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“I always tell small businesses and individuals the most dangerous thing that you’re going to do today is open email.” – Ritesh Kotak.

Cyber shield your farm: Tightening up the digital safety network

Agribusinesses are becoming a target for cyberattacks, but there are some simple things you can do to reduce the risk

Reading Time: 4 minutes The recent cyberattack on the world’s largest meat processing company, JBS S.A., sends a clear message that agriculture is not immune to cybercrime.  The JBS attack earlier this month is the largest such crime to date against an agri-food business. It affected company operations in the U.S., Canada and Australia, forcing 13 of its U.S. […] Read more

Variations in methane-producing intensity are mainly attributed to differences in productivity, including the nutrition and digestibility of livestock diet.

Livestock sector has a history of decreasing emissions

Science Notes: The intensity of emissions is decreasing, but regional differences remain

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new study shows that emission intensity per unit of animal protein produced has decreased globally over the past two decades due to greater production efficiency. Despite concerns about the environmental cost of livestock production, the global appetite for animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy continues to grow.  Following the recent revision of […] Read more

Figure 1 (left): Thrips are tiny and cigar shaped. Adults have fringed wings while the larva (above) are wingless. Figure 2 (right): Thrips feed on individual plant cells leaving scars along the leaf veins.

Much ado about crop pest insects

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for June 23

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is proving to be another good insect year with several early season pests keeping everyone busy scouting to stay ahead of. Going into July and August, there are a few more pests that we need to keep watch for. Thrips continue to be spotted in soybeans, corn and wheat fields. There are several different kinds […] Read more

OCGA names new executive director

OCGA names new executive director

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ryan Koeslag of Koeslag Consulting Inc. has been named the new Executive Director of the Ontario Canola Growers Association (OCGA).  He replaces Carrie James, who retired last month after serving as OCGA executive director for more than 17 years. Koeslag Consulting Inc. (KCI) will manage the organization from Harriston, Ont. KCI manages several non-profit farm […] Read more

Syngenta Canada Inc. forms seed and crop protection business units

Syngenta Canada Inc. forms seed and crop protection business units

Reading Time: < 1 minute Syngenta Canada Inc. is creating Seed and Crop Protection business units, effective June 1, 2021.  Syngenta Canada Inc. will remain as one legal entity, operating as a Canadian team. “As a customer-focused organization, we regularly review our operations to ensure we are positioned for growth and evolving to meet the needs of the customer and […] Read more

Co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer of Obi Veterinary Education, Ryan Appleby, says the winnings from the Guelph LAIRR competition will help expand its offerings.

New micro-learning platform for veterinarians wins pitch competition

Obi Veterinary Education helps veterinarians stay up-to-date without in-person learning

Reading Time: 3 minutes An online platform that makes continuing education quicker and easier for veterinarians won the 2021 University of Guelph Gryphon’s LAAIR pitch competition.  Obi Veterinary Education has created an online community where subscribers can complete required continuing education credits in short, easily digestible blocks of information. “The idea came from the challenges I faced in school […] Read more

The UK legislation could allow someone to potentially secure damages in the courts on behalf of an animal for unnecessary pain and suffering.

UK formally recognizes animals as sentient beings

The move could have legal ramifications for farmers and others who look after animals

Reading Time: 4 minutes The United Kingdom has formally recognized animals as sentient beings, which could have an effect on global regulations related to animals. In mid-May, the United Kingdom released the Action Plan for Animal Welfare that included recognizing animals as sentient beings and triggering higher maximum penalties for animal cruelty and new fines for people who harm […] Read more

Gypsy moths can defoliate trees if in large enough numbers.

Tree planting emerges from COVID into hot, dry spring

Additional threat of gypsy moth has foresters on edge as tree planting booms

Reading Time: 4 minutes Administrators of many tree-planting efforts across Ontario are striving in 2021 to make up for ground lost during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. However, they now face a perfect storm of dry weather and widespread gypsy moth infestations. Why it matters: Tree-planting for such purposes as windbreaks, shelterbelts and buffer strips […] Read more

It would be nice if Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada would emphasize farming’s contribution to the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, says the writer.

Opinion: Farmers need backing from agriculture ministry

Credit needs to be given for the role farmers have played in sequestering carbon

Reading Time: 2 minutes The government of Canada has endorsed an ambitious agenda to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This agenda has resulted in setting targets that will be hard to meet unless significant changes are made in the way Canadians undertake various activities. The government has also identified farming activities as a key culprit in greenhouse gas emissions. The […] Read more

Raven Industries owns the Canadian-developed Dot power platform, which it has since dubbed OmniPower.

Raven Industries acquired by CNH

Agriculture technology company has been focusing on autonomy

Reading Time: < 1 minute CNH Industrial is acquiring Raven Industries and its growing number of autonomous agriculture technologies. The two companies have worked together for years. “Precision agriculture and autonomy are critical components of our strategy to help our agricultural customers reach the next level of productivity and to unlock the true potential of their operations,” said Scott Wine, […] Read more