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Veggie Burger

“Clean meat” marketer details investment opportunities

The are numerous opportunities, including managing unpopular meat flavours and more diverse plant-based fats

At a recent Toronto conference for agri-tech companies and corporate venture capitalists, keynote speaker Alison Rabschnuk – veteran marketer and director of corporate engagement for American investment nonprofit The Good Food Institute – delved into the opportunities in plant-based alternatives to animal protein. Why it matters: Bleeding bean burgers and other veggie takes on animal-protein […] Read more

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show launches Innovations Showcase

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) will be showcasing new technology and product launches at the 2018 show as part of a new Innovations Showcase. The Innovations Showcase will highlight the latest in agricultural innovation ahead of COFS to draw even more attention to new products and services at the Show. “We know farmers attend Canada’s […] Read more

Saputo buys St. Marys’ Shepherd Gourmet

Canada’s largest milk processor is purchasing a supplier of niche yogurt and feta cheese based in St. Marys, Ont. Saputo is buying Shepherd Gourmet Dairy Inc. for $100 million. Shepherd Gourmet employs about 90 people. Shepherd Gourmet was founded by Stewart Cardiff when he saw a niche in the processing of alternative cheeses and yogurts […] Read more

What to do with a peeping drone

If someone’s invading your airspace it can be trespassing, so call police – but don’t shoot it down

Drones have many practical uses in agriculture, but anecdotes of unknown – and potentially nefarious – unmanned aircraft surveying Ontario farms have prompted questions about the privacy and safety of rural residents and their property. Why it matters: Drones allow farmers to monitor crops, but there are concerns about the autonomous flying machines observing farms […] Read more

Goat milk intake to start slowly at Feihe plant

The Chinese company with plans to export baby formula will mostly use cow’s milk once it starts processing next year

The Chinese company building a $225-million infant formula factory in Kingston has yet to secure a source for goat’s milk — needed for the facility’s planned second phase — but remains confident production will begin “around the middle of 2019.” “It will take three to five years to reach full capacity,” said Justin Zhou, a […] Read more

Red and blue Lights of police car in night time. Night patrolling the city. Abstract blurry image.

Farmer dies working on equipment

A Huron County man has died while working on a cultivator. Huron County OPP report that Trevor Neeb, 32, of Bluewater, was found unresponsive when OPP and paramedics found him about 8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15. He was pronounced dead at the scene on a farm west of Zurich on Zurich-Hensall Road. Police say […] Read more

Editorial: Long term investment vs. short term expense

The province recently released its first soil strategy. The long document talks about much of what we know now about soil health. It also talks about best management of soil health and highlights what some farmers are doing on their farms. But it skirts around the major barrier to adoption. Many farmers have yet to […] Read more

OPINION: Giving young people a chance to understand policy

Capital Letters with Kelsey Johnson

Most days, Parliament Hill is buzzing with political activities where party politics and issues of the day dominate the corridor conversation. On a recent Saturday, the focus shifted to a more behind-the-scenes group of individuals who help keep Parliament running smoothly. More than 400 former and current House of Commons pages reunited in Ottawa to […] Read more

Food processing groups amalgamate

Food and Beverage Ontario and the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Processors Association announced a new agreement May 15 to work together to streamline operations. The new agreement will help the organizations have a more unified voice on shared industry issues and relations with government. Food and Beverage Ontario will provide operational support to Ontario Fruit […] Read more

Fancy tech has to work

Great ideas promoted by ag-tech startup companies have to have a practical place on the farm

Ensuring new products work at the farm level is critical for making business ventures profitable for both investors and clients, says a spokesperson from AgLaunch, a Tennessee-based investment company focused on growing agricultural start-ups. More specifically, they say, that means engaging networks of farmers both prior to and during the development of a new agricultural […] Read more