There will be some tagging differences after DairyTrace starts on Oct. 5, including changes to dairy animals destined for meat.

Dairy-specific tags central to DairyTrace implementation

Developers try to minimize impacts for farmers and processors

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canada’s dairy sector will begin reporting all cattle movements to the national database DairyTrace starting Oct. 5, but administrators say the impact on day-to-day management should be minimal. What is DairyTrace? The database-to-be is described as a single, common framework for dairy farmers to track animal identity and movements. It’s a copy of a pre-existing […] Read more

Buckwheat produces white flowers and seed throughout its growing time.

Looking for a fourth crop to your rotation?

Pollinator-friendly buckwheat shows value in corn-soybean-wheat rotation

Reading Time: 4 minutes In his search for a fourth crop, Henry Denotter, a Kingsville-area grain grower, has turned his attention to buckwheat — a long-established but comparatively unpopular grain now used predominantly in cover cropping. Why it matters: Diversity in crop rotation is a critical part of environmental sustainability, as well as a farm’s economic longevity. Finding a […] Read more

Tar spot found in Ontario Sept. 21, 2020.

Tar spot breaches Ontario border

Cases identified in Lambton and Chatham-Kent, but impact insignificant overall

Reading Time: 3 minutes After five years of international attention, tar spot has infiltrated Canada’s Great Lakes defences. A pathogen of corn, tar spot can cause significant yield losses if left unchecked. As of now, however, the problem does not appear to be widespread.   Why it matters: Evidence from the United States indicate tar spot can depress corn […] Read more

“If there’s one criticism this year it’s for a little more rain, but it’s a fine balance.” – Matthias Oppenlaender.

Good quality grape harvest faces uncertain market

Ontario wineries have seen some rebound in local traffic

Reading Time: 3 minutes A hot, dry growing season that is producing higher -quality grapes isn’t completely good news for Ontario producers and winemakers. Those same conditions are also producing lower yields, and the market demand for wines made from premium quality grapes is declining as consumers quench their pandemic thirst by buying cheaper blended wines. Why it matters: […] Read more

Many producers harvested straw in 2020 after strong prices in 2019.

Straw market stabilizes with decent wheat crop

Prices for straw have also been driven up by demand for straw as a feed for dairy cattle

Reading Time: 2 minutes After reaching untold heights in 2019, more wheat acres this year means the price of straw has stabilized at much lower levels. These cheaper prices — which in some areas are half those experienced last year — are a relief for farmers, particularly those using straw for both bedding and as a component in cattle […] Read more

Vineland refines test for apple quality

New measurement standards may be necessary for adoption

Reading Time: 2 minutes Measuring friction might be the best way to determine apple quality, says a new project from the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Tribology, the science of wear, friction, and lubrication, is commonly used in food processing for semi-solid products like yogurt and spreads. The institution says new research shows it’s also effective enough to replace […] Read more

Andy Pasztor has sent logos to 300 farmers around the world.

Achieving a state of #AndyClean

How the chase of an Ontario farmer’s equipment cleaning approval has become a global phenomenon

Reading Time: 2 minutes Combining elbow-grease and perfectionism to keep farm equipment pristine – that’s what it means to be #AndyClean. Such is the now globe-spanning hashtag originating with Andy Pasztor, a Norfolk County farmer who makes thorough equipment cleaning a major part of his yearly maintenance program. Why it matters: Attention to detail is critical to achieve a […] Read more

Henry Denotter tries to get three applications of nitrogen onto his corn crop.

Debate ongoing over Y-drop systems

Moisture often critical factor in effective late-season nutrient application

Reading Time: 3 minutes Does “spoon-feeding” nitrogen via Y-drop systems make for a better corn crop? Some say yes — if there’s enough moisture to carry nutrients into the soil. Some growers, however, have found success even in dry summer conditions, meaning the Y-drop versus side-dress debate continues. Why it matters: Not every grower finds Y-drop systems worthwhile, but […] Read more

Opinion: Technology changes – but adoption barriers don’t

Farmers are still waiting for companies to explain their new technology proposition

Reading Time: 3 minutes The capabilities of digital technologies change regularly, but how developers speak about adoption in the ag-sector doesn’t. The rhetoric and questions posed are the same as those asked several years ago — namely, what is required for more farms to adopt data technologies? The fact that such a fundamental question has not changed makes me […] Read more

An unclear Clean Fuel Standard

Farmers wary of potential for lost acres, inadequate credit system

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard act – intended to achieve a reduction of 30 million tonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions in fuel and energy – includes restrictions on land use for crops grown for biofuels. Ambiguous language and stipulations regarding buffer strips, however, have some growers concerned they will lose the ability to grow crops […] Read more