Use a phone camera to check in hard to see places for areas that need to be cleaned.

Prepare your grain bins before setting out for harvest

Tips and tricks for making sure bins are clean and ready for a new crop

Reading Time: 2 minutes Before filling grain bins or using temporary storage, thoroughly clean the bins or storage site. Follow these steps each time you empty a bin and before filling it with new grain: Eliminate dust and dockage from any cracks in the bin. Repair holes, cracks and leaks in the bin and cracks in the floor if […] Read more

Grain equipment firm AGI takes stake in Farmobile

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canadian grain handling and storage equipment maker Ag Growth International plans to dial up its collaboration with ag tech firm Farmobile and has taken a minority stake in the U.S. company to that end. Winnipeg-based AGI announced Tuesday it had agreed to make a “minority equity investment” of US$15 million (C$19.57 million) in Farmobile, effective […] Read more

GSI’s new Z-Series bins have a self-cleaning option.

New grain bins make cleanout safer

The bins have inflatable bags that help to move the grain out safely

Reading Time: 2 minutes Grain bins and grain handling equipment are one of the main causes of on-farm accidents. One of the places where farmers or employees can get injured is inside of the grain bin. Thinking back to my time on the family farm, the first job I was able to do on my own was unloading bins […] Read more

The Mobile Sensor Mote being developed at PAMI sits in the grain and transmits moisture and temperature readings to a base 

Give bins pills to ensure they stay healthy

Off-the-shelf sensors are being evaluated for their ability to monitor bins

Reading Time: 2 minutes Grain storage sensors being developed at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute use over-the-counter electrical components and offer better coverage in large bins. “The point of them is to try and get full coverage of moisture and temperature throughout a grain bin because we found that the options that are available now give limited coverage,” said […] Read more

The GrainViz imaging sensors (the black device) magnetically attach to the inside bin wall. A 24-sensor array provides 3D imaging, revealing the moisture content of every bushel in the bin.

Is 3D grain bin monitoring tech for you?

Electromagnetic imaging is pricey but the technology can reveal hot spots anywhere in a bin

Reading Time: 3 minutes Three-dimensional bin monitoring is one of the more talked-about new ag technologies. Proponents of this type of grain monitoring — more formally called three-dimensional electromagnetic imaging or 3D EMI — claim it can spot potential trouble anywhere in the bin and alert producers before grain even begins to spoil. There’s also a safety factor out […] Read more

Steel tariff shrapnel hits U.S. farmers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Kane County, Ill. | Reuters — Lucas Strom, who runs a century-old family farm in rural Illinois, canceled an order to buy a new US$71,000 grain bin last month — after the seller raised the price five per cent in a day. The reason: steel prices jumped right after U.S. President Donald Trump announced tariffs. […] Read more

Temperatures climbing? Check the grain bins

Reading Time: 2 minutes As much as warmer weather may have growers in Ontario thinking of spring planting, a provincial ag specialist warns farmers to consider the old crop ahead of any plans for the new crop. Temperatures are moderating and in southern Ontario, they’ve risen well above freezing for the first time in nearly two months. That’s prompted […] Read more