Limited progress seen with planting, seeding efforts

Ontario Field Crop Report for the week of May 13

The weather story continues this week with very little change across the province in terms of field activity, including fertilizer and pesticide application to wheat, manure application, field preparation and planting. A small number of acres were planted on the lighter soils across the province, where conditions permitted, but to date less than 10 per […] Read more

Wet weather continues to delay spring seeding

Ontario Field Crop Report for the week of April 29

The past two weeks have been wet with very little getting done in the fields. Growers in the region are waiting for the weather to break and fields to dry out enough to carry equipment. While it is wet, there is very little flooding or standing water in the region. Regular, significant rainfall events keep […] Read more

Wet weather keeps farmers out of fields

Ontario Field Crop Report for the week of April 22

The snow in the north and wet weather in the rest of the province continues to prevent field work from occurring across the province. Widespread rain over the Easter weekend of 30 to 80 mm will delay field operations for another week. Temperatures are slowly improving with highs in the low double digits up to […] Read more

Figure 1: Gibberella ear rot – Red/pink mould which often begins on ear tip.

Plan to assess corn fields for ear rot and mycotoxin risk

Moulds can be disruptive when fed to livestock, especially hogs

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has begun sampling grower corn fields to determine ear mould incidence and occurrence of mycotoxins in the grain. The mycotoxins, particularly vomitoxin (DON) produced primarily by Gibberella ear moulds, can be disruptive when fed to livestock, especially hogs. Why it matters: The annual survey is designed […] Read more

A robust winter canola crop got out of the ground well in 2016, as shown by this plant from an October planting.

OMAFRA crop report: hail-damaged corn, later cover crops and winter canola

The opportunity to get some cover crops planted is coming to an end soon

Thunderstorms brought some localized hail events through parts of southwestern Ontario, particularly during the last week of July. Like most plant stresses, yield loss from defoliation increases through vegetative stages, peaks around tassel or pollination, and declines through grain-fill. For example, using the defoliation table from OMAFRA Agronomy Guide — Pub 811, estimated yield loss […] Read more