Vineland refines test for apple quality

New measurement standards may be necessary for adoption

Reading Time: 2 minutes Measuring friction might be the best way to determine apple quality, says a new project from the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Tribology, the science of wear, friction, and lubrication, is commonly used in food processing for semi-solid products like yogurt and spreads. The institution says new research shows it’s also effective enough to replace […] Read more

Vineland’s “Radiance” sweet potato variety was developed specifically for the Canadian growing season. About 60,000 kilograms of root seed stock are needed to produce approximately 2.4 million slips, which can be purchased by commercial sweet potato growers to plant about 200 acres.

Local propagation a sweet potato opportunity

Reliance on North Carolina propagators could present challenges for Canadian growers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario’s sweet potato sector might not be large, but researchers at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre says market opportunities in domestic propagation could help drive lucrative growth in the commodity. Why it matters: Existing greenhouse infrastructure could be used to improve domestic sweet potato production. Valerio Primomo, a vegetable breeder with Vineland, is involved […] Read more

Vineland hires new automation leader

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hussam Haroun has joined Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) as director of automation. In his new role, Haroun will oversee Vineland’s activities related to automation, artificial intelligence and digital agriculture technologies. He launched his own start-up after patenting and commercializing a new technology during graduate school. As CEO, he secured more than $3 million […] Read more

Made-for-Ontario tomatoes get Dutch distribution partner

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland’s) tomatoes designed for Ontario conditions now have a distribution partner. Vineland has partnered with Eminent Seeds to produce and distribute the seeds for the first three varieties of greenhouse-grown tomatoes-on-the-vine (TOVs) developed by the research and innovation centre with input from both consumers and growers. The Netherlands-based company, chosen […] Read more

Automation is one of the new research clusters.

Expanded focus gives agricultural research clusters more diversity

Automation, grape and wine, and small acreage field crops among new research funding

Reading Time: 4 minutes Five new research areas were added to the national research cluster program when it was launched last year by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Automation, grape and wine, diverse field crops, integrated crop agronomy and biomass were added to the existing cluster program. The cluster program started in 2008 under Growing Forward and was expanded under […] Read more

Vineland has developed products such as this automated cucumber sorter.

Federal funds to support agricultural innovation

Funding intended to accelerate automation and digitization in agriculture sector

Reading Time: 2 minutes The federal government continues to fund large agriculture organization networks with the aim to improve automation in the sector. Why it matters: Tech-adoption on the farm is increasingly identified as an opportunity to make Canadian agriculture more competitive. Governments and industry are devoting resources to support this direction. Up to $49.5 million has been pledged, […] Read more

A robotic cucumber loader could replace two people.

Automated mini cucumber loader now on the market

Projects at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre reduce labour costs through automation

Reading Time: 3 minutes A robotic loader that can take the manual labour out of placing greenhouse mini cucumbers onto trays is now available on the market. Developed by researchers at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) in partnership with CMP Automation of Ayr, the technology is part of ongoing efforts to reduce labour costs for farmers through […] Read more

Dr. Ian Potter, new CEO of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.

New CEO joins Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Ian Potter comes to Vineland with years of experience managing research organizations

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland)’s board of directors has appointed Dr. Ian Potter as chief executive officer. Potter replaces Dr. Jim Brandle who resigned in November, starting April 1. Potter will also join the Vineland Board of Directors at that time. Over a 25-year career, Potter has served in senior leadership roles with both […] Read more

Michael Kauzlaric, technology scout with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre said the Jupiter variety is looking especially strong for Ontario.

New table grape varieties for Ontario could diversify market

Ontario growers have only had one main short-season variety to grow

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s lots of unrealized potential in the table grape market in Ontario, as one variety has dominated production. That’s about to change. Ontario’s main homegrown fresh table grape is a variety called Sovereign Coronation, a semi-seedless blue grape that’s ready for market over a six- to eight-week period in late summer and early fall. Driven […] Read more

Valerio Primono is the tomato plant breeder at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.

A new tomato for Ontario

A large project aims to create on-the-vine greenhouse tomatoes optimized for Ontario growing conditions and consumers

Reading Time: 4 minutes What do Ontarians like in a tomato? Some like a tough skin and viscous inside. Others like sweetness and softness. The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers gave the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre the challenge of figuring out what Ontarians prefer in a tomato-eating experience and then developing a tomato that fits that demand. Oh, and […] Read more