Canadian dairy technology from EIO Diagnostics allows for testing for mastitis before it shows up as increased cell counts.

Canadian start-ups featured at Ag Innovation Showcase

The American event showcased Canadian companies with dairy, lighting, grain sampling and soil sensing products

Reading Time: 3 minutes A number of Canadian agriculture technology start-up companies were in the spotlight at the recent Ag Innovation Showcase. The Canadian government and Protein Industries Canada, one of the country’s five superclusters, were key sponsors of the event again this year. Why it matters: Technology is a key driver of innovation in the agri-food sector, but […] Read more

Farm income is the leading barrier to agriculture technology adoption for farmers, say 53 per cent of Ontario agriculture retailers.

Cost puts brakes on farm technology adoption

Companies that want to sell to farmers have to demonstrate value of technology

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Most farmers in southern Ontario grow soybeans and corn. Meanwhile, the typical farmer in Saskatchewan produces canola, wheat, barley and probably a pulse crop. Yet the two share similar concerns about adopting agriculture technology. Why it matters: Precision tools are becoming increasingly important to efficient, sustainable farming, yet many producers remain concerned […] Read more

The new tool in Climate FieldView can create scripts for variable application of crop protection products.

New tool allows scripting of crop protection products

The Climate FieldView tool creates special management zones in fields

Reading Time: 3 minutes Climate FieldView has released a new manual crop protection prescription that allows farmers to create variable-rate scripts for any zone in their field. The new feature works for fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and growth regulators to help growers create special management zones within each field, and assign product rates to each region while following label directions. […] Read more

Drone program improves agronomic precision

Drones becoming widespread tool for crop health assessment

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new drone initiative at Corteva Agriscience, called Drone Deploy, helps growers locate problem areas in-field early on to assist in maximizing yields. Why it matters: New technologies have to prove themselves and software is making drones more useful each year. Corteva Flight is the first of several software options accessible by Pioneer customers. Dave […] Read more

Brandt buys GeoShack’s Ontario business

Deal makes equipment firm the exclusive Topcon dealer for Canada

Reading Time: 2 minutes Farm, forestry and construction equipment maker Brandt is about to buy itself a lock on the market for Topcon GPS equipment in Canada. The Regina-based Brandt Group announced Wednesday it has reached a deal to buy the assets of GeoShack Canada Co. and the Canadian assets of Inteq Distributors, both owned by Dallas-based Ultara Holdings. […] Read more

Producers can use a variable rate program to reduce inputs in poorperforming areas.

Precision ag helps farmers find their best acres

Farming all the acres the same can result in potentially failing the better ones and over-investing in the worst

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Implementing precision agriculture strategies doesn’t have to be overwhelming. “Don’t not do something because it’s not perfect because we’re never going to get perfect,” said Terry Aberhart, owner of Sure Growth Technologies. When Aberhart started training and educating people through his independent agronomy consulting company, he strived to teach a comprehensive understanding […] Read more

Variable-rate application is more prominent in Ontario than Western Canada due to more use of custom operators in Ontario.

Economics around variable-rate fertilizer challenging

The reasons variable-rate application has had lower adoption is a lesson for new ag technologies

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are good financial reasons that variable-rate application of nutrients hasn’t taken off like automated guidance. Guidance systems for farm equipment ensure complete coverage without overlap, University of Guelph Professor Alfons Weersink told the 2020 FarmSmart Conference recently at the university. That means savings of $8 per acre for planting. That’s enough to make it […] Read more

Having multiple ways of measuring data – such as drones, satellite and yield maps — helps to make sure of accuracy.

Turning precision ag data into profits

Some farmers are convinced of the value as long as they have the tools to manage it

Reading Time: 6 minutes Adam DeVisser is a recent convert to using precision agriculture, but he’s practical about its application. “The value is not in computers making decisions for us, but in us making more informed decisions,” he says. Why it matters: Using technology and collecting data can really help producers’ bottom lines, but only if they plan it […] Read more

Sarah Marquis, left and Emily Duncan, masters and PhD students at the University of Guelph.

Clarifying data ownership for higher ROI

Researchers says greater ownership of data could help bring down barriers

Reading Time: 3 minutes University of Guelph researchers say farmers and agribusiness people need greater clarity on data ownership issues when it comes to the adoption of precision technologies. Sarah Marquis and Emily Duncan, a masters and PhD student at the school, presented this thesis at the recent Precision Agriculture Conference and Technology Showcase in London. Why it matters: […] Read more

Farmers have different approaches toward technology depending upon their general approach to farming, including whether they are risk-maximizers or risk-minimizers, as well as how long they intend to keep farming.

When should farmers embrace new technology?

Farmers have different approaches toward tech, but it has to pay

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – When should farmers embrace the bold technologies that promise to transform their farms? “Figure out when they pay,” said Kansas State University agricultural economist Terry Griffin. Why it matters: Farmers are being bombarded by new technology, forcing them into decisions about what technology to use and what to reject. The simple economic […] Read more