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Phil Mlsna expects his teat washing robot to be cost effective for most dairy farms.

Dairy parlours, feed monitoring and genetic indices see innovations

The latest dairy technologies launched at World Dairy Expo

Robotic teat washing coming for parlours Automations continue to arrive in milking parlours. First there was data recording and automatic shutoffs, then teat spray robots. There have been some attempts at full robotic milking, but adoption has been slow. The next step in the parlour milking process that begs automation is teat washing. There have […] Read more

One of the new silos that have been erected at Gay Lea’s Teewater plant is hoisted. Processors made significant investments in dairy processing that could be put at risk with the new USMCA trade deal.

Dairy processors concerned about USMCA trade deal

Processors want compensation to be distributed differently than under CETA

The organization representing dairy processors says it is resolutely against the new United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade deal. The CEO of the lobby organization representing processors told Farmtario in early October that he “anxiously awaits the Canadian text to be published” containing the deal’s precise details. “Canada’s dairy processing industry is deeply disappointed […] Read more

Canada not a solution for U.S. dairy price woes

Americans more concerned with securing access to Mexican market than Canada

Madison, Wisconsin – The price of milk in the United States is stuck at an unprofitable place, and U.S. farmers at the World Dairy Expo did not expect any trade deal with Canada to change that situation. Most of them had yet to look over the fine details of the new trade deal — the […] Read more

Klassen: Stronger demand supports feeder market

Western Canadian feeder cattle markets jumped $2-$5 last week, after adverse weather caused buyers to shy away earlier in October. Major feedlot operators were very aggressive on quality yearling packages and heavier weaned vaccinated calves. Many operations have limited ownership at this time of year because wet, cold weather conditions delayed purchases. The market appeared […] Read more

Norm and Mike McNaughton are almost finished their new dairy barn near London.

Implications for the USMCA trade deal

The new deal hurts supply management but helps other farm sectors

Norm McNaughton and his son Mike are almost ready to move cows into their new barn north of London, Ont. They’re committed to the future of the dairy industry through an investment that includes a robotic milking system. The McNaughtons are typical of an Ontario dairy sector that has been building and expanding rapidly. Canadians […] Read more

There are lots of regulations to meet in order to ship Ontario beef to China.

Beef trade interest blossoms into packing plant

Ontario woman decided to purchase a federally inspected plant when an opportunity arose to sell beef to China

Nancy Kingsley-Hu likes to think outside the meat box. Once a trader of beer, ice wine and honey to China, she came into the beef business by chance. “Some of my buyers in China were bothering me about pork and beef,” she said from her office at Mount Forest, where her meat processing company, Golden […] Read more