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The number of cows on Ontario farms has been in decline and the new checkoff funding, in part, aims to stem that trend.

Beef Farmers of Ontario look to get check-off increase passed again

The initiative will help fund a joint committee on market growth with the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association

Beef farmers will again vote on whether or not to increase the amount they send to Beef Farmers of Ontario at the organization’s annual meeting in late February. Beef Farmers of Ontario and the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association hope to work together to market Ontario-branded beef and engage consumers. Why it matters: The beef sector […] Read more

Equipment demonstrations are popular, such as this one at last year’s Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show adds to property

The property will help the show continue to provide the a top visitor experience

Glacier Media, parent company of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show has invested in Oxford County farmland adjacent to the show site. Glacier Media has acquired ninety acres of land directly north of the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show site on Oxford County Road 34. For the last decade, 30 acres of this land has been used as […] Read more

Anne Verhallen doing what she loves to do — talking about soil.

Denys, Verhallen named 2019 soil champions

A farmer and an OMAFRA soils expert are being recognized for trying new practices to improve soil health

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) has named a farmer and a long-time supporter of soil health as its 2019 Soil Champions. The OSCIA made the announcement at its annual conference in Kingston in early February. Jim Denys is a Middlesex County farmer, producing pork farrow-to-finish while cropping corn, wheat and soybeans. He […] Read more

Though a recent report underscores the importance of global food security, it falls short on a few fronts.

Opinion: Drinking the plant-based Kool-Aid

When the prestigious medical journal The Lancet published a 51-page report laying out a plan for a sustainable “planetary diet” that transforms how we eat and live, it made a big splash. The group of 37 experts, all members of the so-called EAT-Lancet Commission — brought together by the Stockholm-based non-profit EAT, which works to […] Read more

Kara, left, Tom, Erica, Andrew and Dawn Pate at their farm.

Sorting out roles often starting place for young farmers

Succession planning sometimes left until returning youth find their place

Developing a succession plan is often a long and complicated process and for younger people just returning to the family farm, it may not be the first priority. Finding, or rediscovering, their place on the farm is more likely to be top of mind for many of them. For those farmers, determining their roles and […] Read more

Developing oats that are higher yielding and disease resistant for eastern Canada are one of the areas to be managed by Grain Farmers of Ontario. Corn and soybean improvements are also a focus.

National research to address common grain issues

Provinces collaborate to leverage research dollars and expertise for greater impact

Approximately $14 million has been allocated by the federal government and industry partners to a cross-province grain research cluster, with the intention of developing more productive — and more resilient — grain varieties for Canadian farmers. Industry representatives say the investment, as well as funding commitments from organizations within the grains sector, are important for […] Read more

Statistics Canada data shows 16.1 percent of farm households are now in urban areas.

Canadian farmers by birth and education

Recent Statistics Canada releases show that Dutch farmers continue to choose Canada as a destination

Statistics Canada has recently linked the 2016 Census of Agriculture data with household data to come up with several demographic portraits of Canadian farmers. Here is a look at what the data says on birth origin and education of farmers. Dutch farmers continue to move to Canada Canadian farmers overwhelmingly identify themselves as Canadian by […] Read more

Income from spouses and grown children have contributed significantly to farm household income.

Farm households earning more – but is it coming from the farm?

Changes in farm structure and rural opportunities have boosted the income of Canadians who live on farms

Canadian farm family incomes have pulled ahead of other Canadian households by a large margin, but it may have more to do with off-farm revenue sources than it does higher returns from farming. The median income reported by farm households is now 17.3 per cent more than the median recorded by non-farm workers, which is […] Read more

Editorial: Healthy farm households

Statistics Canada says that farm households are doing much better than they did a generation or two ago. And that’s something to celebrate. Our cover story in our Feb. 11 issue of Farmtario looks at the broader societal trends around the dramatic increase in farm household income over the past 50 years. Median farm income […] Read more

Most barn fires occur in winter, when electrical use is high.

Top 10 ways to help prevent barn fires

Inspection and care of electrical systems, whether permanent or temporary, is part of a fire prevention plan in barns, says the agriculture department

Barn fires are a year-round concern, but most occur in the winter. The colder months are generally the time when feed and bedding storage is greatest, electricity use is high, and equipment repairs and upgrades are made. It is an important time to be extra vigilant. When it comes to barn fires, prevention is key. […] Read more