Agricorp’s areas for different planting deadlines.

Is it time for Ontario farmers to claim the unseeded benefit?

Find out the deadlines and necessary qualifications based on your crop

The planting deadline for crops to qualify for production insurance is fast approaching for many Ontario farmers. As sporadic wet weather continues, making a claim through Agricorp’s underseeded acreage benefit (USAB) offers a strategic alternative. Agricorp says USAB helps offset financial burdens, such as fixed costs and land maintenance, in situations where farmers are unable […] Read more

Farmers are quickly hitting the limits of the corn planting window, prompting hybrid and crop switches.

Managing later-than-normal crop planting

Many farmers are in a holding pattern waiting for a planting window

More rain fell on parts of Ontario through late May, delaying corn and soybean planting and further frustrating many farmers. In a broad swatch of land from Ottawa to Windsor there had been little crop planted as of May 22. There were some exceptions. North of Hwy. 86, much of the corn is planted in […] Read more

G20 nations meet on many topics, including agriculture science.

International agricultural scientists affirm commitment to science-based decisions

The G20 scientists are taking a greater look at Canada’s Living Laboratories approach to research

A recent meeting of the Group of 20 (G20) Agricultural Chief Scientists has resulted in greater attention to plant pests that move across borders and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Living Laboratories research approach. The meeting, according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), is an opportunity to discuss major challenges to sustainable agricultural production. Ministry spokespeople […] Read more

A bumblebee on a strawberry flower.

Bee-based disease prevention

Inoculating flowering plants with insect-delivered fungus can help limit disease

Fungi that can inoculate crops against disease can be applied using insects — bumblebees, to be specific. According to Bee Vectoring Technology (BVT) — a Canadian company with offices in the United States and Europe, and in the process of commercializing such a service — Bombus-delivered inoculants offer fruit farmers another way to augment their […] Read more

Produce piled at the Ontario Food Terminal.

The food terminal debate

Large volumes of produce go through the Ontario Food Terminal every day, but it also sits on valuable land

Wholesalers and patrons of the Ontario Food Terminal are worried there is another agenda behind a government-ordered review of the facility. Although the stated purpose of the study commissioned by the Ford government is to determine how best to expand and modernize the facility, many worry that its location just into Etobicoke, west of Toronto’s […] Read more

Most Ontario land is like this, waiting for some dry weather before being planted.

Seed switch timing factors in a wet spring

Yield potential still high for late-planted crops, so don’t panic yet

Despite the wet and cool spring, Ontario field crop experts say there is still a lot of potential in late-planted corn and soybeans – that includes both long and short-season varieties. Despite anxious feelings and generally unfavourable planting conditions, that is, things could still work out. Why it matters: Shorter-season corn and soybeans bring tradeoffs […] Read more

A thermal imaging view of a corroded wall plug.

Finding hot spots in the barn

Using thermal imaging to screen everything from power outlets to motors to animal joints can help farm safety and decision making

Agriculture groups, government, and insurance companies are encouraging farmers to use thermal imaging to help prevent combustive disasters. Farmers trying to reduce their fire risk can access the technology in two ways — by using handheld cameras or contacting mutual insurance companies for more in-depth assessments. Why it matters: Thermal imaging can help proactively address […] Read more

Cover crops can help keep soil from getting too hot and too cool too quickly in the fall.

Keeping cool under cover a benefit of cover crops

American farmers use cover crops to moderate soil temperature

Cover crops can positively affect a wide range of soil health characteristics. According to some American farmers, the ability of cover crops to moderate soil temperature is also important but less visually noticeable. Why it matters: Extreme soil temperatures limit biological activity. Keeping the ground covered helps moderate those swings, benefitting crops. According to Adam […] Read more

Farm management training organization ceasing operations

The Agri-Food Management Institute’s programs will be carried on by two other organizations

As a result of “changes to its funding structure,” the Agri-Food Management Institute (AMI) — a Guelph-based organization supporting farm and other agri-businesses with resources, workshops and training — has announced it will cease operations by April 30. AMI’s resources will now be hosted by two other organizations. Why it matters: AMI was one of […] Read more

Leasing can keep expensive machinery up to date an free up cash flow for succession planning.

To buy or, not to buy?

Farm equipment leasing playing an increasing role in succession strategies

This is part of a continuing series looking at succession planning. Can you pay for a $600,000 combine with cash? If not, don’t fret — you’re not alone. As equipment costs and the speed of technological change continue to increase, buying machinery outright is often not seen as a practical business strategy. This is particularly […] Read more