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A small drone scouts the corn plant population.

What’s new in the world of drone technology?

Machine learning making its way into the drone world

The shock and awe of drones may be less than it was a decade ago, but the agricultural potential of the technology continues to develop. Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a better understanding of scalability give drones and drone operators the ability to gather and usefully interpret field information down to the millimetre level. Why it […] Read more

Telus buys Farm At Hand

Vancouver farm management software development firm Farm At Hand has become an arm of one of the Big Five in Canada’s communication services sector. Farm At Hand, which makes the cloud-based Crop Planner software suite for farmers and the Farm At Hand Agronomy suite for agronomists, announced Tuesday it has been wholly acquired by Telus […] Read more

undissolved or unsuspended material can slowly plug sprayers, which can also happen when the farmer isn’t applying the correct rate.

Know your tank mixes to avoid incompatibilities with sprayers, products

Jar tests, reading the label and asking trusted advisors are good steps

Farmers need to know whether the products they’re putting into their sprayer tanks will get along or whether they risk plugged nozzles, crop injury and reduced weed control, provincial extension advisors warn. Mike Cowbrough, weed specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Jason Deveau, application technology with OMAFRA, suggest farmers […] Read more

This no-till drill is used to plant cover crops and prairie grass buffer strips. It is loaned to farmers by the ERC.

Local demonstration showcased soil management options

Machinery demonstration designed to spur more thinking on soil health

A Kingsville-area demonstration day was held July 23 to showcase a variety of tillage and other equipment and how each can be used to improve soil management. But while the machinery was the focus visually, the main purpose of the event was to highlight how producers can incorporate profitable and environmental production changes using both […] Read more

Available in both agricultural and industrial colours, both versions of the 9030 were essentially the same.

Nemesis tractor series designed with loader potential in mind

New tractor lines are unlikely to include a new bi-directional unit popular with some farmers

Early this spring, Winnipeg-based Versatile announced the introduction of the Nemesis tractor series that adds power to the low end of the company’s current tractor line-up. The new models land squarely in the mid-horsepower range. Why it matters: A reliable utility tractor is an indispensable tool for many farmers. “In that 170- to 250-horsepower range, […] Read more

Farm vehicles may need more lighting and signage than farmers assume.

Increasing enforcement coming for farm vehicles using Ontario roads

Farm vehicles haven’t always had the same level of enforcement as other industries

Farmers are paying more fines and will need to be more vigilant about their vehicle identification and safety in the future. That’s according to a long-time supplier of lighting and observer of agriculture and road trends. Mike Stewart, of IXL Canada is helping Country Air in Moorefield with its increasing customers looking for new lighting […] Read more

Joel Stam, with son Nathaniel, has three collectors running in his new sand-bedded barn.

The quiet manure sucker tries out sand

Lely’s manure vacuum is being tested in Ontario farms with sand bedding

Lely has become known for its robots, small and large, that hum their way around dairy barns. They’re found in feed alleys and shoving manure down slats behind cows, but the latest is the Discovery 120 Collector, that runs up and down an alley among the cows, sucks up the manure and delivers it to […] Read more

Fire safety in the field — regularly inspect fire extinguishers and ensure extinguishers are installed on all farm equipment.

How to reduce your fire risk when in the field

Three fire-safe tips for safe field operation

Bryan Long has seen the unfortunate results of too many farm equipment fires that could have been easily prevented. From too much dust combined with high engine or exhaust temperatures, to fuel or oil leaks around the exhaust and electrical shorts, he’s got a long list of common causes. But, as a licensed agricultural equipment […] Read more

The McHale baler working in the field at the Ontario Forage Expo.

Bale and wrap in one pass: new farm technology comes to Canada

Units from several manufacturers debuted at the Ontario Forage Expo

European technology to bale and individually wrap hay in continuous operations is coming to Canada. Four such machines for round bales were on display at the Ontario Forage Expo recently near Monkton. Most Ontario farms that wrap silage bales in plastic do so in long rows, after bringing the bales to a storage spot and […] Read more

Cory Weber with Premier Equipment says a combine that isn’t calibrated gives inadequate information.

The first step you need to take before rolling the combine out to the field

Clean crop data starts with calibration and maintaining it at regular intervals

Accurate combine calibration is not just a once-in-a-harvest task. Why it matters: Combine sensor calibration ensures quality data is created for making crop management decisions based on yield maps. “If the sensors are not calibrated properly on the machine, and even re-calibrated throughout the season, that data that you are collecting is pretty much useless […] Read more