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The piglets from vaccinated sows have been healthier in Ontario herds.

Regional vaccine helps manage swine influenza

The Ontario-specific vaccine is made up of strains commonly seen in the area

Reading Time: 3 minutes A preventive influenza vaccine for pigs was launched in Ontario last year. Now, new data supports anecdotal evidence from the industry that the regional vaccine is making a difference in managing an increasingly virulent disease. Piglets born to vaccinated sows showed higher average daily gain, lower mortality and fewer clinical signs of disease, according to […] Read more

Opinion: The issues of the people we feed should be our issues

Furthering public trust with consumers begins by speaking out for them

Reading Time: 3 minutes This column is not an easy one to write because it speaks to a very necessary topic that should be top of mind for us– racism. No word count will allow the appropriate amount of words needed for a conversation of this nature. I’m not an expert in racism, anti-racism or diversity, inclusion and equality […] Read more

Editorial: Internet access needs to be rural development priority

Reading Time: 3 minutes The time at home because of COVID-19 has laid bare the deficiency of rural internet. In a world where we all needed good connectivity, many didn’t have it. Those who had it found it slowed down, according to OpenMedia, an internet watch organization. Rural internet has slowed down since the pandemic hit, compared to urban […] Read more

A new form of antimicrobial would be a significant help in combatting antimicrobial resistance.

New killing mechanism discovered in ‘game-changing’ antibiotic

Science Notes: AMR is seen as a threat to human health and prosperity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Scientists at the University of Liverpool and University of Utrecht have taken another step forward on their quest to develop a viable drug based on teixobactin – a new class of potent natural antibiotic capable of killing superbugs. Research published in Nature Communications provides fundamental new insights into how teixobactins kill bacteria, including the discovery of a […] Read more

Wheat harvest begins, corn and soybeans see rapid growth

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for July 9

Reading Time: 4 minutes OMAFRA, UG, RealAgriculture, GFO and industry sponsors are offering an Ontario Virtual Crop Diagnostic Event since our summer events have been cancelled. Go to for information on this series which begins Wednesday July 15th. While the management window for much of our field crops is closing, some late fertility, and insect monitoring, and control remains […] Read more

John Walker touched many people and organizations, mostly in the dairy sector, during his life.

John Walker’s legacy stretches beyond well-known dairy sales

The dairy leader built export markets for Canadian genetics

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario’s dairy sector lost a giant on July 5, as Aylmer’s John Walker passed away at age 86. An inductee into both the Elgin County and Canadian Agricultural halls of fame, Walker is best known for his monthly dairy cattle sales starting in 1958 – first in the Aylmer sale barn, which he had bought […] Read more

Letters: Farmland use would continue at Deep Geological Repository

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dear Editor, I would like to respond to a recent story from entitled Farmland versus nuclear waste. We are grateful to the editor and readers for their time and the ongoing dialogue about the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) and Canada’s plan for the safe long-term management of used nuclear fuel. For more than […] Read more

Comment: Agriculture and food affected by racism too

Reading Time: 2 minutes Like many, I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to listen and learn as much as I can from the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. After watching the video of George Floyd being murdered as he pleaded for breath, I realized with horror it was not the first time I had seen a Black man […] Read more

Consumers with a connection to a farm were more likely to be supportive of pro-agriculture policies.

Survey shows growing public support for agriculture

Canadians rank agriculture as the top driver of the economy

Reading Time: 3 minutes A recent survey by Grassroots Public Affairs shows that nine out of 10 Canadians endorse government support for the agri-food sector. The communications consulting firm did the survey to analyze Canadian opinions on agriculture, hunger and food security. Why it matters: An industry’s reputation can greatly affect policy, drive funding to specific projects and affect […] Read more