Editorial: The two routes to agriculture minister

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lisa Thompson was recently named the new minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for Ontario, another in a line of female agriculture ministers from Huron-Bruce. I’ve known Thompson for a long time and she’s spent her life in agriculture. I remember riding the bus while I was taking the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program (AALP) […] Read more

“It was easy to do because the technology was already there.” – Bryce Eger, president of Corteva Canada.

Corteva at two

Company manages through pandemic while building old and new brands

Reading Time: 3 minutes The emergence of Corteva two years ago from the merger of Dow Agrosciences and DuPont put a new player on the agriculture stage — a company focused on agriculture that had to merge different cultures and product brands. Corteva recently turned two and Bryce Eger, president of Corteva Canada, talked with Farmtario about the evolution […] Read more

Shark fins emerged from a wheat field near Dublin this summer, prompting many cars to stop to look and take photos.

Creating smiles with wheat field sharks

Fins emerging from a Dublin-area wheat field a popular photo attraction

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wheat field sharks have caused much curiosity outside Dublin, Ont. this summer. The fins were the idea of Anne Melady, who sharecrops the field with a farmer. “I was up at Erin last year and saw someone with two fins in their field. It gave me a smile every time I went past,” she said. […] Read more

A key metric for Yield Enhancement Networks is percentage of potential yield.

Editorial: Farmers have a YEN for more useful data

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was sitting in the livestock pavilion at the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown Campus during the SouthWest Agricultural Conference when I first heard about yield enhancement networks and thought they were a great idea. A cross-border version of the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) was recently announced for wheat in Ontario and Michigan. It aims to […] Read more

Brad Glasman, left, and Craig Merkley, both of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, have been working for years to establish a demonstration farm.

Controlled drainage showcased on new demo farm

The farm near Thorndale has numerous drainage and soil health practices to see

Reading Time: 2 minutes Drainage contractors were hard at work at a farm just west of Thorndale in early June, creating a showcase tile drainage project. Numerous drainage systems and cropping best practices will be demonstrated at the farm, owned by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA). Why it matters: Drainage is important to profitability on much of […] Read more

dirt bike

Editorial: The thorny issue of people on your land

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are more people roaming around rural Ontario during the pandemic and that’s increased concerns about trespassing and trash that finds its way onto farms. We live on a corner property and one of the side roads that runs along our farm is a no-winter-maintenance road. Early in the pandemic it became a magnet for […] Read more

Editorial: Will agriculture seize the moment?

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s growing interest from outside the traditional agriculture world in what’s happening on the farm and the arrival of new ideas and people will change the sector in ways we can’t yet predict. I continue to hear stories from people about academics with no connection to agriculture becoming involved in agriculture research. Consultants say they […] Read more

More intense management of wheat has shown that yields can be increased.

Wheat yield program comes to Ontario

New cross-border partnership brings Yield Enhancement Network concept from U.K.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Winter wheat producers in Ontario and Michigan are collaborating to drive increased productivity for wheat in the Great Lakes basin. A Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) is being formed for wheat bringing together farmers and researchers in Michigan and Ontario. Why it matters: Wheat is sometimes left out of crop rotations because it is less profitable […] Read more

Jim Farley, Ford’s president and CEO spoke during the launch of the F150 Lightning.

Ford announces electric truck details

Company worked to make performance as good or better than current popular lineup

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ford has launched its most risky and aggressive salvo into electrification with the unveiling of its Ford F150 Lightning. Top Ford executives hosted a glitzy launch in Dearborn, Michigan on May 19 and showcased the electric version of the best-selling vehicle in North America.  This a huge bet for Ford, as the F150 was responsible […] Read more

Cattle in a field can be quiet, but move them into close quarters with humans for processing and that’s where safety can be 

When it comes to cattle processing, aim for safety

Moving cattle calmly into the processing system and securing the head correctly can reduce risks

Reading Time: 3 minutes It often takes an accident or a close call before someone shows up at the door of Brussels Agri-Service looking for safer cattle handling equipment. It isn’t one age or any type of producer, it’s a diverse group looking at how they manage cattle better for the safety of the cattle and their human handlers, […] Read more