Individual sheep can spread footrot to others when conditions are right.

Managing footrot needs a whole-flock effort

Isolation of infected animals is key to managing hoof health issues

Reading Time: 3 minutes Footrot continues to be a concern for sheep producers across the province.  The virus’s ability to survive in warm and wet conditions, and on the hoof of previously infected sheep for many years, makes it a difficult disease to control.  “Mud and manure (help) to cause abrasions to the skin to help the infection get […] Read more

A researcher checks a bacterial plate count.

Feed additive in development to reduce food safety risks

Plant-based vaccine could be less expensive to produce to control E. coli

Reading Time: 3 minutes Technology that can produce vaccines and antibodies in plant leaves is being put to work in the livestock industry in hopes of preventing the development of a pathogen that causes food-borne illness in people. PlantForm Corporation has launched a new research project with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and Western University in London to target […] Read more

While vaccines play a critical role in boosting immunity, they are only one-third of the formula for building herd immunity against insults.

Vaccinations must work with biosecurity, monitoring

The use of vaccines can help, but disease can break through when there’s stress to animals

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Stress and the immune system are not friends. That’s why an understanding of major swine stress factors is key during the vaccination process, said Alejandro Ramirez from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University. Ramirez, along with Chris Chase, professor of veterinary medicine at South Dakota State University, spoke about […] Read more

Montreal’s veterinary college to study eastward expansion

Province backs feasibility study for Rimouski-based program

Reading Time: 3 minutes With a eye on expanding livestock veterinary services in the Lower St-Lawrence and Gaspesie, the Quebec government is backing a feasibility study to bring veterinary studies to the region. The province on Thursday announced assistance of $627,946 for 2019-20 for a feasibility study making a business case to offer the Universite de Montreal’s veterinary medicine […] Read more

The piglets from vaccinated sows have been healthier in Ontario herds.

Regional vaccine helps manage swine influenza

The Ontario-specific vaccine is made up of strains commonly seen in the area

Reading Time: 3 minutes A preventive influenza vaccine for pigs was launched in Ontario last year. Now, new data supports anecdotal evidence from the industry that the regional vaccine is making a difference in managing an increasingly virulent disease. Piglets born to vaccinated sows showed higher average daily gain, lower mortality and fewer clinical signs of disease, according to […] Read more

Each livestock sector faces its own unique threats, including African swine fever in pigs.

Opinion: Dare to be dull

Canada’s livestock sector can learn from pandemic

Reading Time: 3 minutes At a social gathering some years ago, a friend listened to the many crazy things going on in people’s lives and he stated that we should “dare to be dull”. He meant we should focus on the important things. On a related note, I am sure you have heard the old saying “May you live […] Read more

Subcutaneous injections in the neck have become the norm but care must be taken to administer the vaccine in the right spot.

What producers need to know at vaccination time

Injections should be at least six inches apart and syringes should be marked so same vaccine is always in same syringe

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Spring turnout is the typical time for cattle farmers to vaccinate calves, and Dr. Roy Lewis offered a few reminders about that process during a recent webinar organized by Verified Beef Production Plus. Subcutaneous injections in the neck have become the norm and generally two injections are provided to calves in spring: […] Read more

Kelly Barratt is a veterinary practitioner with Heartland Veterinary Care.

Trust and telehealth services keep veterinarians rolling

Normal biosecurity focus moves to include human health

Reading Time: 2 minutes Technology and long-established client relationships have allowed farm animal veterinarians to maintain somewhat regular operations, albeit with some notable changes, during the ongoing pandemic. Widely used telehealth services, in particular, have helped keep a semblance of normalcy. “We’re a large vet service so that means we’ve had to make more changes than if we only […] Read more

Universities can adapt to COVID-19, UCVM dean says

As administrators and faculty modify the system, dean calls for renewed public focus on food production and distribution

Reading Time: 4 minutes As COVID-19 pushes universities to change the way they teach, carry out research and conduct clinical work, the dean of veterinary medicine at the University of Calgary is confident that they can adapt. The academic system “from coast to coast is very intact,” Dr. Baljit Singh said. “We will continue to develop new technologies. We […] Read more

U.S. says it will ban pig shipments if fatal hog virus is detected

An arrival of African swine fever in the U.S. would disrupt global pork markets

Reading Time: < 1 minute Reuters – The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it will prohibit shipments of all pigs for at least three days if the nation ever finds a case of a fatal hog disease that has ravaged China’s herd. The federal government is preparing to contain and eradicate African swine fever if it spreads to the United […] Read more