Shawn Livingston explained FurrowForce and other Precision Planting technology to visitors to the London Farm Show.

More precision in seed row closure

Down pressure for seed closure can now be controlled automatically, with multiple adjustments per second

Reading Time: 3 minutes Closing the trench over and around the seed has been a challenge increasingly met by more innovation over the past decade. That’s meant there are many and varied types of closure and press wheels for planters now on the market. Precision Planting believes it has found what really needs to be done – control the […] Read more

A well-set planter can reduce headaches during the planting season.

Planter readiness: Most of planter set-up can be done before spring arrives

Checking level, meters and doing calibration ahead can reduce calls to the dealer

Reading Time: 4 minutes What makes you call your planter supplier when you’d prefer to be on the land? Often things that could have been checked out before. Checking equipment before planting will ensure the planter is ready to go when the soil is. Why it matters: Ideal planting conditions can come in a very short time frame. It’s […] Read more

Ahead of its unveiling at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, DOT offered a very brief film-noir-style close-up sneak peek at the new row-crop planter in a YouTube video.

DOT to showcase new row-crop planter at COFS

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ontario farmers will be the first to see a new Seedmaster planter for row crops married to the DOT autonomous power platform at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. The company is launching its new prototype planter at the show adding a critical piece to the implements that can be mated to the Canadian-made Dot autonomous farming […] Read more

There are several areas on a planter you should focus your attention on before taking to the field.

Use planter checklist before heading to the field

Smooth planter operation requires attention to hydraulics, meters and other parts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spring planting will be underway shortly, and thorough checks of planting equipment are vital to crop success. Josh Boersen and his father Brad farm cash crops and broiler chickens north of Stratford, and have been doing checks of their planters for many years. Off the top, they emphasize safety first. Every year when they set […] Read more

A power take-off-driven hydraulic pump is mounted on this planter to increase hydraulic capacity from the older tractor.

Planter power becoming a challenge for customizers

Adding more and more tech to planters is stretching the limits of hydraulic systems

Reading Time: 3 minutes Planters are larger and more complex, as precision control systems bump up power requirements – often beyond what tractors can handle. That’s meant planter makers and customizers have had to get creative about supplying enough hydraulic power to planters. Why it matters: Companies continue to offer more precision solutions for planters and farmers are using […] Read more

Clean Seed Capital has acquired U.S.-based Harvest International, and the newly expanded company expects to offer a planter to the Canadian market by 2020. This prototype was on display at the Ag in Motion farm show in July.

Clean Seed adds a planter by acquiring Harvest International

Clean Seed is strong on the digital side, with Harvest International making planter components

Reading Time: 2 minutes A couple of years ago, Clean Seed Capital finally introduced the CX6 seed drill that the company had let farmers know was coming down the pike. Now with two years of CX6 production under its belt, Clean Seed is expanding its manufacturing footprint. In July the company announced it had acquired U.S.-based Harvest International, a […] Read more

Seed Hawk to take parent firm’s name

Reading Time: < 1 minute For Saskatchewan seeding, planting and tillage equipment maker Seed Hawk, the company name is changing but the brand remains the same. Seed Hawk, which has been 100 per cent owned by Swedish equipment manufacturer Vaderstad since 2013, has been renamed Vaderstad Industries effective Tuesday. The two companies said the name change “reflects the fuller integration […] Read more