Editorial: Internet access needs to be rural development priority

Reading Time: 3 minutes The time at home because of COVID-19 has laid bare the deficiency of rural internet. In a world where we all needed good connectivity, many didn’t have it. Those who had it found it slowed down, according to OpenMedia, an internet watch organization. Rural internet has slowed down since the pandemic hit, compared to urban […] Read more

Editorial: Bayer puts faith in science in lawsuit settlement

Reading Time: 3 minutes Legal systems can be strange and expensive, especially in the United States where it seems that it’s less expensive to pay massive sums to settle disputes, even if you expect you will be exonerated by scientific proof. Bayer CropScience announced recently it was paying more than $10 billion because of lawsuits relating to the use […] Read more

Data hacks usually start with a human making a mistake at a keyboard which gives hackers an entry point to a computer system.

Inoculating farms against computer hacks

Researchers say few farmers take any steps to protect their data

Reading Time: 6 minutes Agriculture pays little attention to computer system security even though it will be an increasing threat as farms get larger, technology use increases and global actors look to disrupt food systems. That means that agriculture is well behind other important sectors of the economy in protecting its computer networks, says a cybersecurity researcher. The Agromart […] Read more

Corn seedlings.

Looking for carbon sequestration answers

U.S. farmers could soon be paid for sequestering carbon, which could put Canadian farmers at another subsidy disadvantage

Reading Time: 7 minutes Canadian farmers are worried their American neighbours are on the cusp of getting yet another competitive advantage, this time over carbon management. Farmers in this country are not only paying carbon taxes on many of their farm inputs, they are not receiving any credits for the carbon sequestered in their soils. Meanwhile, American legislators are […] Read more

Due to a data breach carried out by a computer hacker group, Agromart has offered to track the credit of affected farmers.

Farmers tracking personal information after computer breach

Computer hackers have increased their activity during the COVID-19 pandemic

Reading Time: 2 minutes A recent computer system breach at an Ontario crop inputs company resulted in the posting for sale of private information of farmers. Parts of the Agromart Group’s computer system were breached and locked in late May by the Revil hacker group. Agromart refused to pay a ransom and the hackers then decided to auction off […] Read more

Canada’s food system faced a severe jolt when the vast majority of food purchasing moved to grocery stores.

Study looks at COVID-19 and food system

The hope is that the results will help strengthen food system emergency planning

Reading Time: 2 minutes Two of Canada’s leading think tanks in agriculture and food policy are working together to try to understand the implications of and lessons from COVID-19’s effects on the Canadian food system. Why it matters: The COVID-19 crisis has shown some weaknesses in the Canadian agri-food system, although food has remained widely available. The Arrell Food […] Read more

This image of a family walking in a field is from a new campaign from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity.

Campaign aims to share food system stories

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity hopes the campaign will help build public trust

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) is stepping into a new role with the launch of a media campaign that tells the story of Canada’s food system. The CCFI is funded by players throughout the food system from producers to retailers. It has, since its founding in 2016, focused on researching consumer attitudes toward […] Read more

Dairy farms have been the target of activist trespassers.

Ontario bill restricting barn trespassing approved

Bill 156 increases fines for trespassing into animal production zones

Reading Time: < 1 minute A bill that increases fines for trespassing onto areas of farms where animals are housed has passed the Ontario legislature. Bill 156 was passed by the legislature June 17. It  also prohibits obtaining employment at a farm under false pretences. Why it matters: There has been an increase in high profile farm invasions by protesters […] Read more

It’s important to remember that we're living in extraordinary times that won’t last forever.

Editorial: The blessing and curse of being essential

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was never in doubt that agriculture and the rest of the food system would be declared an essential service during COVID-19. There is little more essential to human life than food. Most of us celebrated quietly, as that designation meant that farm businesses could continue and the nature of most farms and the supply […] Read more

Premier Ford is depicted in the recent Grain Farmers of Ontario video looking for more government funding.

GFO credits Ford for advancing funding cause

New version of video continues to push concerns of grain farmers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) says it is making headway in its goal to find more government funds for members. Ontario Premier Doug Ford is now acting as an advocate for the request and is taking the message to the federal government, says Markus Haerle, chair of the board of Grain Farmers of Ontario. GFO […] Read more