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The number of cows on Ontario farms has been in decline and the new checkoff funding, in part, aims to stem that trend.

Beef Farmers of Ontario look to get check-off increase passed again

The initiative will help fund a joint committee on market growth with the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association

Beef farmers will again vote on whether or not to increase the amount they send to Beef Farmers of Ontario at the organization’s annual meeting in late February. Beef Farmers of Ontario and the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association hope to work together to market Ontario-branded beef and engage consumers. Why it matters: The beef sector […] Read more

The body condition scoring camera is placed above the cow usually on an exit gate.

Cameras provide base for dairy automation and monitoring

Dairy Focus: Companies are using the cameras to measure everything from feed intake to body condition

Cameras are helping attach milking machines to teats, monitor body condition score, heats and feed consumption on dairy farms, making it one of the base technologies of the dairy data revolution. Why it matters: Farmers need technology that can reliably work over many repetitions and in tough conditions. Cameras that see in three dimensions have […] Read more