Canadian beef exports add at least $600 per head in value, compared to the domestic market, and numbers show that trade is accelerating.

Canadian beef exports worth $600 per head

More capacity is needed to certify producers with cattle that qualify for EU export

Canadian beef exports add at least $600 per head in value, compared to the domestic market, and numbers show that trade is accelerating. Deals like the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership with Pacific Rim countries push down tariffs and open doors to high-value markets like Japan. “There has been triple the volume of […] Read more

As corn yields rise, so does the need for more water.

Balance needed between crop rotation, profit and productivity

Simple rotations are easier, but long-term profitability may be tied to longer rotations

Decreasing agricultural diversity could affect sustainability. “The trend is toward simplification of our systems with fewer crops dominating the landscape,” said Bill Deen of the University of Guelph. Why it matters: More diverse crop rotations can improve soil health while boosting yields and long-term sustainability. He and other scientists are studying the importance of longer […] Read more

It is important to know what key traits exist and the relationship between negative and positive traits when making changes to a cow herd.

Beef genomic selection finds its stride

Research is ongoing to find new traits and figure out genetic correlations to make the best breeding choice

Picking the best herd sire or selecting replacement heifers is getting easier for producers who use genomically enhanced expected progeny differences. The predictions of valuable traits like carcass merit, longevity and calving ease may not be 100 per cent accurate but new computing power is making the job easier. Why it matters: Genomics can be […] Read more

Vitamins A and E have been identified as the two most common micronutrient deficiencies potentially associated with death in calves that are born alive.

Mineral, vitamin deficiencies can delay calf development

A worldwide shortage of certain livestock vitamins last year has since been alleviated

Newborn calves that are slow to get up and do not respond right away could be affected by a trace mineral or vitamin deficiency. If pregnant cows are low in selenium in the fall, the calves may be wobbly when they are born the following spring. They could suffer from a variety of maladies, including […] Read more

Stakeholders will have to pay attention to what is practical and what the science says about animal welfare, cleanliness, sanitation, driving practices and species specific vulnerabilities.

Livestock transport code of practice in the works

The code will cover cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep and equine for road transportation and should be completed by 2023

New regulations and a code of practice for livestock transportation are coming. The scope of the code of practice covers cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep and equine for road transportation, said Jackie Wepruk of the National Farm Animal Care Council. Why it matters: Consumers are becoming more aware and more concerned that sound animal welfare practices […] Read more

Organizations such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Animal Legal Defence Fund have tried to provide legal representation on behalf of animals.

U.S. animal rights activists test new tactics

The U.S. legal community is closely monitoring cases involving animals

Animal activists have shifted to new tactics and more have started launching lawsuits on behalf of animals. While courts in the United States have not ruled in their favour, more cases from large, well-funded animal rights groups are being filed, said Michelle Pardo, a partner in the firm Duane Morris, which defends companies against animal […] Read more

There are lots of regulations to meet in order to ship Ontario beef to China.

Beef trade interest blossoms into packing plant

Ontario woman decided to purchase a federally inspected plant when an opportunity arose to sell beef to China

Nancy Kingsley-Hu likes to think outside the meat box. Once a trader of beer, ice wine and honey to China, she came into the beef business by chance. “Some of my buyers in China were bothering me about pork and beef,” she said from her office at Mount Forest, where her meat processing company, Golden […] Read more

Mike Conlin runs a 5,000 head feedlot at Lucan, Ont., with his sons, Peter and Tom, and his parents, Tony and Mary.

Family rooted to farm for more than a century

Three generations feed 5,000 head, mostly Black Angus, in an operation that is Ontario Corn Fed Beef certified

When a family has worked the same land for more than 100 years, they develop an appreciation for past and future generations. The Conlin farm at Lucan, near London, is owned and operated by Mike and Jen Conlin and their children, along with parents, Tony and Mary Conlin, who are retiring. “I don’t think succession […] Read more