Maple Leaf Foods says its operations are now carbon neutral, and it’s asking all of its suppliers to participate in sustainability efforts.

Maple Leaf hits carbon neutral

The company has been working throughout its operations to reduce environmental impact

Reading Time: 2 minutes Maple Leaf Foods says its operations are carbon neutral, a status achieved through improvements in its own operations and investments in offsets elsewhere. The company claims to be the first major food company to be able to say that it is carbon neutral. Why it matters: Major operations decisions by large companies almost always have […] Read more

More farmers are harvesting soybean straw in order to help manage the increased cost of wheat straw.

Straw moves up in the world

The golden stems of cereals have increased so much in value, they are nearing the price of hay

Reading Time: 4 minutes Straw is having a big year. The golden-stemmed bottom half of the wheat plant has always been the low-priced also-ran, compared to wheat kernels and hay. Over the past 15 or so years, wheat straw, along with the stems of other cereals, has played an increasing role in high quality dairy rations. Why it matters: […] Read more

Western Bean Cutworm continues to expand in corn across Ontario and into Quebec and the Maritimes.

Western bean cutworm trait availability slowly expanding

Other than trait owner Syngenta, few companies have released a wide range of hybrids

Reading Time: 5 minutes Updated Nov. 6, 2019 Western bean cutworm is now the most economically significant pest of corn in Ontario, and its rise took seed companies by surprise. As a result, genetically engineered resistance to western bean cutworm (WBC) has been slow moving into the market. WBC larvae feed on the silk of corn ears, and also […] Read more

Editorial: Exporting agriculture’s productivity miracle

Reading Time: 3 minutes Global productivity in agriculture production continues to grow healthily, but not yet fast enough to feed the expected 10 billion people on the planet by 2050. That’s according to the 2019 Global Agriculture Productivity (GAP) Report, recently released by Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The report says that agriculture productivity is increasing […] Read more

Fines have more than doubled for major first offences under the new Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) system.

Higher penalties, more enforcement officers in new in new animal welfare system

The Ontario system replaces the old system run for the government by the OSPCA

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Ontario government has announced its new animal welfare model and it will include stiffer fines and more enforcement officers. The new system is in response to a court case that said that determined that the powers exercised by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) were had to be more […] Read more

Yield shouldn’t be the only determinant of corn silage hybrid purchase.

Putting value on the effect of undigestible forage fibre

Using highly digestible fibre corn hybrids usually makes financial sense, says researcher

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dairy farmers who put digestibility at the top of their corn hybrid decision-making process should see more profit over those who look solely at yield. Mike Miller, a researcher at the W.H. Miner Institute in New York, says that a multi-year study that looked at the economics of emphasizing digestibility in hybrid decisions, shows that […] Read more

Farmers can see cow data, like this, within their line of vision using augmented reality glasses.

Augmented reality system brings cows into full view

Company overlaying data and reality in new system to help information management

Reading Time: 4 minutes Imagine looking over your barn full of cows and being able to tell instantly which ones were in heat and which ones are up and down in feed consumption or milk. There are ways to do this now, with a phone or a tablet computer feeding information to the farmer as they move through the […] Read more

The productivity growth on American dairy farms has increased the emphasis on exports.

U.S. dairy industry continues to focus on exports

Milk price in the U.S. has increased slightly, providing some much-needed stability

Reading Time: 3 minutes The American public is consuming more dairy products and that is, for now, using up any growth in milk production. That’s helped stabilize and even raise American milk prices for the first time in the past five years. Still, American dairy farmers continue to push aggressively into more export markets, says Tom Vilsack, president and […] Read more

The greenhouse gas impact from beef production in Canada has been reduced by 15 per cent over the past 30 years.

Agriculture and climate change

There is a positive side to the story of agriculture and climate change. Why is it so hard getting anyone to listen?

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Canadian Agri-food Policy Institute (CAPI) recently painted a picture of Canadian agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions that runs counter to commonly held public perceptions. The CAPI paper said generally the sector has its house in order. Canadian agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions peaked in 2005 and have remained steady at about 60 mega tonnes of […] Read more

Editorial: Canada’s election forgoes agricultural issues

Reading Time: 3 minutes There hasn’t been much to get excited about in the current federal election, especially if you’re interested in agriculture policy. Political parties have concentrated on their opponents more than on selling themselves. Agriculture has received little time in the greater discussion. In fact, as I write this, we still don’t even know the Conservative platform, […] Read more