Delayed calf twin surprises farmers

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An Ontario farming couple were surprised to find that a cow that calved on June 10, calved again on June 21 — a second twin calf 11 days later.

Doug Martin and Patsy Glover farm registered Herefords at Morningcall Farm near Honeywood, in Mulmur, northeast of Shelburne.

Glover said they were amazed that the cow, Blair-Athol Scrumptious 41-A, a seven-year-old cow, delivered the second calf. She cleaned both times, she says. Martin said that it was strange that the cow seemed to be continually full of milk, like she was preparing to calve, even after her first calf was born.

The male and female calves were both about the same size when they were born.

Glover says that they’ve never seen anything like it in their years of farming.

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