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Following good greenhouse biosecurity that limits disease spread is a way to reduce ToBRFV risk.

Greenhouse biosecurity will be key to keeping tomato pest out of Canada

Horticulture experts say biosecurity and vigilance can help keep tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus out of the country

Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) continues to be found in more countries, but luckily Canada is not yet among them. Within the first few months of 2019, it transferred to Germany, Mexico and Italy. It has also been previously found in California, and the first outbreaks were found in Israel in 2014 and Jordan […] Read more

African swine fever has yet to reach the Americas and officials are working to keep it that way.

Opinion: Swine fever brings trade adversaries together

Capital Letters with Kelsey Johnson of iPolitics

At a time of frosty diplomatic relations and continued trade disputes, the world’s top animal health experts, industry and governments are banding together to fight a deadly hog virus. More than 150 officials from about 15 countries descended on Ottawa recently for a global forum on African swine fever. Their goal: to share information, learn […] Read more

A bumblebee on a strawberry flower.

Bee-based disease prevention

Inoculating flowering plants with insect-delivered fungus can help limit disease

Fungi that can inoculate crops against disease can be applied using insects — bumblebees, to be specific. According to Bee Vectoring Technology (BVT) — a Canadian company with offices in the United States and Europe, and in the process of commercializing such a service — Bombus-delivered inoculants offer fruit farmers another way to augment their […] Read more

Wet weather lifts, corn, soybean planting begins

Ontario Field Crop Report for the week of May 20

The rains eased up a bit in the last week or so allowing some field activity, mainly on the sandier soils. Temperatures have remained on the cool side. Crop heat unit accumulation since May 1st is 175 which means that corn planted May 1 would just be emerging. Corn, soybean and tomato planting has begun. […] Read more

The Canadian average shows a 6.6 per cent increase in farmland values.

Ontario farmland price increase drops to lowest level since 1999

Across the country, farmland values rose but not as much as in other recent years

Farmland in Canada continues to get more expensive, but commodity prices and less demand for land from some sectors means land value increases in 2018 have slowed compared to the previous two years. The 2018 Farm Credit Canada (FCC) Farmland Values Report shows Canadian farmland values, in price per acre, increased by 6.6 per cent, […] Read more

Produce piled at the Ontario Food Terminal.

The food terminal debate

Large volumes of produce go through the Ontario Food Terminal every day, but it also sits on valuable land

Wholesalers and patrons of the Ontario Food Terminal are worried there is another agenda behind a government-ordered review of the facility. Although the stated purpose of the study commissioned by the Ford government is to determine how best to expand and modernize the facility, many worry that its location just into Etobicoke, west of Toronto’s […] Read more

Editorial: Assumptions about rural are grating

I have no doubt that there’s a divide between rural and urban folks, and little doubt that the divide seems to be increasing. But I do take issue with people who try to generalize and simplify the reasons for it. The fact that there is a rural-urban divide pains me greatly. I have people I […] Read more

Brenda Dyack.

Dyack brings global experience to new CFFO role

Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario’s new executive director has worked in agri-food policy in Canada and Australia

Brenda Dyack has been hired as the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario’s executive director. Dyack’s career in policy and research has spanned over three decades with posts as agricultural advisor to the Ontario Ministry of Finance, senior economist and manager of Economic, Social and Scientific Integration with the  Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics […] Read more

Lasse Jakobsen is Protekta’s business development manager.

Innovative European products can bring livestock production advantages

Local distributor among Ontario’s fastest growing companies

Canadian hog farmers looking to improve their biosecurity in the face of rising global concerns about African swine fever have a new weapon in their arsenal. Stalosan is a dry environmental additive that can be used in livestock facilities to lower the spread of pathogens and is ideal in situations where liquid footbaths can’t be […] Read more

Canadian beef exports add at least $600 per head in value, compared to the domestic market, and numbers show that trade is accelerating.

Canadian beef exports worth $600 per head

More capacity is needed to certify producers with cattle that qualify for EU export

Canadian beef exports add at least $600 per head in value, compared to the domestic market, and numbers show that trade is accelerating. Deals like the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership with Pacific Rim countries push down tariffs and open doors to high-value markets like Japan. “There has been triple the volume of […] Read more