A tiling machine laying tile from Bluewater Pipe.

Huron County plastics recycling loop ends up in drainage tile

Blue-box collected bottles from rural homes are processed locally and used in tile

Reading Time: 3 minutes If a farm from Huron, Perth or Middlesex planned a drainage project this year, some of the plastic used in the tile likely had a former life as shampoo bottles and laundry detergent jugs on those same farms. For about 14 months now, an agreement has been in place between Bluewater Pipe and Listowel-based EFS […] Read more

Cherry orchards are one area where agriculture technology company IntelliCulture is working.

Ag society turns funding efforts to ag-tech start-ups

First recipient offers technology that assists high-value orchards

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new type of investment in agriculture technology is being made by the Grand River Agricultural Society (GRAS) which takes it into new territory for an agricultural society. Why it matters: There isn’t a lot of flexible investment available to mid startup stage agriculture companies and several groups are working to find original ways – […] Read more

Some North American farms have seen a decrease in colostrum quantity in the first several milkings, and a dairy nutritionist reached out on social media to try to get a better understanding of why it is happening.

Are dry cow diets decreasing colostrum quantity?

Specialists ponder trend of low yield from first and second milkings

Reading Time: 3 minutes A dairy nutritionist who reached out to farmers on social media wants to hear from farms not getting enough colostrum on first, second and third milkings. In an interview with Farmtario, Trouw Nutrition Canada’s Keith Schweitzer described it as a trend for fresh cows being “slow out of the gate” to ramp up production. “There […] Read more

Brad Falconer, back, left, Brent van den Akker, Raymond Wood and front, Donna Falconer and Katelyn O’Neil check out the ‘cows’ left at New Life Mills.

Livestock lawn ornaments feature in fun fundraisers

Junior Farmer groups collect fees for nightly round-ups

Reading Time: 3 minutes Updated June 25 Livestock roundups became commonplace in recent months in parts of southwestern Ontario, with awareness about farmer mental health being the unlikely beneficiary. Junior Farmer organizations in Huron-Perth and Middlesex were behind the creative fundraising efforts, with unsuspecting rural businesses and residents joining in the fun by paying to have their front lawns […] Read more

Plastic wrap used on farms isn’t the immediate target of federal legislation, but could be affected as the plastics market changes.

Report calls for industry leadership on plastics

Legislation splits plastics into different categories of toxicity and could affect farm-level plastic use

Reading Time: 4 minutes Proposed amendments to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) are likely to change the national landscape for plastic food packaging. According to Martin Gooch of Value Chain Management (VCM), if significant changes aren’t made before Royal Assent, the bill’s well-intentioned aim to decrease the overall environmental impact of food – from farm to table – […] Read more

Gypsy moths can defoliate trees if in large enough numbers.

Tree planting emerges from COVID into hot, dry spring

Additional threat of gypsy moth has foresters on edge as tree planting booms

Reading Time: 4 minutes Administrators of many tree-planting efforts across Ontario are striving in 2021 to make up for ground lost during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. However, they now face a perfect storm of dry weather and widespread gypsy moth infestations. Why it matters: Tree-planting for such purposes as windbreaks, shelterbelts and buffer strips […] Read more

The primary processing area of Schefter Poultry was undamaged by the fire, which originated in the composting facility, shown burned to the ground.

Quick fire response saves poultry processor from widespread damage

Schefter Poultry plays key role for small-flock sector in Ontario

Reading Time: 2 minutes A fire that started in the engine of a skid-steer destroyed the composting facility at Gorrie-based Schefter Poultry on April 21 but was contained before it affected the primary processing area. Why it matters: Any disruption in the availability of processing capacity at the plant would have forced hundreds of small-flock producers to make other […] Read more

Pressure boilers on farms like those producing maple syrup will now need to be inspected.

Five-year phase-in underway for farm boiler inspections

Agricultural exemption was highlighted by auditor-general in 2018 and will soon be closed

Reading Time: 2 minutes A five-year phase-in is now underway for owners of pressure boilers used in agricultural applications to bring their equipment into compliance with Ontario regulations. The change affects greenhouse operators and some maple syrup producers, wineries and mushroom growers. Why it matters: Compliance with TSSA regulations will increase safety for farm operators who use boilers. “The […] Read more

Tim and Sharyn Sargent are expanding into on-farm processing as a way to involve their children in the business.

Well-known Jersey farm to process its own milk

Processing facility almost ready at Sargent Family Dairy to make milk, butter and camembert cheese

Reading Time: 4 minutes A new building has been rising within sight of the well-respected Enniskillen dairy barn, within a couple of hundred barn near the Old Scugog Road. The new on-farm processing facility is bright blue with a prominently displayed circular logo featuring the distinctive shape of a Jersey cow. It’s almost ready to begin production as a […] Read more

Second crop ryegrass is cut.

Producers like flexibility of grass-based forage options

Weather, rootworm resistance are reasons to consider alternative crops

Reading Time: 4 minutes While most Ontario dairy producers are watching alfalfa stands and the weather forecast to determine the ideal date for first cutting, several others are eyeing different crops – mainly fall-planted grasses or small grains – as their first 2021 opportunity to add to forage feedstocks. Throughout the growing season, depending on rainfall and the degree […] Read more