Stand-alone companies eager to focus on agriculture

Corteva president says there’s no longer the distraction of being part of a broader conglomerate

The merger of agriculture seed and crop protection suppliers over the past few years has meant more concentration in the industry, but it has also resulted in companies freer to pursue their agriculture interests. That’s the message from Bryce Eger, president of Corteva AgriScience in Canada. He’s now leading a much larger organization, made up […] Read more

Dry bean trials at the University of Guelph’s Huron Research Station.

Glyphosate out as dry bean desiccant

Bean buyers say that continuing the practice isn’t worth the market risk

The days of using glyphosate as a desiccant on dry beans are coming to an end. Canadian dealers of dry beans, such as white, cranberry, navy and pinto beans, have decided that glyphosate cannot be used at harvest starting with this year’s harvest, Derwyn Hodgins of Hensall Co-op, a major buyer of dry beans, told […] Read more

Canada's dairy farms have faced difficulties as of late with declining milk prices and a lack of new quota growth.

Editorial: Dairy compensation plan announcement ill-timed

Governments can be ham-fisted and tone deaf, a symptom of their huge, creaking architecture. They throw new coats of paint out to different areas of the economy just before elections. That lack of tact was in full display recently when Marie-Claude Bibeau, Canada’s minister of agriculture and agri-food, announced a $1.75 billion, eight-year program for […] Read more

Editorial: Lessons from the European market

There are opportunities in Europe for Canadian agriculture and food products, but we have to learn to play their game if we want a piece of the lucrative export market. I recently spent a couple of weeks in Europe visiting relatives and travelling with family. When travelling we make our own meals when we can, […] Read more

Dairy farmers to get direct cash payment as trade compensation

Canadian dairy farmers will be getting direct cash compensation after the government gave up dairy market access to other countries in recent trade deals. The compensation follows promises by the Trudeau government — and the Harper government before it — that dairy farmers would be compensated in some form for the loss of market. Why […] Read more

This is what the farm looks like now, cleared of stone fences and leveled in places.

The challenges of upgrading a farm for modern production

A Grey County producer transformed a stony farm with many fields

Adrian Op’t Hoog knew he was taking on a challenge when he bought about 200 acres that had been in cow-calf production for generations. There were 16 different fields and pastures, many separated by stone fences, piled up over years from the rocky ground near Feversham. Two years in, the soil is covered and the […] Read more

Tamaran and Matt Mousseau raise Longhorns and Herefords on their farm near Hillsburgh.

Young farmers jump into direct marketing with on-farm stores

Ontario producers see the benefit of events and local food networks, and their hard work is paying off

Some young farmers are making direct-to-consumer sales an important part of their farm business plan. They’re using creative thinking on events and bringing new skills to the expansion of their businesses. Why it matters: Direct to consumer marketing can be an effective way for farmers to get more of the food dollar. But they have […] Read more

Editorial: Selling the story of food to reach consumers

There are several forces driving change in the way consumers act, and food companies and farmers need to make sure they’re ahead of them. At this point they are not, and are stuck in traditional boxes that are constraining to growth. The world is connecting via digital and social media into like-minded cabals. For whatever […] Read more

Farm vehicles may need more lighting and signage than farmers assume.

Increasing enforcement coming for farm vehicles using Ontario roads

Farm vehicles haven’t always had the same level of enforcement as other industries

Farmers are paying more fines and will need to be more vigilant about their vehicle identification and safety in the future. That’s according to a long-time supplier of lighting and observer of agriculture and road trends. Mike Stewart, of IXL Canada is helping Country Air in Moorefield with its increasing customers looking for new lighting […] Read more

The McHale baler working in the field at the Ontario Forage Expo.

Bale and wrap in one pass: new farm technology comes to Canada

Units from several manufacturers debuted at the Ontario Forage Expo

European technology to bale and individually wrap hay in continuous operations is coming to Canada. Four such machines for round bales were on display at the Ontario Forage Expo recently near Monkton. Most Ontario farms that wrap silage bales in plastic do so in long rows, after bringing the bales to a storage spot and […] Read more