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Goat milk market rearranged

A price plunge late last summer sent goat milk farmers and brokers scrambling. New players have emerged

The Ontario Dairy Goat Cooperative (ODGC) has lost members in the past six months, but it is forging ahead with a joint venture with Netherlands-based Unica Global aimed at marketing goat’s milk powder around the world. A newly-formed co-op that includes some former ODGC members from eastern Ontario, meanwhile, recently secured approvals to act as […] Read more

Goat milk intake to start slowly at Feihe plant

The Chinese company with plans to export baby formula will mostly use cow’s milk once it starts processing next year

The Chinese company building a $225-million infant formula factory in Kingston has yet to secure a source for goat’s milk — needed for the facility’s planned second phase — but remains confident production will begin “around the middle of 2019.” “It will take three to five years to reach full capacity,” said Justin Zhou, a […] Read more

Fast-tracking the construction process

Prefabricated beams made from laminated timber can cut construction times by as much as 30 per cent

A strong farm economy and the demand for new dairy facilities have brought some new building technology to the Ontario market. Guardian Structures had photos on display at the London Dairy Congress of a newly built dairy barn on the Slegh farm near Salford that featured a different approach to beams. Guardian Structures worked with […] Read more

Farm facilities: Braving the building backlog

More rules and a shortage of builders means Ontario farmers are waiting longer for new barns and shops

Plan early, plan early, plan early.” That’s the first piece of advice from the Canadian Farm Builders Association (CFBA) for farmers looking to decrease their time on a waiting list for a barn builder. Oh, and No. 2 on that list? It was also “plan early, plan early, plan early.” “If you think it will […] Read more

The big data dairy challenge

The dairy sector is showing how machine learning and artificial intelligence systems can convert raw data into insight

Dairy farm software and equipment is increasingly turning to the power of machine learning and big data sets to bring new tools to farmers. Large, established companies and startups are bringing their scale and creativity to bear on the challenge and the results are opportunities for on-farm management farmers haven’t seen before. Why it matters: […] Read more

National Beef Quality Audit shows carcass defect cost rising

One of the biggest and growing issues for processors is a significant jump in liver defects

Canada’s beef processors are paying more to deal with carcass defects, even though body condition scores have improved. Results from the 2016-17 National Beef Quality Audit show that the cost of carcass defects has risen steadily since the first national audit in 1994 and now tops well over $100 million. Why it matters: Understanding carcass […] Read more

manure spreading

The details on CAP

Details are now available for the first intake of the new federal-provincial program, which closes May 8

With maximum funding ranging between $25,000 and $35,000 per project, aspects of manure and nutrient management and livestock handling and housing represent key areas of focus for government support in the recently-released Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) suite of programs. Also on offer is a maximum of $75,000 for either livestock or food crop producers for […] Read more

Protocols, data, help managing top dairy production

Top dairy producers know their numbers, and those numbers drive faster and better ability to make decisions. Three dairy farmers from across the country talked about how they manage their farms for top production and cow and heifer health at the recent Canadian Dairy Xpo. A common thread was using quality information to monitor their […] Read more

Chicken farmers launch product innovation program

Are you part of the Ontario chicken industry and have a great idea for completely new chicken products? Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) may be willing to give you chicken supply to produce it. Why it matters: The Ontario Chicken Innovation and Growth Program, announced Wednesday, is the third element in what was described by […] Read more

Seven tips for better dairy goat performance

A herd’s average production may be a go-to parameter for many goat dairy managers, but Amanda Davison believes their focus should shift instead to the average among a select group of that herd. “Don’t look at average production,” advised Davison on March 21 in Woodstock, as she addressed producers attending the annual general meeting of […] Read more