican seed company agronomist Valerie Yoder, during a presentation Jan. 25 at the annual Guelph Organic Conference. Why it matters: Certified organic crops offer a […] Read more

Brendan Grant and Marcelle Paulin farm in northern Ontario with their baby, Lowell Grant.

Northern Ontario farm serves local market

A farm near Thunder Bay supplies people with vegetables through a community-supported program

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – What kind of crazy people would set up a vegetable farm from scratch outside Thunder Bay, Ont.? Two southern Ontarians with no agriculture education or background, that’s who. Why it matters: Innovative approaches and young farmers with fresh ideas can give agriculture a healthy spark and are vital to the continued sustainability […] Read more

Syngenta launches five new fungicide products

Reading Time: 2 minutes Syngenta Canada recently launched Miravis, a lineup of five fungicide products designed to protect crops against several of the most destructive diseases facing Canadian farmers. Miravis fungicides are built with Adepidyn, a new Group 7 fungicide belonging to the carboxamide chemical class. Miravis fungicides are registered in Canada on multiple crops – including wheat, canola, […] Read more

Many farms across Ontario are already certified under the VBP+ program, which will also qualify for the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef program.

Beef sustainability program expands across the sector

National program gains more traction in Ontario beef value chain

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef’s program will soon be coming to Ontario’s largest beef processing plant — creating more opportunities for beef farmers here to sell their beef at a premium. Gurneesh Bhandal, Cargill Protein’s senior sustainability manager, told the Beef Symposium at FarmSmart recently that the company expects the audit allowing the Cargill […] Read more

Soil health and carbon sequestration will be important to managing climate change, and those tools are in the hands of farmers.

Farmers pitched as climate solution providers

A new organization aims to bring attention to farmers’ role in climate change mitigation

Reading Time: 2 minutes A coalition of farm groups has launched a new national movement to promote the idea of farmers being a part of creating Canadian climate change solutions. The group, called, Farmers for Climate Solutions is currently made up of organic and environment-focused groups across the country, but aims to include more larger farm organizations, says Brent […] Read more