VIDEO: Armyworm a growing concern in wheat

Field Talk with Johanna Lindeboom: How to scout for this crop pest

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cool and wet April weather along with thunderstorms are ideal for armyworm, a hay and wheat pest, to migrate north to Ontario. There are minimal options for dealing with armyworm, so proper scouting is a must as this crop pest has been quickly appearing in Ontario fields. In this edition of Field Talk, Farmtario reporter […] Read more

The wild side of pest control

Reading Time: < 1 minute You may not always see beneficial insects in your field, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t providing you with an important pest control service. Dr. Alejandro Costamagna, associate professor of entomology at the University of Manitoba, spoke earlier this year about how all insects are not created equal and how some insects are a very […] Read more

VIDEO: First cut hay in full swing, be sure to replenish field nutrients

Field Talk with Deb Campbell

Reading Time: < 1 minute In this edition of Field Talk, Farmtario reporter Jennifer Glenney speaks with Deb Campbell, owner of Agronomy Advantage Inc., about first cut hay. “Yes it’s about yield, yes it’s about quality, but in the big picture it’s also about reaching productivity out of these hay fields and getting hopefully a solid three years of productivity […] Read more

June 1 – 15: Is your winter wheat off to a good start?

Manitoba Co-operator editor Gord Gilmour speaks with agronomist Ken Gross of Ducks Unlimited Canada about winter wheat crops in Manitoba and what he looks for when assessing plants to determine if they’re off to a healthy start.

Reading Time: < 1 minute