The LED screen on one of the two trailers will display data, presentations and live videos.

Mobile trailers bring soil knowledge, research right to the farm

Units have soil research and audio visual technology to help with research plots and events

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new initiative is expected to showcase field demonstrations and applied soil research for the benefit of Ontario farmers. The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) has assembled a Mobile Soil Technology Suite for all those interested in soil health. It consists of two trailers, specialized scientific tools, audio-visual gear and field-ready tools. The […] Read more

Travis Banks, director of plant development at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre says research looks promising for identifying material that shows resistance to tomato brown rugose fruit virus.

Researchers collaborate to bring rugose resistant tomato varieties to Canada

The disease has been deemed a top priority for industry and government

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is working on solutions to a devastating disease in tomatoes, the brown rugose fruit virus. It has undertaken a breeding program in collaboration with the Ontario agriculture department and Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers. Why it matters: There are no varieties resistant to tomato brown rugose fruit virus and infection […] Read more

Avoiding junk food can help maintain energy levels and nutrition during harvest.

Healthy eating during harvest can be difficult

Planning and prepping is important to maintain good nutrition during a long harvest season

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lindsay Boere, a pork producer and cash crop farmer in Parkhill, Ont., says meal planning is especially important during the harvest season because time is in short supply. “When it’s go time, it’s go time.” Harvest can mean long hours so adequate nutrition and proper meals are needed to fuel equipment operators and other workers […] Read more

Warm temperatures followed by cooler temperatures have averaged out the wheat crop harvest timeline.

Ontario wheat harvest looks optimistic

Warm spring temperatures moved the crop along nicely, although a cool late May slowed it down

Reading Time: 2 minutes The 2021 Ontario winter wheat crop is ahead of schedule and shows promising development. Tim Meulensteen, an agronomist with C&M Seeds in Palmerston, Ont., said two dynamics are at play; early planting last fall and a gentle winter with consistent snowmelt in March. Why it matters: An early wheat crop can quickly mature and be […] Read more

The new $6 million, 53,000 sq. foot research facility is near Tavistock, Ont.

Corteva opens expanded crop breeding research facility near Tavistock

$6 million project combines corn, soybean and wheat research

Reading Time: 2 minutes Corteva Agriscience’s new research facility at its Woodstock Research and Development Centre brings several crop breeding programs under one roof. The 53,000 square foot facility near Tavistock how houses the company’s Ontario corn breeding programs, one soybean breeding program and a future winter wheat breeding program. The facility was recently officially opened. Why it matters: […] Read more

Jaime and Ericka Wilson hosted an online tour of their family’s dairy farm as part of Durham Farm Connections’ virtual farm tours.

Local ag education turned virtual during COVID-19

Programs that had focused on their area schools suddenly had a larger audience

Reading Time: 3 minutes A virtual on-line format has allowed locally driven agriculture education programs to reach classrooms across the province. COVID-19 put a halt to school attendance and many regularly scheduled events, including Bite of Brant, an agriculture awareness program for Grade 5 students across Brant County.  Last year would have marked the 25th anniversary for Bite of […] Read more

Mushrooms exposed to UV light for 200 seconds created 60 micrograms of vitamin D in 100 grams of mushrooms.

Mushrooms exposed to UV light produce Vitamin D

Research results could lead to value-added opportunities for producers

Reading Time: 2 minutes New research shows UV-C light treatment increases Vitamin D2 in mushroom caps and stems in both white and brown mushrooms. Why it matters: These new findings provide farmers with the opportunity to better manage their post-harvest handling and storage and can add value and nutritional benefits to consumers. Mushrooms are the only produce containing Vitamin […] Read more

Introducing livestock too early in spring, keeping them in a pasture for too long and reintroducing them too quickly all play a factor in overgrazing.

Grass management is important for successful pastures

Timing of livestock introduction play important role in limiting overgrazing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Getting the most nutrition from a dynamic rotational grazing system involves understanding and maintaining healthy and productive grasses. Why it matters: Rotational grazing can be an economical use of land and forages for some livestock farmers. Above ground, forage species are ready to be grazed when they reach three or four leaves, but below ground […] Read more

Winter wheat is greening up quickly in many parts of Ontario.

Wheat crop promising after mild winter

A long-time layer of snow insulated the wheat, but also created risk of snow mould

Reading Time: 3 minutes This year’s mild winter has given winter wheat a strong start but snow mould has posed a risk for many areas.  Joanna Follings, cereals specialist with OMAFRA says she is confident seeing the wheat coming out of this winter season.  “We didn’t have a lot of extreme freeze thaw events; it was a lot more […] Read more

The new formulation of 2,4-D provides more tank mix options.

New Enlist product contains only 2,4-D

The product will enable more flexible tank-mixing options

Reading Time: 1 minute Corteva Agriscience has launched a new herbicide, Enlist 1, a standalone version of its new 2,4-D choline product.  The product is registered for use on Enlist E3 soybeans and Enlist corn.  Why it matters: Diverse herbicide options help with the control of the growing number of herbicide-resistant weeds. Enlist 1 is a stand-alone version of […] Read more