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Off-target damage from dicamba use in the United States has created a major issue for farmers and for Monsanto, which markets the XTend trait in soybeans. The field above appears unscathed.

Dicamba drift problems continue in farm states

Fewer instances of dicamba drift onto non-target crops are being reported this year in the United States, but it continues to divide agriculture community

Aaron Hager has seen many changes in American agriculture in his 25 years at the University of Illinois. As an extension specialist and weed scientist, he saw the introduction and controversy around genetically modified crops and the emergence of herbicide resistant weeds. But nothing compares to the battle and nastiness over the last 12 months […] Read more

Numerous health risks were reduced by living close to the outdoors, including type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It’s official; spending time outside is good for you

More physical and social activity may partially explain the findings

Living close to nature and spending time outside has significant health benefits, according to new research from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, U.K. A new report reveals that exposure to greenspace, something that farm families have in abundance, reduces the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, preterm birth, stress, and […] Read more

Ernie Hardeman, Ontario’s minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs.

Hardeman looks for ways to reduce barriers to agriculture growth

The new Ontario agriculture minister supports a continued review of business risk management programs

It’s the second time around for Ontario new agriculture minister Ernie Hardeman and he sees a lot of the same challenges in Ontario agriculture as he did before. “Obviously the principles of what we want to do are the same — build on the good agriculture system we have in Ontario. But there is always […] Read more

Dairy farmers in Canada rapidly ramped up milk production in response to a more than 20 per cent increase in quota over the past few years.

The new world of Canadian dairy pricing

Nearly 30 per cent of the price farmers receive for milk is now tied to global prices

Dairy farmer Paul Vickers knew change was coming, but he was still a bit shocked when his June milk payments brought in less revenue than usual. Like many dairy farmers across Canada, Vickers is adjusting to swings in revenue unlike anything seen since the advent of supply management almost 50 years ago. A greater percentage […] Read more

Editorial: The problem with pricing carbon

I’ve long been a fan of market-based solutions to solve large societal problems. Creating the economic incentives to push societies to make different purchasing decisions is much more efficient than subsidy programs or boutique tax cuts or tax increases, as it limits paperwork and bureaucracy. Being able to make that economic incentive zero-sum for the […] Read more

Gabrielle Ferguson.

Ferguson to run AALP, other ROI leadership programs

Gabrielle Ferguson has joined the Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) as the new Leadership Programs Director. In this new position, Ferguson will manage ROI’s long-running Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program, and continue to develop the organization’s other leadership program offerings. Ferguson will also be instrumental in maintaining and creating sponsor relationships for current and future programs. Ferguson […] Read more

Some rice can grow metres-long quickly to stay above floodwaters.

Wild genetic adaptations can have many uses

Science Notes: A gene that helps rice grow taller in floods is a variant of rice genes used to rapidly increase yield

When floodwaters rise, some rice varieties rapidly grow taller to keep from drowning. A new study identifies the key gene responsible for the deep-water rice adaptation — SD1 (semidwarf 1). It’s a variant of the gene responsible for the increased grain yield that launched the rice Green Revolution. The ability of this gene to function […] Read more

Cheddar cheese is one area that is subjected to high U.S. import tariffs.

U.S. dairy tariffs block many imports

An analysis says the U.S. isn’t the great free-trader in dairy it makes itself out to be

If you listen to U.S. President Donald Trump, the United States is a free-trading hero that is being abused by protectionist “freeloaders” like Canada. Especially with Canadian restrictions on dairy imports, the U.S. president has presented an image of fair-trading American dairy farmers being taken advantage of by outrageous Canadian rules to protect that country’s […] Read more

The Canadian Milk Tour at a stop in Ontario on June 25, 2018.

Cross-country milk tour to continue

Henk Shuurmans plans to leave in about six weeks, this time using a truck, with his five children taking turns travelling with him

The Canadian Milk Tour will continue. Henk Shuurmans, who was travelling across Canada by tractor with his wife Bettina before she was killed in an accident, told Farmtario that he will return to the road in September, but this time, in a truck. Henk was seriously injured in the July 9 crash and says he […] Read more