Ontario growers have shown that they can adapt and compete in the province’s processing tomato sector.

Editorial: Convoluted solution is no solution

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tomato growers and processors need a clear solution to the marketing purgatory into which they’ve been plunged over the past couple of years. However, the province’s recent proposals fail to provide the needed stability. I’ve written numerous similar pieces over the past couple of years as the province tries to break the collective bargaining power […] Read more

Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers has historically negotiated vegetable pricing on behalf of producers, but this will no longer continue for carrots and tomatoes.

OPVG calls new marketing regulations a ‘sham’

The organization says the changes will put give more power to processors

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers (OPVG) calls new marketing regulations proposed for tomato and carrot growers a “sham process” that will put the balance of power in the hands of processors. The organization released a statement Dec. 18, the first comments made since Ernie Hardeman, Ontario’s minister of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs announced the […] Read more

Processing tomato and carrot growers will have the option to negotiate directly with processors.

Direct negotiations coming to processing tomatoes and carrots

Growers can also vote to negotiate as a group by secret ballot with individual processors

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario is opening up the processing tomato and carrot market to direct negotiations with processors, but is also leaving open the possibility of collective negotiation with individual processors. Ernie Hardeman, Ontario’s minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs released a letter Dec. 11 informing growers of the decision. Why it matters: The decision will reduce […] Read more

Keith Robbins.

Robbins named new processing vegetable growers manager

The new GM will join the organization at a time of change in marketing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Keith Robbins is the new general manager of the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers (OPVG). Robbins, who comes from the Poultry Industry Council to the OPVG, is an experienced employee and manager of agriculture industry associations. Robbins starts his new role Sept. 17 and takes over from Cathy Lennon who is the new general manager of […] Read more

The Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission has proposed opening up marketing for tomatoes to direct contracting between farmers and processors.

Processing vegetable input period ends

Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers looks to maintain current marketing, while other producers look for change

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers says that instituting direct contracting for Ontario growers of processing tomatoes will “devastate rural Ontario growers and potentially kill thousands of jobs.” The Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (OFPMC) – the provincial government agency that regulates farm marketing boards – has proposed opening up marketing for tomatoes to direct contracting […] Read more

Strawberries are significantly behind in their maturity due to the cool and damp spring.

Ontario fruit, vegetable growers challenged by wet weather

Strawberry season delayed; veggie growers wait out the rain

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ontario’s cool, wet spring has widespread repercussions for the fruit and vegetable sector. So far it has delayed flowering and planting, caused some farms to reschedule the arrival of temporary foreign workers and created uncertainty about the viability of transplanted seedlings. Why it matters: Fruits and vegetables are high value crops and not getting enough […] Read more

More squeeze coming for tomato growers

Provincial government wants open marketing considered for processing vegetables

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ontario’s processing vegetable growers are being hit by more re-organization and uncertainty from government regulators. The provincial government and the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (OFPMC) is now pushing for open marketing at the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers, especially for tomatoes, after already putting the sector through two years of changes. The OFPMC is the […] Read more

Tyler Whale spoke to the attendees of the recent Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers conference.

Canadian agriculture needs technology to innovate

Next innovators will need to look beyond yield and to what consumers are demanding

Reading Time: 2 minutes Will the next Canadian agricultural technological revolution focus on yield or taste? According to Tyler Whale, president of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, an organization focused on technological development in food and agriculture, Canada’s farm and food sector must consider more than yield, stress tolerance, and other production factors to stay competitive and relevant to market demands. […] Read more

The board chair of the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers is appointed by the province.

Former OMAFRA manager appointed OPVG chair

Dave Hope succeeds Suzanne van Bommel as appointed chair of the processing vegetable board

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dave Hope has been named as the new chair of the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers (OPVG) board. Hope succeeds Suzanne van Bommel in the position after van Bommel’s recent resignation. Hope is a retired assistant deputy minister of OMAFRA, and a former mixed livestock farmer. He was raised on an eighth-generation farm in Ontario, said […] Read more

Van Bommel resigns as processing vegetable growers board chair

To take on a role with the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission

Reading Time: < 1 minute Suzanne van Bommel has resigned her role as chair of the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers. Van Bommel was appointed chair after the province’s administrator turned control of the OPVG back to a grower board made up of half elected and half appointed members. The board will be fully elected by growers after the organization’s annual […] Read more