The 40,000-litre tower now in use at Grootendorst Farms near Maryhill sits atop a 12-foot by 12-foot concrete pad.

Test period underway for vertical milk storage in Ontario

Approved sampling protocols must be expanded for towers to come into use

Reading Time: 4 minutes A test period has begun on a 600-cow dairy farm near Maryhill for the use of a 40,000-litre vertical milk tank. It isn’t currently legal for use on-farm to cool and store milk in Ontario because milk truck drivers can’t see, smell and sample the milk as prescribed under the Milk Act. Why it matters: […] Read more

The health and willingness of truck drivers will be critical to maintain the agriculture and food supply chain.

Tight supply chains pose food system risks with virus

Lack of redundancies in meat production system could post challenges

Reading Time: 3 minutes A lack of redundancies in agri-food system supply chains means there are risks for farmers from a disruption like that caused by COVID-19. Farm Credit Canada chief agricultural economist J.P. Gervais and Guelph-based economic researcher Al Mussell say, however, that the government knows how important food is to Canadians and will find ways to assure […] Read more

Canadian dairy cows have increased in stature by 2.5 centimetres over the past decade.

Separating stature from major Holstein traits

A new composite index should help maintain desirable traits, while de-emphasizing stature

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canada’s dairy breeding sector is attempting to slow a gradual increase in the average size of the nation’s Holstein. At Lactanet Canada’s recent Open Industry Session held in Guelph, geneticist Dr. Allison Fleming provided information about the development of a composite index of four well-established dairy genetic traits. Why it matters: As the average height […] Read more

Sgt. Laura-Lee Brown, left, with the Ontario Provincial Police, lawyer Kurtis Andrews and Emily den Haan of Sheldon Creek Dairy were part of a panel at the South Western Ontario Dairy Symposium.

Targeted farmers need to recognize they’re victims

Dairy symposium panel discusses how to manage unauthorized visitors

Reading Time: 3 minutes As difficult or unnatural a feeling as it may be for some, a willingness by farmers to be recognized as victims is essential in the struggle to discourage the unlawful entry onto farms by animal rights activists in Ontario. “It may be a bumpy road to go through this process as a victim,” said Ottawa-based […] Read more

Cows develop problems with ketosis most soon after calving.

Study looks at once-per-day milking of ketotic cows

Economic analysis remains to be done on the idea that shows promise in treating ketotic cows

Reading Time: 2 minutes Two weeks of once-per-day milking can clear up a high proportion of ketosis cases —although researchers are holding off on recommending the strategy pending further analysis of the financial drawbacks. Dr. Stephen LeBlanc of the University of Guelph’s Dairy at Guelph research cluster provided an update about ongoing research at the recent South Western Ontario […] Read more

Sometimes soybeans have to be swathed if there is too much green material.

Waiting and weeding are keys to organic success

After six years, this organic farmer is seeing reduction in some weeds

Reading Time: 4 minutes It can sometimes be comforting for an organic farmer if the view of their field from the roadway shows an absence of green growth between the rows of corn or soybeans. But according to the presenter of a recent Guelph Organic Conference session entitled “Avoiding Field Crop Disasters,” this illusion can often hide the troubling […] Read more

The Open Food Network started in Australia, but now has funders from Ontario.

Open Food Network targets small-scale e-commerce

Not-for-profit platform now available in 12 countries

Reading Time: 3 minutes Food, unincorporated. That’s the tagline atop the website of the Canadian version of a 12-country digital commerce platform for small-scale farmers. Theresa Schumilas of Open Food Network (OFN) Canada, told those attending a Jan. 25 seminar at the Guelph Organic Conference that the platform is free for those selling less than $500 in produce per […] Read more

OMAFRA Weed Management Specialist Kristen Obeid is part of a team collecting leaf tissue from weeds in vegetable crops that could potentially possess resistance to herbicides.

Tracking down resistant weeds

Multiple herbicide-resistant weeds found in vegetable fields

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Weed Management Specialist Kristen Obeid is part of a team entering the fourth year of an initiative — funded through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada — to genetically test weed samples from vegetable fields exhibiting herbicide resistance. Obeid is part of a team that has developed a process […] Read more

Lentils are one of the plant-based proteins growing in popularity for processing.

Growing pains in the plant protein marketplace

Labelling and supply are issues as plant protein production grows

Reading Time: 2 minutes The next step in research and development of plant-based proteins is bringing ingredients into the kitchens of home-based cooks. However, major challenges remain, including labelling, consistency of supply for raw ingredients, and the regulatory framework around fortification of vitamins. Those were among the messages delivered on Jan. 29 by Leslie Ewing, executive director of Plant-Based […] Read more

Sweet corn had a 6.9 per cent yield boost after a diverse cover crop.

The next step for cover crops

Researchers with long-term trials looking at productivity benefits

Reading Time: 2 minutes Long-term cover crop research is moving beyond the basics to more complex interactions between covers and row crops. Projects are now looking at how cover crops affect yield over several years, have an impact on crop quality and the value they could have if farmers get credit for reducing atmospheric carbon. Why it matters: Economically […] Read more