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The CO2 gassing technology developed by CO2 GRO is able to provide carbon dioxide to plants all year long.

Greenhouse CO2 application technology expands global reach

Canadian company CO2 GRO says growers can get up to 30 per cent yield improvement

Reading Time: 3 minutes A growing number of feasibility projects for a water-based carbon dioxide application technology that improves greenhouse crop yields are now underway in Canada. Launched in 2018 by Toronto-based CO2 GRO, the trademarked and patented CO2 Delivery Solutions system makes it possible for growers with greenhouses, hoop houses, tunnels or shaded structures to use CO2 supplementation […] Read more

Pig farming topic of new AgScape resource for teachers

Reading Time: < 1 minute The latest in-classroom educational resource from AgScape is “An Exploration of Pig Farming in Ontario”, a Teacher’s Guide for Grades 5-10. The resource was developed in collaboration with Ontario Pork.  The 68-page resource contains an overview of pig farming and has three unique lesson plans for Grades 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10, as well as a […] Read more

Tar spot distribution Aug. 18, 2021.

Let’s talk about tar spot

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for September 15

Reading Time: 5 minutes There has been considerable discussion around tar spot disease in corn this season and of course many questions as well. Let’s go over some of these questions! Where did Tar Spot common from? In 2015, Tar Spot was confirmed in the Midwest US (Indiana/Illinois) where it was believed to have been blown in from Mexico on […] Read more

Emmertech says its funding will continue to build and support the existing ecosystem of agriculture, innovation and technology and spur economic and job growth in southwestern Ontario and across Canada.

Libro invests in ag-venture capital fund Emmertech

Innovation investment in southwestern Ontario aims to drive agriculture technology growth

Reading Time: 2 minutes The nexus where agriculture, agribusiness and technological innovation meet has financial support in Emmertech, a Canadian agriculture tech capital venture fund.  “The Canadian venture capital playbook doesn’t work within the ag-tech industry as it does other industries,” said Sean O’Connor, managing director, Conexus Venture Capital Inc. (CVC). “So we’ve thrown it out and are building […] Read more

Applications to provide emergency support to producers incurring extraordinary costs to feed livestock due to drought will be accepted until Nov. 1.

AgriRecovery launched for Northwestern Ontario farmers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Details on the AgriRecovery funding announced last month to help drought-stricken farmers in Northwestern Ontario are now available. The Canada-Ontario Transported Feed AgriRecovery Initiative is now accepting applications until November 1, 2021 and will provide emergency support to producers who are incurring extraordinary costs to feed livestock due to drought conditions in the Kenora, Rainy River and […] Read more

An election Canada sign is shown during a recent game at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

Agriculture unlikely to get much election focus

Conservatives to continue dominance of rural ridings

Reading Time: 3 minutes Agriculture is not expected to feature heavily in political debates held in advance of Canada’s Sept. 20 federal vote.  Since taking office in 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had plenty of opportunity to demonstrate to farmers that his version of the Liberal party can work for them. He has failed to convince farmers, however, […] Read more

Drone tech’s next big target? Insect pest management

Drone tech’s next big target? Insect pest management

Science Notes: There are multiple potential future applications for drone tech in the works

Reading Time: 2 minutes Drones keep getting smaller and smaller, while their potential applications keep getting bigger and bigger. And now unmanned aircraft systems are taking on some of the world’s biggest small problems: insect pests. From crop-munching caterpillars to disease-transmitting mosquitoes, insects that threaten crops, ecosystems, and public health are increasingly being targeted with new pest-management strategies that […] Read more

Meagan Murdoch is a vice president with Hill & Knowlton Strategies in Toronto and helped New Zealand’s dairy farmers through their own palm oil controversy.

Lessons learned from public reaction to palm oil in dairy rations

Canadian had front-row seats for both Buttergate and New Zealand controversies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Social media conversations about food can go from benign to trending in a matter of hours or days.  That became painfully obvious to Canadian dairy farmers during the so-called “Buttergate” controversy earlier this year. The same thing happened five years ago to New Zealand dairy farmers during an environmentalist-led campaign against using a palm oil […] Read more