Potatoes are protected from early and late blight by applications of Mancozeb.

Mancozeb fungicide approved for continued use

There was concern the fungicide’s registration would be cancelled

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mancozeb, a group M fungicide, has been approved for continued use under the the Pest Control Products Act. The pesticide re-evaluation was completed by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) and the announcement was made Nov. 19. Why it matters: The elimination of Mancozeb would have been costly for farmers. The product has been used […] Read more

Fungicide application for corn silage is best applied at tassel.

Feed need, timing determines value of silage corn fungicides

Spraying fungicides on corn can help keep the leaves cleaner

Reading Time: 2 minutes Spraying fungicide in corn destined for corn silage is becoming an increasing trend across Ontario, especially for those who intensely manage their crops, says Michelle Baker, agronomist with Millstone Crop Service. Why it matters: Corn silage production depends on healthy ears and leaves, so the ability to protect the leaf with a fungicide can have […] Read more

Corteva launches new cereal fungicide

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canadian barley, oat and winter wheat crops now have additional multi-mode of action protection against serious leaf diseases with Cerefit fungicide from Corteva. Newly registered Cerefit fungicide will help protect cereal crops across Canada beginning in 2020. Cerefit is a dual mode-of-action fungicide that targets leaf diseases, which will ultimately provide farmers with increased yield […] Read more

Downy mildew is more challenging to manage with few control measures.

Resistance management is of utmost importance for cucurbit downy mildew

Changes in fungicide regulations have reduced the available treatments

Reading Time: 3 minutes Management of cucurbit downy mildew (CDM) requires more diligence with limited fungicide options. Recent changes in fungicide regulations leaves fewer options for farmers to control CDM, economically the most important disease for cucumbers. Why it matters: Re-evaluation of chlorothalonil has reduced the number of applications for cucurbit growers from seven to two. CDM has become […] Read more

Digital supercluster backs precision fungicide development

Project aims at wheat leaf rust, reducing pesticide load

Reading Time: 3 minutes A West Coast ag tech company in the crop pest control business is setting its sights on wheat leaf rust, with support from one of Canada’s five research superclusters — but not the cluster you might expect. Out of the five federally-supported superclusters launched in early 2018, Protein Industries Canada has been most closely linked […] Read more

A Spornado spore trap set up in southern Ontario.

Making better spraying decisions with low-cost, early fungal disease detection

Spornado is being tested across Canada, especially in higher value vegetable crops

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was a call from a client looking for a low-tech method for early detection of a fungal disease in potatoes that charted a new course for Toronto microbiology lab Sporometrics. The resulting innovation, Spornado Sampler, has been called the first reliable, early alert system for fungal crop diseases that’s available to farmers at an […] Read more

The new mode of action is deigned to specifically combat fusarium in wheat.

New fungicide launched for fusarium head blight control

Syngenta’s Group 7 ADEPIDYN to be released to all crop markets in 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes Syngenta’s new active fungicide ingredient ADEPIDYN is registered in Canada and will be released nationwide under the Miravis portfolio in 2020. The company says the molecule is a Group 7 carboxamide fungicide with a succinate hydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) mode of action bringing “power, spectrum and stamina” to the table for growers across the country wanting […] Read more

Typical “greasy,” water-soaked lesion of the late blight on the upper leaf surface.

Trial aims to better detect late blight pathogen before it infects tomatoes

The three-year project will evaluate early detection, management approaches and potential benefits

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new three-year project is in place at the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus, to help detect late blight pathogen presence in the air before it infests tomatoes, allowing for better control management. There is currently no method to detect the presence of the phytophthora infestans, making it difficult for growers properly manage late blight, […] Read more

A bumblebee on a strawberry flower.

Bee-based disease prevention

Inoculating flowering plants with insect-delivered fungus can help limit disease

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fungi that can inoculate crops against disease can be applied using insects — bumblebees, to be specific. According to Bee Vectoring Technology (BVT) — a Canadian company with offices in the United States and Europe, and in the process of commercializing such a service — Bombus-delivered inoculants offer fruit farmers another way to augment their […] Read more

Farmers who attended Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show got to experience electrostatic charged spray at work.

Sprayer power: Is electricity the next big thing in spray adjuvants?

Positively charging spray droplets can help them stick to plants, but droplets need to be small

Reading Time: 3 minutes Getting fungicides and insecticides into the canopy and to the underside of leaves is a challenge for most sprayers. Small droplet sizes and even coverage are needed for this and for the fungicide lacquering required for control in most non-systemic products; and that comes with the risk of drift. Why it matters: With more precise […] Read more