A small drone scouts the corn plant population.

What’s new in the world of drone technology?

Machine learning making its way into the drone world

The shock and awe of drones may be less than it was a decade ago, but the agricultural potential of the technology continues to develop. Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a better understanding of scalability give drones and drone operators the ability to gather and usefully interpret field information down to the millimetre level. Why it […] Read more

This no-till drill is used to plant cover crops and prairie grass buffer strips. It is loaned to farmers by the ERC.

Local demonstration showcased soil management options

Machinery demonstration designed to spur more thinking on soil health

A Kingsville-area demonstration day was held July 23 to showcase a variety of tillage and other equipment and how each can be used to improve soil management. But while the machinery was the focus visually, the main purpose of the event was to highlight how producers can incorporate profitable and environmental production changes using both […] Read more

Ontario farmers grew about 2,000 acres of winter canola in 2018-19.

How did winter canola do in Ontario in 2019?

There were decent overall harvests despite unfavourable fall and spring conditions

The weather may have been tough during the end of 2018 and the first half of 2019, but that didn’t stop some Ontario farmers from growing a decent winter canola crop. Particularly for those in Essex and Chatham-Kent, this year’s winter canola proved fairly resilient. Why it matters: While not widespread, both winter and spring […] Read more

Roselyne Labbé applies Artemia to pepper plants. Applications made during the project’s duration were carefully measured, and done using a small hand applicator.

Supporting beneficial insects during lean times

Researchers find ways to perpetuate beneficial insect populations in greenhouses

At one time a citizen militia made up the core of Canada’s armed land forces. Effective as it was fighting our more southerly neighbour, though, it was eventually replaced by a more professional standing army. In the war against pests, researchers are trying to help greenhouse growers do the same. That is, introduce pest-fighting beneficial […] Read more

Food processors and food systems are drawing lots of interest from data companies as they see business opportunity.

Corporate giants continue pushing food sector tech-adoption

RBC and Microsoft push greater digitization in food processing and supply chains

In an environment of ever-increasing pressure to adopt new technologies in food production, companies struggle to identify which technologies they should adopt, and who they should work with to do so — not to mention how to pay for them. According to the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and tech-giant Microsoft, these three barriers reduce […] Read more

The one-hectare white rice research paddy.

Rice in Ontario?

Ontario trials of cold-tolerant white rice could prove alternative crop potential

Representatives from Ontario FangZheng Agriculture Enterprises Inc. think Ontario could become a major exporter of white rice. The Thornhill-based company, in combination with researchers from the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown campus, is managing a one-hectare (2.47 acre) rice paddy near Chatham. At a news conference on June 28, company representatives said their goal is to […] Read more

Water flows in a drain next to a field in southern Ontario.

Better water through real farm data

Project analyzes decades of environmental and farming changes to support more fact-based water-quality policy

In the Great Lakes region, the relationship between farm practices and water quality is complex. As farmers and industry organizations continue to look for ways to accurately measure and prevent nutrient runoff, a joint project from Ryerson University and the University of Windsor is analyzing historical changes in farming and the wider environment to see […] Read more

“I got rid of most of it basically at harvest. I didn’t really store any.” – Maurice Chauvin.

Where did all the DON corn go?

Most infected corn in Ontario has now been flushed to markets in ethanol and around the world, mostly at discounted prices

Last year’s deoxynivalenol (DON)-infected corn crop has been successfully sold and shipped — albeit at discounted returns for farmers. The specific destinations of that corn, discounts endured by producers and timing of sales have varied. Why it matters: The past six months show large volumes of vomitoxin-infected corn can be moved despite reduced returns for […] Read more

Agricorp’s areas for different planting deadlines.

Is it time for Ontario farmers to claim the unseeded benefit?

Find out the deadlines and necessary qualifications based on your crop

The planting deadline for crops to qualify for production insurance is fast approaching for many Ontario farmers. As sporadic wet weather continues, making a claim through Agricorp’s underseeded acreage benefit (USAB) offers a strategic alternative. Agricorp says USAB helps offset financial burdens, such as fixed costs and land maintenance, in situations where farmers are unable […] Read more

Farmers are quickly hitting the limits of the corn planting window, prompting hybrid and crop switches.

Managing later-than-normal crop planting

Many farmers are in a holding pattern waiting for a planting window

More rain fell on parts of Ontario through late May, delaying corn and soybean planting and further frustrating many farmers. In a broad swatch of land from Ottawa to Windsor there had been little crop planted as of May 22. There were some exceptions. North of Hwy. 86, much of the corn is planted in […] Read more