Soybean cyst nematodes are easiest to distinguish from nodules based on their size, but can be confirmed with the yellow liquid inside when opened. The nematodes are identified by the red circle.

Soybean cyst nematode infected area continues to expand

Soybean’s biggest yield robber gaining resistance as trait effectiveness declines in some areas

Reading Time: 3 minutes Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) continues to migrate across Ontario and is adapting to resistant varieties. Albert Tenuta, field crop pathologist with OMAFRA, says SCN is showing up outside the traditional southwestern Ontario infection areas and into Huron, Bruce and Simcoe counties. Resistant varieties are beginning to show symptoms on the roots. Why it matters: Soybean […] Read more

Potatoes are protected from early and late blight by applications of Mancozeb.

Mancozeb fungicide approved for continued use

There was concern the fungicide’s registration would be cancelled

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mancozeb, a group M fungicide, has been approved for continued use under the the Pest Control Products Act. The pesticide re-evaluation was completed by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) and the announcement was made Nov. 19. Why it matters: The elimination of Mancozeb would have been costly for farmers. The product has been used […] Read more

The Crop Metrics program can be focused for each crop type.

New online tool provides yield estimates

Tool allows farmers to make appropriate alterations to crop care and marketing

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new web application is designed to provide farmers with more accurate yield forecasts. Crop Metrics is an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada app that allows farmers to get accurate data in one place for in-season crops. It is focused on 11 crops including corn, soybeans, canola, durum, spring and winter wheat. “(It) brings together numerous […] Read more

One agronomist says awareness on how much fertility soybeans take out of the ground has grown.

High yields lead to greater nutrient removal

Growers may need to replenish soil crop nutrients after big 2020 yields

Reading Time: 2 minutes Record-breaking soybean yields this year have likely depleted soil nutrients that farmers will need to replace. Why it matters: When reviewing fertility requirements for a specific field, it is usually best to look at the five-year average for that crop on that field, but in a year like this that may not be adequate. Horst […] Read more

A field near Lucan is the site of one of 10 projects examining the potential value of narrower tile.

How close is too close when it comes to tile drainage?

Projects look at 12.5-foot tile spacing and potential yield benefits

Reading Time: 3 minutes A tile company is working with growers across southwestern Ontario to complete narrow spacing tile plots. Why it matters: Few projects have looked at the value of narrow tile spacing in Ontario. Opportunities like this help growers understand how different tile spacing can improve their crop. During a Middlesex Soil and Crop meeting, Tony Kime, […] Read more

Soybeans were harder hit by sudden death syndrome in 2020 but late enough that it didn’t have much effect on yield.

Group 7 seed treatment protects against sudden death syndrome

Soybeans show more above and below ground biomass with the treatment

Reading Time: 2 minutes New fungicide seed treatment Saltro protects soybeans from sudden death syndrome and canola from airborne blackleg, new research indicates. The seed treatment, with the active ingredient Adepidyn, is a Group 7 fungicide belonging with the carboxamides. It works by moving through the plant’s water-conducting system and is taken into the cotyledons. Why it matters: New […] Read more

Farm business plans could help farmers through trying times such as COVID-19, said Canada’s Digital Farm Show panelists including Heather Watson, Rob Hannam and Reg Dyck. The discussion was led by Tom Button of Country Guide.

Do you really need to write it down?  

Business plans aren’t real until they’re recorded and shared 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farm business plans could be one of the tools to help farmers get through the pandemic instability of 2020. “COVID-19 has given us a year where we can see the benefits that business planning can bring,” said Tom Button, Editor of Country Guide during a round table discussion with three other panelists during last month’s […] Read more

Dairy farmers have been able to evaluate various genetic indicators, but Compass brings in economic effect too.

Software program helps understand breeding return on investment

The Compass software brings together many sources of data to help farmers make decisions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Verifying metrics and making sure data is correct can help dairy farmers get the most out of Compass. The dairy genetics management software, provided by Holstein Canada and Lactanet is focused on breeding and genetic improvement for dairy producers. Why it matters: Breeding is a big component of dairy farm management. Recording accurate data is […] Read more

Agricultural societies, like the Paris Fair, have access to funding even without hosting a 2020 fair.

Fair funds help Ontario ag societies survive

Larger organizations that host many events in a year are hurting financially

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recent OMAFRA funding for agricultural and horticultural societies will help, but larger exhibitions are having serious challenges. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) expanded the eligibility for agriculture societies’ annual grant application to help offset the financial losses brought on by COVID-19. For 2020 nearly $1 million are available to all […] Read more

Sudden death syndrome is easy to identify as the leaves remain green around the main vein and major lateral veins.

High disease pressure, low impact

Late onset of soy sudden death syndrome should mean fewer yield challenges

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sudden death syndrome (SDS), a common disease found in soybeans, is showing up across the province but should be of limited yield impact this year due to its late onset. “We have seen a higher instance of sudden death syndrome than most years. We had quite a bit of it in 2018. Last year we […] Read more