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Emmanuel Adou, an Ivorian farmer, looks a drone spraying his oil palm plantation in Tiassale northern Abidjan, Ivory Coast May 21, 2019. Photo: REUTERS/

Researchers work together to find high-tech solutions to deal with hotter climate

Scientists are looking at everything from improved genetics to robots to help farmers maintain productivity as the world heats up

London | Thomson Reuters Foundation – In decades to come, African farmers may pool their money to buy small robot vehicles to weed their fields or drones that can hover to squirt a few drops of pesticide only where needed. Smartphones already allow farmers in remote areas to snap photos of sick plants, upload them […] Read more

Soil fertility benefits of wheat in rotation

Ontario Field Crop Report for the week of August 19

Winter wheat harvest is now complete and before long the 2020 winter wheat crop will be seeded across the province. Yields have been better than expected for many. September planted wheat ranges from 100-130 bushels per acre, early October wheat ranges from 80-100 bu/ac and late October planted wheat yielded from 30 to 70 bu/ac. […] Read more

A Xarvio Smart Sprayer demo on display at Ag in Motion in July 2019.

Smart sprayer shoots weeds with a targeted herbicide blast

The technology will mean driving slower, but using much less product

Glacier FarmMedia – A Smart Sprayer, equipped with boom-mount cameras coupled to Xarvio image recognition technology, can identify 20 species of weeds and trigger a surgically precise herbicide blast to one specific weed. Why it matters: Conventional field spraying coverage dumps millions of litres of unneeded herbicide on millions of Canadian acres, which represents a […] Read more

It is thought that many farmers don’t yet know about the changes that could cost them money.

Farm-saved seed royalty decision delayed indefinitely

An economic impact analysis considered key by some has not yet been completed

Glacier FarmMedia – How to collect royalties on farm-saved seed was a key issue for seed industry organizations gathered in Whistler, B.C., in mid-July. However, a final decision doesn’t seem likely any time soon as different groups continue to grapple over the best way to collect royalties on newer varieties of seed. As well, knowledge […] Read more

“It has been known for some time that being outdoors in nature is linked to a person’s well-being.

Seeing greenery linked to less intense and frequent cravings

Science Notes: The research focused on urban areas, but farm families are exposed to greenery every day

Being able to see green spaces from your home is associated with reduced cravings for alcohol, cigarettes and harmful foods, new research has shown. The study, led by the University of Plymouth, is the first to demonstrate that passive exposure to nearby greenspace is linked to both lower frequencies and strengths of craving. It builds […] Read more

Strong bids in the spring have carried over to summer.

Elmira hay and straw auction continues successful record

Prices have fluctuated this year based upon availability

Sales of dry hay and straw have been strong at the Elmira Produce Auction Co-operative so far this year. One grower at the July 24 sale said he was happy with the selling price of his dry hay as well as the efficiency of the auction. “It’s our first time here, we have some hay […] Read more

The base is a container called the We-V, designed to be picked up with one hand and featuring an easy-to-remove lid that doesn’t require the user to set down tools they are already holding, which speeds up a process called subculturing —transferring cells from a previous culture to a fresh growth medium.

Plant tissue culture growth system wins award

University of Guelph innovation simplifies plant propagation

A tissue culture growth system was recently awarded the People’s Choice Award at the first annual Gryphon’s LAAIR innovation showcase and pitch competition. We Vitro, a new company that evolved out of research at the University of Guelph’s Gosling Research Institute for Plant Preservation (GRIPP), received $5,000 to further commercialization efforts. Its growth system is […] Read more

Coming soon to a menu near you? Lab-grown steak for eco-conscious diners

An Israel-based company plans to be first to produce steak in a lab

Israel | Reuters – Diners in some upmarket restaurants will soon be able to tuck into laboratory-grown steak, thanks to an Israeli startup that seeks to tap into consumer concerns about health, the environment and animal welfare. While lab-grown hamburgers and chicken are already in development around the world, Israel’s Aleph Farms claims to be […] Read more

Roger Smith, Business Development & Territory Manager with Protekta was the one to bring the product to Canada after touring Denmark.

New water-treated soymeal concentrate aimed for piglets

The Danish product can replace heat-treated soymeal

A new-to-Canada soymeal product uses water to remove the anti-nutritional factors found in soybean meal. Protekta is the Canadian distributor for a new soy-protein concentrate called AX-3 Advanced for piglets in creep, first and second stages of nursery diets. The feed should improve protein absorption by piglets and help reduce the use of zinc oxide, […] Read more

A small drone scouts the corn plant population.

What’s new in the world of drone technology?

Machine learning making its way into the drone world

The shock and awe of drones may be less than it was a decade ago, but the agricultural potential of the technology continues to develop. Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a better understanding of scalability give drones and drone operators the ability to gather and usefully interpret field information down to the millimetre level. Why it […] Read more