Predictable trading rules have meant advantages for Canadian companies who can follow them and gain access 
to international markets.

New trade order called bad news for Canada

A new report says Canada and its farmers aren’t equipped to deal with a move away from the ‘liberal world order’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Farmers face a starkly worsened long-term world market for their crops and livestock, fears a Canadian agricultural economics analysis firm. And that means many basic assumptions of how farm markets and prices behave might have to be radically reconsidered. “Some of the assumptions of the liberal world order — price arbitrage and […] Read more

Opinion: Current trade environment not just an either/or scenario

Canada needs to push for a rules-based, free-trade world, but also to push back against countries resorting to coercion

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – At some point we might have to accept that this new trade reality is actually real. Then we’ll have to react to that reality by changing the way we farm, act and interact with the rest of the world. That’s something quite a few Canadians are grappling with in light of the […] Read more

The U.S.-China trade war is getting the most attention these days, but Stefane Marion of the National Bank of Canada says 
the free trade environment of the last 20 years is under threat around the world.

International trade disputes a threat to global economy

Numerous trade disputes have broken out around the world, causing uncertainty

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Hearing all the grim talk about slowing global growth and seeing alarming signs from the bond market, it’s understandable that many believe the world is fated to fall into recession soon, acknowledges the chief economist of National Bank of Canada. But unless some wild cards get played, the actual chances of a […] Read more

The British fondness for baked beans makes the United Kingdom a healthy market for imported navy beans.

Brexit and the baked beans conundrum facing Canadian producers

Canada supplies large volumes of white beans to feed the British appetite for beans on toast

Reading Time: < 1 minute Glacier FarmMedia – Brexit might amount to a hill of beans. Navy, or white beans, to be precise. “If we see a no-deal Brexit, what does that do to the trade routes for navy beans?” said Cindy Brown, the president of the Global Pulse Confederation, during the Pulse and Special Crops Convention. “Will we see […] Read more

High turnover not only upsets scheduling and steady operations, but also sees skills disappear. That affects how well pigs are served, and that affects their growth.

Hogs perform better with familiar faces

Experts say that large staff turnover affects hog production consistency

Reading Time: 1 minute It’s well known that hog barn staff turnover is a real headache for the operators, but it’s difficult for the pigs too. If a hog operation can reduce annual staff turnover to 20 per cent or less, it can help pigs grow better, the workplace operate better and business returns improve, said a speaker at […] Read more

The meat market may not have yet realized how big the African swine fever impact will be in China, and the United States corn crop is treading deeper into trouble.

Analysts predict wild ride in meat, grain markets

‘We’ve never experienced a year like this,’ say analysts about the pork, corn market

Reading Time: 2 minutes Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride in meat and grain markets in coming months, analysts told the Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference. The meat market may not have yet realized how big the African swine fever impact will be in China, and the United States corn crop is treading deeper into […] Read more

Canada’s active role is recognized in the term “the Ottawa Group,” which refers to countries committed to preserving and improving the WTO.

Ag-exporters support Canada’s drive to revive the WTO

Rules-based trade is critical for agri-food sector: CAFTA

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canada’s agricultural exporters are praising the federal government for heading the drive to revive the World Trade Organization. “We are pleased to see (International Trade Diversification) Minister (Jim) Carr leading important discussions to maintain and modernize our multilateral trading system,” said Brian Innes, the president of the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance, recognizing work happening during […] Read more

Researchers say the ultimate goal of retaliatory tariffs is to inflict economic loss on influential interest groups.

Politics often at heart of China trade retaliations

Researchers say the ultimate goal of retaliatory tariffs is to inflict economic loss on influential interest groups

Reading Time: 2 minutes China hasn’t just manipulated its regulatory system to block Canadian agriculture imports. Its use of phytosanitary standards to hurt foreign suppliers has been used against small countries similar to Canada and also against the United States. Why it matters: China is less restrained when using trade retaliation against smaller countries. “China refused bananas from the […] Read more

Cheddar cheese is one area that is subjected to high U.S. import tariffs.

U.S. dairy tariffs block many imports

An analysis says the U.S. isn’t the great free-trader in dairy it makes itself out to be

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you listen to U.S. President Donald Trump, the United States is a free-trading hero that is being abused by protectionist “freeloaders” like Canada. Especially with Canadian restrictions on dairy imports, the U.S. president has presented an image of fair-trading American dairy farmers being taken advantage of by outrageous Canadian rules to protect that country’s […] Read more

Vitamins are a key tool to building good leg and foot health that can help sows carry fetuses to full term.

Sow reproductive issues may be traced to unexpected causes

Poor feet and legs is one of the major causes not always observed as a reproductive problem

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vitamin inadequacies are being ignored in swine management because of misunderstandings in sow-culling reports, some nutritional experts think. “Producers check (off) what they see last,” said Iowa State University nutritional researcher Ken Stalder at the World Pork Expo. “The primary reason often doesn’t get recorded in their reporting systems.” Many North American sow herds have […] Read more