U.S. boosts trade pact’s outlook lifting tariffs on Canadian, Mexican metals

Washington/Ottawa | Reuters — The United States struck deals on Friday to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada and Mexico, the three governments said, removing a major obstacle to legislative approval of a new North American trade pact. The separate agreements, which will not impose U.S. quotas on Canadian and Mexican metals […] Read more

Pork production could drop by 200 million pigs this year in China.

China pork output to drop by 30 per cent in 2019

Rabobank says the disease could decimate the country’s hog herd

Beijing | Reuters – Up to 200 million pigs could be culled or die from being infected as African swine fever spreads through China, Rabobank said, by far the highest such forecast yet and underscoring the gravity of the epidemic in the world’s top pork producer. Such a number would mark a huge chunk of […] Read more

Sows have become much more productive since Flowers started his career 32 years ago. They are better able to produce large litters consistently and able to produce enough milk to raise those piglets.

Sow longevity impacts start before they are born

Gilts born as part of small litters are much more likely to develop into productive sows

Sows are leaving farms long before they reach the stage of profitability, says Dr. Billy Flowers, one of North America’s best-known sow reproduction experts. Flowers, a professor at North Carolina State University, says the situation isn’t conducive to long-term productivity for the pork sector. His research shows that farmers may need to select gilts based […] Read more

Should the African swine fever virus be found in Canada, zones would also be set up here. The United States (which imports $1.2 billion in Canadian pork annually) and Japan are the top destinations. Canada has an agreement with the U.S. to maintain trade in cases of pork disease through zoning procedures and is pursuing such an agreement with Japan.

Opinion: Buying pork from Poland ultimately the right move

Canada would use similar zone system if African swine fever was found

It is painful to watch the spread of African swine fever through parts of Asia and Europe, yet Canada’s decision to keep accepting imports of pork from Poland is pragmatic. Since Canada would follow the same procedures Poland is ostensibly now employing, there is a duty to play this out. ASF has never been found […] Read more

Canada needs ‘reset’ on China, Scheer says

Ottawa | Reuters — Canada’s opposition leader on Tuesday attacked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being too soft on China and said there needs to be a “total reset” on relations with the Asian powerhouse. Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer spoke amid an escalating diplomatic dispute that has followed Canada’s arrest of Huawei Technologies chief […] Read more

The Pork Quality Competition is one of the many events at the Ontario Pork Congress.

Ontario Pork Congress going ahead as planned

Decision follows cancellation of World Pork Expo due to disease threat

The 46th annual Ontario Pork Congress (OPC) will go ahead as planned on June 19-20 in Stratford – a decision reached after event organizers consulted with “veterinarians and industry professionals” about the risk of African swine fever (ASF). “As always, the strength of the Ontario swine industry is our main concern,” stated an OPC news […] Read more

The World Pork Expo attracts visitors from around the world.

Disease threat cancels World Pork Expo

Ontario Pork Congress officials still considering the status of the local trade show

The Ontario Pork Congress does not yet have any comment about its show, after the World Pork Expo (WPE) was cancelled due to concerns about the threat of African Swine Fever. OPC said it will comment April 18. The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) board or directors cited “an abundance of caution” about ASF’s transmission […] Read more