It’s critical to slash the amount of energy needed to produce nitrogen fertilizer — and quantum computing and artificial intelligence could do that within five years by revolutionizing the chemical process used to make N, says Teo Laino, manager of IBM Research Zurich.

A fertilizer revolution is on the horizon

IBM says it will produce a breakthrough within five years that will greatly lower the energy needed to make nitrogen

Reading Time: 4 minutes As fledgling technology goes, quantum computing sounds as science fiction as it gets. But if IBM fulfills a bold promise it made in September, crop producers will see the fruits of this technology within five years. By using quantum computing and artificial intelligence to speed up the process, IBM researchers are confident they can revolutionize […] Read more

The GrainViz imaging sensors (the black device) magnetically attach to the inside bin wall. A 24-sensor array provides 3D imaging, revealing the moisture content of every bushel in the bin.

Is 3D grain bin monitoring tech for you?

Electromagnetic imaging is pricey but the technology can reveal hot spots anywhere in a bin

Reading Time: 3 minutes Three-dimensional bin monitoring is one of the more talked-about new ag technologies. Proponents of this type of grain monitoring — more formally called three-dimensional electromagnetic imaging or 3D EMI — claim it can spot potential trouble anywhere in the bin and alert producers before grain even begins to spoil. There’s also a safety factor out […] Read more