Editorial: The gaping difference

We’ve known for years that there’s a gaping chasm between the world view of some urbanites and the people who have made it their vocation to care for animals. Luckily for most, that chasm has not been physical. Animal rights activists and livestock farmers haven’t often met. There are some notable exceptions, including activists gaining […] Read more

The province is expected to appeal a court ruling that said the OSPCA powers are unconstitutional.

Province given a year to revamp OSPCA powers

Court ruling says group’s animal welfare enforcement powers needs oversight

The Ontario government has been given a year to revamp legislation governing inspection of complaints and enforcement of orders related to animal welfare, following a ruling on Jan. 2 from Justice Timothy Minnema of the province’s Superior Court. Barring an appeal by the province’s Attorney General, the revamped legislation must create a framework of inspection […] Read more

Organizations such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Animal Legal Defence Fund have tried to provide legal representation on behalf of animals.

U.S. animal rights activists test new tactics

The U.S. legal community is closely monitoring cases involving animals

Animal activists have shifted to new tactics and more have started launching lawsuits on behalf of animals. While courts in the United States have not ruled in their favour, more cases from large, well-funded animal rights groups are being filed, said Michelle Pardo, a partner in the firm Duane Morris, which defends companies against animal […] Read more

Despite the growth in cultured meat investment, meat from animals will be needed due to rising protein demands.

Beef producers hear they have a role in the future

With plant-based meat substitutes and lab-grown meat, traditional beef producers will still be needed to feed world’s growing population, says Cargill executive

Beef industry leaders from across the country shared a look into the future during the recent third annual Canadian Beef Industry Conference (CBIC). They were assured there’s a place for them in that future. “People still crave meat,” said Sonya Roberts, president of Growth Ventures and Strategic Pricing for Kansas-based Cargill Proteins at the conference […] Read more