There have been innovations in food used on the International Space Station, but travelling further will need new food solutions for astronauts.

Space agency looks for out of this world food solutions

Food innovations for space flight could also have impact on food security on Earth

Reading Time: 3 minutes NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) are turning to Canadians for help in figuring out how to keep people alive during long future space flights to Mars and beyond.  The two organizations have come together with national food and agri-tech accelerator Bioenterprise and its Quebec counterpart ZoneAgTech to launch an exceptional call for innovation […] Read more

Some of the products marketed into retailers by Boreal Berry through FreshSpoke.

Online driven home delivery of local food products spells opportunity

FreshSpoke connects producers of food with local markets, home delivery and retailers

Reading Time: 3 minutes COVID-19 has been challenging for many businesses but for some, the pandemic has also presented new opportunities. One such company is FreshSpoke, an online Ontario wholesale marketplace for local food that has expanded into home delivery and curbside pickup in response to consumer shopping behaviour changes.  That expansion has also had positive impacts right back […] Read more

Meat cells are being grown in labs and they are expected to be on store shelves in the not-to-distant future.

Is synthetic meat a friend or foe of livestock?

University of Guelph researchers looking for input from livestock farmers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bill Gates’ latest book discussing ways to tackle climate change hit the shelves on Feb. 16. In it, he urges wealthy countries to give up beef and switch to 100 per cent synthetic alternatives - a concept that quickly got him trending on Twitter as people grappled with the idea.  So what exactly is synthetic […] Read more

One use of artificial intelligence is to use it to monitor numbers and growth of pigs.

Quebec leads the way in artificial intelligence

Companies there are applying the concept to livestock production

Reading Time: 3 minutes Labour challenges and increased demands for automation and traceability throughout the supply chain are driving implementation of technologies that automate various farming tasks and lessen the reliance on a human workforce.  Artificial intelligence can help make those robots even smarter and automate tasks — like harvesting produce for example — that previously could only be […] Read more

A researcher checks a bacterial plate count.

Feed additive in development to reduce food safety risks

Plant-based vaccine could be less expensive to produce to control E. coli

Reading Time: 3 minutes Technology that can produce vaccines and antibodies in plant leaves is being put to work in the livestock industry in hopes of preventing the development of a pathogen that causes food-borne illness in people. PlantForm Corporation has launched a new research project with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and Western University in London to target […] Read more

A new assistant professor in meat science and muscle biology has joined the University of Guelph.

New meat scientist joins University of Guelph faculty

Latest hire continues rejuvenation of Guelph’s Animal Biosciences department

Reading Time: 3 minutes Professor Marcio Duarte is expected to soon join the University of Guelph’s Department of Animal Biosciences as assistant professor in meat science and muscle biology. Duarte is currently an assistant professor in animal science at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa in Brazil. Beef cattle are his main focus, although he also collaborates on swine research […] Read more

A trout sandwich created through the Re(PURPOSE) project.

The circular meal: thinking about food differently

Farmers, restaurateurs and food producers join together to create a meal out of waste

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fish poop, bugs and beer waste aren’t the top of mind ingredients when one contemplates a gourmet meal. But they’re exactly what went into “upcycled” dinners served at three Guelph restaurants this fall as part of a pilot project to reduce food waste and encourage everyone in the food chain to change their thinking about […] Read more

Dairy farms are one of the first types of farms using the Rakr app.

New app tracks and simplifies barn equipment maintenance

Energy also can be monitored with Rakr’s tracking app

Reading Time: 3 minutes A free new app launched by an Ontario start-up aims to simplify barn equipment maintenance. And it’s a precursor to an innovative monitoring system to track and manage on-farm energy use that Rakr is launching in 2021, called NeatMeter. Why it matters: Cost control is essential to farm profitability. Energy is a significant expenditure for […] Read more

A truck picks up milk on a Canadian dairy farm. Photo:

Simplifying dairy logistics with Canadian start-up technology

Milk Moovement tracks shipments and gets information quickly to farmers

Reading Time: 3 minutes A powerful tool that streamlines dairy supply chain logistics has landed an Atlantic Canada start-up coveted spots in a couple of big-name agriculture technology accelerators. Milk Moovement is the only Canadian company that is part of the current cohort of the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator in Minneapolis, and one of only two Canadian start-ups […] Read more

Hazelnut trees growing at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.

Genomics research moving Ontario hazelnuts closer to production

Researchers continue to learn how to adapt hazelnuts to Ontario’s climate

Reading Time: 3 minutes A genomics-based research project at the University of Guelph is moving the establishment of an Ontario hazelnut industry one step closer to reality. Hazelnut development work has been underway in the province for about a decade, driven by farmers seeking new crops to grow and a large confectionary company keen to source their key ingredient […] Read more