Mervin Traverse provides full-time elder support to Agriculture Canada.

Agriculture Canada enlists indigenous elder

The indigenous elder had worked for the CFIA for most of his career

Agriculture Canada is the first federal department to employ a departmental elder to help the institution navigate relationships with indigenous peoples. In 2017, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada created the indigenous support and awareness office to increase the department’s ability to work with indigenous people, and hired elder Mervin Traverse to provide full-time elder support to […] Read more

A honey producer in Western Canada says those who export fake honey into the country have found a way to pass the test used by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and says it’s time to do something about it.

Producer urges CFIA to take action on fake honey

A British Columbia beekeeper spent $1 million on a new test and implores the government to make sure it is used

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency uses an ineffective method to detect fake honey, which has forced a Canadian beekeeper to take matters into his own hands. Peter Awram is a second-generation beekeeper who has apiary facilities in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley and produces honey north of Edmonton. “There is so much fraud in the industry, […] Read more

The latest in combine technology from makers can automatically control grain quality and flow, including Case IH’s line of Class 7, 9 and 9 machines.

New system adjusts combines on the fly

The AFS Harvest Command on Case combines keeps track of a machine’s settings to improve quality and savings

The automatic combine adjustment system available in the new Case 250 series combines use 16 sensors to control seven combine functions, says Ryan Blasiak, Case IH harvest marketing manager. “To make adjustments on the fly, it is super easy,” Blasiak said. “All you need is four button presses and you’re ready to hit the field […] Read more

Rogo Ag’s new autonomous soil sampler creates a hands-off approach to georeferenced soil sampling. The auger-based machine can sample more than 80 acres on a 2.5 acre grid every hour.

Robotic soil sampler eases in-field workloads

Rogo Ag hopes to have an autonomous soil sampler working in Canadian fields in the 2020 growing season

A Bobcat-mounted robotic soil sampler offers users consistent core samples and appears likely to drive down prices for sampling services. “It’s a completely autonomous robot. We developed all the technology in house, except the Bobcat platform that it rides on. We just drive it to a field, you unload it from the trailer, hit go […] Read more

Josh Lade drives his John Deere S680 combine with the Seed Terminator installed near Osler, Sask.

Seed terminator installed on combine

An Australian brought the system when he moved to Canada

An Australian farming in Canada is using a hammer mill on his combine to reduce his dependence on herbicide applications. Now farming in Saskatchewan, the producer brought a Seed Terminator from Down Under to test its pulverizing abilities on prairie weed seeds this harvest. Why it matters: Alternative weed control methods will gain added importance […] Read more

Canadian honey producers are challenged by adulterated imports.

Faking it – the great honey robbery

Canadian producers are forced to react as the burgeoning trade in counterfeit honey threatens to upend their industry

The surge of counterfeit honey into global honey supplies has been devastating for Canadian beekeepers. “It’s been twisting my hand because I can’t stay here,” said Tim Wendell of Wendell Honey in Saskatchewan. “I don’t know if the price is coming back or how long it’s going to take. It always has come back, but […] Read more

The Mobile Sensor Mote being developed at PAMI sits in the grain and transmits moisture and temperature readings to a base 

Give bins pills to ensure they stay healthy

Off-the-shelf sensors are being evaluated for their ability to monitor bins

Grain storage sensors being developed at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute use over-the-counter electrical components and offer better coverage in large bins. “The point of them is to try and get full coverage of moisture and temperature throughout a grain bin because we found that the options that are available now give limited coverage,” said […] Read more