Consumers with a connection to a farm were more likely to be supportive of pro-agriculture policies.

Survey shows growing public support for agriculture

Canadians rank agriculture as the top driver of the economy

Reading Time: 3 minutes A recent survey by Grassroots Public Affairs shows that nine out of 10 Canadians endorse government support for the agri-food sector. The communications consulting firm did the survey to analyze Canadian opinions on agriculture, hunger and food security. Why it matters: An industry’s reputation can greatly affect policy, drive funding to specific projects and affect […] Read more

Farmers often work together to plant, maintain and harvest Foodgrains bank crops.

COVID-19 leads to cancellation of Foodgrains Bank fundraising events

There’s hope for good harvests from the charity’s sites with decent weather this spring

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is feeling the pressures of COVID-19. The organization is devoted to providing food in times of crisis to hungry people in the developing world, but has seen some of its fundraising decline without the ability to host its usual concerts and dinners, due to COVID-19. It’s finding, however, that individual donations […] Read more

Alternatives don’t have the broad spectrum coverage of antibiotics.

Reducing poultry inflammation without antibiotics

There are many options, and they may need to be used together

Reading Time: 3 minutes Researchers are looking at substitutes to protect against pathogens as poultry producers around the world move away from the use of antibiotics. Why it matters: Pathogens and disease can reduce the quality of life and average daily gain for poultry. Substitutes to aid the immune system in fighting disease are among the options. As producers […] Read more

Deciding which cover crops to use

There’s more known now about what cover crops work in what soils and for what end uses

Reading Time: 3 minutes Planting cover crops following winter wheat harvest is not a new concept for Ontario producers. The ability of cover crops to add organic matter to soil, sequester weeds and reduce erosion is greatly beneficial but one cover crop won’t work for all producers and their needs. “It’s going to depend on the grower, their situation, […] Read more

Calves can experience poor nutritional absorption if removed from milk too early.

Rumen development critical for young calf health

Supplements and management can help develop the rumen to allow nutrient transport

Reading Time: 3 minutes Keeping calves longer on milk helps ensure the rumen is developed well enough to absorb important nutrients. By the time ruminants are weaned, it’s imperative that rumen epithelia are functioning optimally to ensure the proper absorption of volatile fatty acids (VFA) into the blood stream. Why it matters: Better absorption of nutrients after weaning means […] Read more

Transition cows often have low neutrophil activity before calving, meaning it’s more difficult for them to fight infections.

Neutrophil system plays big role in dry cow immunity

Extra bunk space is good buffer to reduce health risks and improve immune activity

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s believed transition cows have suppressed immune systems, but Dr. Stephen LeBlanc of the University of Guelph says it’s not as simple as just blaming compromised immune systems for all transition dairy cattle problems. “Metabolically, yes cows have reduced aspects of immune function through the transition period and part of some of the reasons for […] Read more

Fruit and vegetable growers say that better procedures are needed for temporary workers who move from farm to farm.

OFVGA recommending on-farm COVID-19 testing

Farmer group concerned about temporary workers moving among farms

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association (OFVGA) is recommending that all essential agri-food employees on Ontario farms get tested for COVID-19, as the virus continues to stubbornly spread on some farms. Testing workers on farm can help limit the spread of the disease, says the OFVGA. Why it matters: Recent outbreaks of COVID-19 on […] Read more

VIDEO: Armyworm a growing concern in wheat

Field Talk with Johanna Lindeboom: How to scout for this crop pest

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cool and wet April weather along with thunderstorms are ideal for armyworm, a hay and wheat pest, to migrate north to Ontario. There are minimal options for dealing with armyworm, so proper scouting is a must as this crop pest has been quickly appearing in Ontario fields. In this edition of Field Talk, Farmtario reporter […] Read more

Safety is key for young children around a farm. The Maw family has had seat belts installed in all tractors if they didn’t come with one. Their kids wear safety vests, ear protection, workboots/shoes and gloves for their protection while helping with farming.

When the farm becomes the school

Farm families with school-age children find ways to make schooling work

Reading Time: 5 minutes Since COVID-19 cancelled school, farmers have been learning how to juggle schoolwork for their children and farm work at the same time. While there’s no one route through the new normal for families with school-aged children, most are happy to have their farm as a backdrop for developing learning and fun activities for their stay-at-home […] Read more

Farm educators change learning strategies to suit new home school life

Reading Time: < 1 minute Companies like AgScape, the voice of agriculture in the classroom Ontario, have had to change how they do business because COVID-19 has closed schools. Unfortunately, the organization hasn’t been able to visit classrooms or use their teacher ambassador program or career competition. “There have been a lot of initiatives that we’ve had to cancel. That’s […] Read more