A good stand of winter canola in mid-October, including an adequate population with some space between plants along the row.

Establishing winter canola

Look at herbicide history, soil type and planting date to get canola growing well

Reading Time: 5 minutes Winter canola seed sales have been strong and Ontario acres in 2020 are expected to be higher than ever before. Why it matters: While research on the crop has been limited, some recommendations are available, based on experience of the past few years and with spring canola in Ontario. Field selection Fields should have good […] Read more

Winter canola is becoming a more popular crop in southern Ontario.

Winter canola requires herbicide vigilance

Limited varieties are sensitive to herbicide carryover

Reading Time: 2 minutes Producers interested in growing winter canola should consider the herbicide history of their field, and the herbicide options open to them following winter wheat harvest. There are a number of restrictions, and some herbicide labels do not mention safety on canola. Only one winter canola variety is registered in Ontario and available to producers. It […] Read more

Ontario farmers grew about 2,000 acres of winter canola in 2018-19.

How did winter canola do in Ontario in 2019?

There were decent overall harvests despite unfavourable fall and spring conditions

Reading Time: 3 minutes The weather may have been tough during the end of 2018 and the first half of 2019, but that didn’t stop some Ontario farmers from growing a decent winter canola crop. Particularly for those in Essex and Chatham-Kent, this year’s winter canola proved fairly resilient. Why it matters: While not widespread, both winter and spring […] Read more

Meghan Moran (l) and Dr. Eric Page (r) both work researching canola in Ontario.

Crop Rotation Options: Winter canola 101

There are good profitability, rotation and weed management reasons to grow winter canola

Reading Time: 5 minutes Winter canola has never particularly caught on in southwestern Ontario. But now researchers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Research and Development Centre in Harrow are giving farmers the knowledge and tools to elevate the oilseed in this province. A June 21 event at the research station highlighted how producers can incorporate winter canola into their […] Read more