Warm weather accelerates crop growth

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for May 28

Reading Time: 3 minutes Warmer conditions starting late last week have fast-tracked crop growth. Rainfall during the past week has been sporadic with isolated thunderstorms resulting in flooded fields in one location and no rainfall less than a km away. Fields in many regions would welcome some moisture. Corn Planting is completed and most corn planted between April 27th and […] Read more

Early planted corn emerging, soybean planting continues

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for May 21

Reading Time: 3 minutes Temperatures over the past week have been significantly warmer than the week prior. Most of the province saw rain over the long weekend. In many areas this was welcome news, but much of southwestern Ontario received significant downpours and flooded fields were a common sight. Corn Most of the intended acreage was planted before the […] Read more

Planting progress in Ontario ahead of normal

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for May 14

Reading Time: 3 minutes Temperatures were well below seasonal for much of the past week due to the presence of an arctic air mass. Low night-time temperature records were set in many areas of the province with low temperatures between 0 to -7 C and snow fell overnight more than once. The widespread risk of the cold weather impacts […] Read more

Cool temps delay germination, crop emergence

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for May 7

Reading Time: 3 minutes Air temperatures for the week of May 4th were below the seasonal average. This has slowed soil warming and while not hindering planting, it is delaying germination and emergence of seeded crops. But so far, the 2020 season has offered better planting conditions than the past number of springs. Cereals Most of the winter wheat crop […] Read more

Corn planting starts off well, then slowed by rain

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for April 30

Reading Time: 3 minutes Corn Planting began at the tail end of the week of April 20 and continued at a good pace until the widespread rain event on Wednesday/Thursday during the week of April 27th. Many agronomists have commented that soil conditions have been exceptional given the calendar date and what recent spring conditions have been like. As […] Read more

Cool temps slow crop progress

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for April 23

Reading Time: 3 minutes While the growing season started early in many regions, cooler temperatures over the last week have slowed progress. Manure applications continue where soil conditions are fit. Cereals Winter wheat planted prior to mid-October continues to look good. However, some late planted fields have holes due to winterkill or excess water. Growers with a market for […] Read more

2020 crop season kicks off for Ontario farmers

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for April 16

Reading Time: 3 minutes The 2020 growing season has begun in Ontario with nitrogen applications being made to winter wheat, manure being applied and even corn being planted!  Many have reported field conditions to be much better than they ever were in 2019. Winter Wheat More than 1 million acres of winter wheat has been seeded in the province […] Read more

Pest lessons learned in the 2019 Ontario crop year

Ontario Field Crop Report for the week of September 23

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all agree that this has been one of the most challenging cropping years in Ontario, but there were some pest lessons learned from the experience. Effect of delayed planting Delayed planting can reduce the risk of some early season pests. Pests like bean leaf beetle (BLB) move into the earliest emerging fields first. With […] Read more

Fall means sampling for soybean cyst nematode

Ontario Field Crop Report for the week of September 16

Reading Time: 4 minutes As fall approaches, two things are certain – winter will come and soybean cyst nematode (SCN) has done its business! For many growers, managing soybean cyst nematode means planting SCN resistance varieties BUT effective SCN management does not end when you have selected your soybean varieties! It is imperative to not only know your SCN […] Read more

Strategies for reducing compaction from wheel traffic

Ontario Field Crop Report for the week of September 9

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farm show season is upon us! As we admire the many types and sizes of farm equipment, most of us would rather ignore the elephant in the room; a lot of new farm machinery is simply too heavy to drive across the field without risking deep, potentially permanent, subsoil compaction. Deep compaction is almost entirely […] Read more