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U.S. firm buys remaining stake in DOT Technology

Majority owner Raven Industries buys full control

Reading Time: 2 minutes The U.S. precision ag manufacturer holding the controlling stake in a made-in-Canada self-guiding farm equipment platform has made a deal to buy up the balance. Raven Industries, which last November bought an undisclosed majority ownership share in DOT Technology — with an option to buy the remaining stake in the following 10 years — announced […] Read more

The new 7000-8000 series Lexion combines will be running in Ontario fields this harvest season.

A colour change and more capacity for new Lexion

The 2020 version of the combine now comes with the Claas green

Reading Time: 2 minutes Claas’s new Lexion combine is now being sold in Ontario, but with a bit of a different look. The Lexions, redesigned for 2020, are now in the traditional Claas green colour, after years of a nod to their Caterpillar past in North America. Jeremy Noble, who sells the combines for HJV, the dealer for Lexion […] Read more

Manitoba eases load limits for grains, livestock, vegetables, fertilizer

'Essential' commodities allowed at normal axle weights on more roads

Reading Time: 2 minutes Springtime load limits on certain Manitoba highways will be lifted early this year for transport of crops, livestock, fertilizer and other “essential” goods. Provincial Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler announced Tuesday that certain essential goods may be trucked at “normal loading” axle weights on highways usually subject to Level 1 road restrictions during spring thaw. Essential […] Read more

The AFS Connect Steiger is available with tracks or wheels and ranges from 370 to 620 horsepower.

Steiger tractors get a digital update

The large horsepower tractors are now are available with Case IH’s AFS Connect system

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario farmers were some of the first to get a look at the new Case IH AFS Connect Steiger tractor when it was displayed at the London Farm Show. The tractor was launched at the Commodity Classic in the U.S. a week earlier. The tractor brings the AFS Connect technology, engineered throughout the whole tractor […] Read more

Shawn Livingston explained FurrowForce and other Precision Planting technology to visitors to the London Farm Show.

More precision in seed row closure

Down pressure for seed closure can now be controlled automatically, with multiple adjustments per second

Reading Time: 3 minutes Closing the trench over and around the seed has been a challenge increasingly met by more innovation over the past decade. That’s meant there are many and varied types of closure and press wheels for planters now on the market. Precision Planting believes it has found what really needs to be done – control the […] Read more

Dairy sector shuts down most visits from off-farm providers

In agriculture, dairy farms are among those most called-on by outside services

Reading Time: 3 minutes New additions to Gerrit Herrema’s dairy barn have made it easier for his family to abide by recent directions to avoid contact with milk truck drivers to reduce COVID-19’s spread. “We have boot washes and other biosecurity measures in the barn. We need to take these measures in order to minimize the damage,” said Herrema, […] Read more

Cross-border truckers exempt from mandatory isolation

TFWs coming to Canada won't be exempt from new rule

Reading Time: 2 minutes Truckers and others who are still allowed to cross into Canada on essential business are exempt from a new two-week self-isolation rule for people arriving in the country. Health Minister Patty Hajdu on Wednesday announced an emergency order under the federal Quarantine Act, requiring anyone who’s entering Canada by land, air or sea to self-isolate […] Read more

A well-set planter can reduce headaches during the planting season.

Planter readiness: Most of planter set-up can be done before spring arrives

Checking level, meters and doing calibration ahead can reduce calls to the dealer

Reading Time: 4 minutes What makes you call your planter supplier when you’d prefer to be on the land? Often things that could have been checked out before. Checking equipment before planting will ensure the planter is ready to go when the soil is. Why it matters: Ideal planting conditions can come in a very short time frame. It’s […] Read more

‘Essential’ travel rule fuzzy on farmers picking up parts, inputs

U.S. border officers will have final say on Canadian farmers' cross-border business trips

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether Canadian farmers can continue to pick up machinery parts and other products for their operations in the United States is at the discretion of U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers. At 11:59 p.m. ET Friday, Canada and the U.S. temporarily restricted non-essential travel between the two nations to try and slow the spread of […] Read more

Telehandlers’ ability to hoist heavy loads skyward has made them handy additions on many farms, but that same ability can make them dangerous, with power lines and rollovers being the two most common accidents.

More safety urged as telehandler accidents continue

The high lift is the advantage, but also the big risk with telehandlers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Telehandlers are becoming common on more farms each year because of their ability to handle many jobs, serving as crane/forklift hybrid. There are numerous versatile attachments including winches, pallet forks, snow plows, buckets, bale handlers, back hoes, cranes, and forklifts. But there’s a downside to having ability to perform so many tasks, and that is […] Read more