Sgt. Laura-Lee Brown, left, with the Ontario Provincial Police, lawyer Kurtis Andrews and Emily den Haan of Sheldon Creek Dairy were part of a panel at the South Western Ontario Dairy Symposium.

Targeted farmers need to recognize they’re victims

Dairy symposium panel discusses how to manage unauthorized visitors

Reading Time: 3 minutes As difficult or unnatural a feeling as it may be for some, a willingness by farmers to be recognized as victims is essential in the struggle to discourage the unlawful entry onto farms by animal rights activists in Ontario. “It may be a bumpy road to go through this process as a victim,” said Ottawa-based […] Read more

Poultry farmer groups have said they support the private member’s bill.

Industry supports bill to regulate barn invasions

The federal private members bill increases fines for trespass that threatens animals

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The growing issue of on farm protests threatening the health and safety of animals is the subject of a private member’s bill recently introduced to the House of Commons. Conservative Party of Canada agriculture critic John Barlow introduced the bill with the goal of punishing those responsible for on farm protests. Why […] Read more

“They are already committing an offence by coming over the fence.”

The fine line between protest and provocation

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Ontario Provincial Police says it has farmers’ backs when it comes to trespassing, but the right to peaceful protest also has its place. “You have the right to peaceful protest. That’s part of our key message: We live in a country with freedom of expression,” says Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, of the OPP. However, once […] Read more

Livestock and poultry farmers have become increasingly concerned about the aggressiveness of animal livestock protesters and their willingness to come right onto farms.

Ontario introduces farm trespass act

The legislation aims to protect farmers from trespassers and damage they might cause

Reading Time: 2 minutes Updated Dec. 2 The Ontario government introduced a bill Dec. 2 aimed at discouraging people who would interfere with livestock production and transportation. The legislation, Security From Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 2019, will increase fines for trespassers, protect farmers from civil liability from people injured while trespassing, and limit the interaction protesters are […] Read more

Sergeant Laura Brown is a community relations officer with the OPP.

Police have plans for activists, says officer

A liaison team has contacts with activists and organizations involved in challenging activities

Reading Time: 2 minutes An Ontario Provincial Police community relations officer says the force’s officers have the legislative tools to do their job relating to trespassers on farms. Sergeant Laura Brown told a recent meeting of the Eastern Canada Farm Writers Association that “activist activity is hot on everybody’s radar right now for good reason. It’s on ours as […] Read more

Charges were dropped recently against a woman who was accused of stealing a piglet from a barn.

Agriculture lawyer calls for conviction of trespassing activists

Letter to attorney general decries recent dropping of charges against trespassers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ontario agriculture lawyer Kurtis Andrews has written a letter to Ontario’s attorney general claiming that the lack of repercussions from a recent spate on animal rights activist activity in the province is “nothing short of a breakdown of law and order”. Why it matters: An increase in animal rights activists trespassing on farms has created […] Read more

Farmers fear being targeted by activist invasions

Recent incidents have prompted many to review what the regulations allow

Reading Time: 2 minutes A recent self-guided tour by animal activists on a dairy farm in southwestern Ontario and a protest outside another dairy near London have farmers reviewing their rights and possible courses of action should they find themselves the next victims of these unwanted visitors. Why it matters: Animal rights activists are illegally trespassing on farm businesses […] Read more

Organizations such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Animal Legal Defence Fund have tried to provide legal representation on behalf of animals.

U.S. animal rights activists test new tactics

The U.S. legal community is closely monitoring cases involving animals

Reading Time: 3 minutes Animal activists have shifted to new tactics and more have started launching lawsuits on behalf of animals. While courts in the United States have not ruled in their favour, more cases from large, well-funded animal rights groups are being filed, said Michelle Pardo, a partner in the firm Duane Morris, which defends companies against animal […] Read more