New fungicide launched for fusarium head blight control

Syngenta’s Group 7 ADEPIDYN to be released to all crop markets in 2020

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Syngenta’s new active fungicide ingredient ADEPIDYN is registered in Canada and will be released nationwide under the Miravis portfolio in 2020.

The company says the molecule is a Group 7 carboxamide fungicide with a succinate hydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) mode of action bringing “power, spectrum and stamina” to the table for growers across the country wanting to manage disease in several crops. ADEPIDYN is the first Group 7 molecule to cover Fusarium head blight in wheat and is the only premixed foliar and ear disease fungicide for corn.

Why it matters: Growers consistently need new technology as the importance of chemical group rotation is highlighted to avoid resistance.

Syngenta says ADEPIDYN is currently the most highly engineered carboxamide in the marketplace.

Eric Phillips. photo: Supplied

“There are other Group 7 molecules in the marketplace. It’s a new mode of action for fusarium and fusarium head blight specifically in wheat,” says Eric Phillips, fungicide and insecticide product lead with Syngenta Canada. “We are now introducing a Group 7 molecule in the space where predominantly has been treated with Group 3s.”

The company cites a longer activity for Group 7s than Group 3s.

The ADEPIDYN molecule has been in the works at Syngenta for more than eight years.

Miravis Bold, Miravis Ace, Miravis Duo and Miravis Prime are planned to be in the marketplace in spring of 2020. These products will be offered for canola, wheat, fruiting vegetables and leafy vegetables.

Syngenta says the corn fungicide within the portfolio, Miravis Neo, is the first and only ADEPIDYN product currently within the marketplace. It is available to growers on a limited basis.

When controlling foliar diseases in corn, it’s recommended to apply between V5 to R1, and at silking when targeting control gibberella ear rot and fusarium.

“Miravis Neo is an all in one premix formulation giving the best of both worlds,” says Phillips.

The Miravis portfolio provides disease management for farmers across Canada, with activity on fusarium, sclerotinia, septoria, Fusarium head blight, tan spot, rust, powdery mildew, anthracnose, botrytis and alternaria.

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