Pandemic-driven demand for materials is making farm projects expensive.

Input costs escalate

Pandemic-driven demand for materials make farm projects expensive

Reading Time: 4 minutes From fertilizer to steel, agricultural input costs are rising. The only certainty, say some analysts, is the great number of factors in play make forecasting prices a challenge.  Why it matters: Farmers need to play far ahead in purchasing inputs and planning purchases and expansion, and volatile, rapidly rising prices can make for more expensive […] Read more

Canadians have been reaching for local food during the pandemic, but marketing of more than Canadian produce would be welcome, says a Nourish Food Marketing report.

Opportunities in a new food relationship

Not every pandemic-induced food trend will stick, but buying Canadian is one that should

Reading Time: 3 minutes The pace of change in Canada’s food system might have accelerated under pandemic pressure, but will alterations to our personal relationship to food really stick?  In some ways yes, but likely not everything.  According to a meta-analysis of purchasing trends grocers, farmers, and other purveyors will have to wrangle with a combination of new, lasting […] Read more

Genetic precision and new modes of action a focus for Bayer

Genetic precision and new modes of action a focus for Bayer

Company aims to solve crop production, sustainability problems on farms

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bayer is driving ahead with an array of investments designed to reckon with coming environmental, economic, and social issues in crop production.  Already spending approximately two billion Euros each year on agricultural science initiatives, the company is further emphasizing its investments in expectation of massive growth in several key areas – plant breeding, biotechnology, chemistry, […] Read more

Most food-grade soybeans produced in Ontario are exported without being processed.

Plan aims to add value to food-grade soybeans

$27.3 million investment designed to capture larger share of global plant protein market

Reading Time: 2 minutes Protein Industries Canada (PIC) and several collaborators have committed to developing domestic processing for made-in-Canada food grade soybeans varieties.  Plans for a Canadian soybean processing facility, and an accompanying soybean variety development initiative, were announced in a March 18 media presentation. PIC is contributing $7.3 million to the project, with an additional $20 million being […] Read more

Processing carrot growers had a reduction in fees in 2020.

Processing veg growers align with marketing act changes

OPVG updates governance, continues research investments

Reading Time: 2 minutes The subjects of policy and structural change dominated the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers (OPVG) first virtual annual general meeting. The March 30 session began with a general message of support from provincial agriculture minister Ernie Hardeman, in which he highlighted the provincial government’s plan to prioritize COVID-19 vaccinations for farm and food sector workers. Why […] Read more

There are consistent yield benefits for following crops when wheat is in a rotation.

Finding the tools to build soil

Intensifying wheat production can help make the soil-building crop more profitable

Reading Time: 3 minutes Wheat and cover crops may not be the most profitable of cash cows, but the indirect benefits to grain growers’ bottom lines are significant.  Keeping winter wheat in the rotation, that is, has been shown to consistently boost both corn and soybean yields in Ontario. Those numbers go even higher when red clover is also […] Read more

Cover crop systems can take five years to learn and establish.

Cash flow and cover crops

Adaptation and experience reduce upfront costs and improve returns

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cover crops are environmentally beneficial but to determine if they pay for themselves, growers need to provide detailed data on costs and revenue.  Aaron Breimer, general manager for Deveron’s Chatham-based Veritas Farm Management, says his experience with cover crops highlights the need to repeatedly verify a practice before concluding whether it’s profitable or not.  Why […] Read more

Fendt’s Momentum planter helps address compaction with on-the-go tire pressure changes.

What’s new in planter technology

Manufacturers look to better precision, compaction reduction – and speed

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the hunt for higher yields, equipment manufacturers are combining more digital tech with in-field iron to alleviate a variety of planting challenges – from compaction to uneven planting depth.  Addressing localized compaction For Shawn Livingston, Eastern Canada regional manager for Precision Planting Inc., the impact of localized compaction on crop root development has been […] Read more

The 2B mechanical pollination unit, produced by Israeli start-up Edete.

How viable is mechanical pollination?

Pollen collection, not just distribution, is a major hurdle for those trying to help insects

Reading Time: 4 minutes An Israeli start-up company has developed a mechanical pollination system that it says will help ensure the continued production of nutritious food. There is concern about the decline of pollinators and its effects on food production. Pollinators play a critical role in moving pollen from male to female parts of the plant that result in […] Read more

Various industry players say the move to electric vehicles will drastically alter the corn-based ethanol market.

Electric vehicle surge to unplug ethanol demand

There will likely be a decline in fuel demand, but byproducts and demand for other alcohols could keep ethanol going

Reading Time: 3 minutes After shouldering some unusual market hits in recent years, the ethanol industry now faces new and more fundamental demand uncertainties as electric vehicles grow in popularity and capacity.  Some argue the sector will find new outlets for the plant-based fuels while others worry it will crumble beneath the collective weight of social, economic and environmental […] Read more