Prairie farm boys called up to Ontario’s big show

The Hunter Brothers' music career is taking off

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The Hunter Brothers will be making their first visit to Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, performing in the New Holland building on Sept. 11 at 1 p.m.

But the country music group’s members are no stranger to farming, having grown up on their Shaunavon, Sask. farm. When not touring, the five brothers known for their harmonies can be found working on their family’s 21,000-acre cash crop farm.

Music has always been a large part of their lives, says JJ Hunter, the oldest of the five brothers and the unofficial spokesman for the country music band.

They started by playing piano and singing in church as a group, and established the Hunter Brothers about five years ago.

You might remember their social media hit when they sang in the field about how the one brother got a combine stuck.

Hunter says growing up and continuing to work on the family farm is what makes their songs real to them.

“When we are talking about mud on our boots and growing up in the fields, that’s real life to us and I think that’s been really special.”

Each of the five members have a key role on the family’s canola, wheat, lentil and chickpea operation.

Dusty focuses on the agronomy for the operation — crop rotations, inputs, prescription mapping, scouting and sampling — alongside their father.

Luke looks after the grain hauling, grain management, and shares the commodity marketing role of the operation with his father.

JJ completes a lot of the spraying throughout the season.

Brock is the pilot of the family, doing all the crop spraying. He also has a keen interest in mechanics and has done a lot of the maintenance work over the years.

Finally, Ty, the youngest of the brothers, operates the grain cart and one of the drills in the spring.

All five brothers have specific tasks when home which helps the farm to continue running smoothly.

“As the music has become more prominent in our lives we have had to make some adjustments,” says JJ Hunter. “We have some great hired guys and dad is still very much involved with us being on the road as much as we are; but we are still constantly helping out and very involved in the farm.”

Being busy with both music and the farm and separating and transitioning time between music and farming is an ongoing conversation between the brothers.

“Both are very important to us; when we first signed with our record label and management company we knew it would take time for the music to get off the ground, so a transition period was expected for the outset.”

Now as the music has begun take more of the brothers’ time they are beginning to put the transition pieces into place allowing them to get away for what the music demands without sacrificing the farm.

“We’ve had to continue to adjust and make little tweaks to our general plan, but at the same time we knew these changes were coming and it’s just kind of how and when they need to be implemented.”

Hunter Brothers Music and New Holland Agriculture started their partnership in April 2019.

“It came from the fact that we use primarily all of their equipment here on our farm. We had already worked together in different capacities, even before the Hunter Brothers Music had taken off.”

JJ says the partnership makes a lot of sense, it is a company the Hunter Brothers value a relationship with and are excited to perform in the New Holland tent at the Outdoor Farm Show.

“We want our music to reach far and wide and we love anybody that it resonates with, but we’re really thankful for the support we receive from the farming community – no matter where you go, if you run into someone that’s a farmer, there’s a special connection.”

The Hunter Brothers’ will be performing at 1 p.m. on Sept. 11 at the New Holland Booth – NM-736.

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