The Meter Max Ultra Test Stand calibrates any brand or type of meter. It drives the meter at the same speed and population the grower dials in.

Planter calibration critical to planter ROI

Every one per cent gain in meter accuracy can mean one to two bushels of yield

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Research during the past two decades tells corn growers that seed spacing, seed singulation and seed placement are critical factors in extracting top returns from that big input investment. Why it matters: Accurate seed placement is critical when planting thousands of seeds per hour. The most important task in any cropping system […] Read more

OneSoil was co-founded in Belarus six years ago by Sasha Yakovlev.

Free satellite images available from OneSoil

The company provides soil management apps to help encourage farmers

Reading Time: 3 minutes One contiguous atmosphere blankets Earth. We all breathe that same air. We all walk on the same band of soil. We all grow food on the same band of soil. We have a lot in common, all of us who live on planet Earth.  That’s why OneSoil is an appropriate name for a new satellite […] Read more

DynaCERT chief engineer Robert Maier says he’s looking for farmers who have new gen machinery with a high degree of connectivity, so he can run documented trials on HydraGEN performance in an agricultural context.

Hydrogen and oxygen equal cleaner burn

Lower combustion temperatures increase power and decrease nitrogen oxides, creating healthier fuel efficiency

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – A minuscule mist of hydrogen and oxygen sprayed into the air intake of a diesel engine can burn cleaner and lower fuel consumption by 10 to 20 per cent. The technology delivers greater fuel efficiency with less pollution. The unique HydraGEN technology is based on the fact that flame speed of hydrogen […] Read more

Growing interest in composting and granular fertilizer is prompting manufacturers to up the anty on spreader technology.

New technology comes to high output compost spreaders

Greater automation means less maintenance on the larger volume spreaders

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The trend toward surface-applied granular fertilizer is prompting manufacturers to develop new spreaders, such as the New Leader compost spreader, which debuted at Ag in Motion Discovery Plus in July. The spreader is a new design, with only a handful of units sold in the United States so far, and none in […] Read more

When FieldBot isn’t busy helping people farm, it can serve sentry duty at the billabong and sound an alert when duck flocks arrive.

Fieldbot can be quite bossy

One field robot runs the show and tells other robots what to do, system manages not just monitors events

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Fieldbot is no ordinary ag sensor. It issues orders, turns irrigation pumps on and off, controls fans and feeding equipment in livestock operations, even sends dairy cows into the parlour. Fieldbot can serve as a producer’s eyes and ears, while they’re busy carrying on with the actual work of farming. It will […] Read more

As cover crops continue to catch on, more farmers are looking for technology to make it happen. The new drop tube kits from AGCO will be available on new machines this summer and as a retrofit for existing RoGators this fall.

Drop tubes allow dual urea and cover crop seed application

New granular/seed tubes for RoGator put the right products in the right places, between the rows, not on them

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Farmers can now apply 150 pounds per acre urea while simultaneously applying 20 pounds per acre cover crop seed through new drop tubes retrofitted to a RoGator AirMax Precision R1/R2. The new drop tube kit is designed for between-row application of in-season dry granular fertilizer and precisely seeding cover crops into standing […] Read more

All arrows represent airflow. Blue arrows are cool ambient air. Red arrows represent heated air. Blue arrows show air entering the dryer through the bottom fan. The bottom one-third of the dryer cools the grain. The burner is not being used for the bottom section so the arrow and cut away remain blue, although these dryers can operate in an all-heat mode to heat the lower section if needed. Above the lower cooling section there are two more blue arrows entering the heat section of the dryer. As the air passes over a burner it becomes heated and enters the red section of the dryer. The gray arrows represent exhaust air. Both heated and non-heated air enters the ducts and pass through the grain until they exit through an exhaust duct. The cutaway shows the air moving out of the exhaust ducts.

Improved screenless drying means lower fire risk

A new dryer tumbles grain side to side as it dries

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Conventional screen-type grain dryers allow kernels to be placed directly on the hot screen, thus damaging those kernels. However, there are a small number of dryers that don’t use a screen. Dave Wall of Wall Grain has been selling dryers since the early 1980s including his Vertec, Ibec, Neco or MC dryers. […] Read more

RanchWorx initiated its aerator design work 47 years ago in Florida palm and Texas mesquite because those were the two toughest pasture invasive woody environments.

Steel blades rejuvenate pastures chemical-free

Soil aeration machine can help farmers bring pastures back to life

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Some cattle producers treat grazing land like just so much dirt, assuming nature looks after management. The pasture responds accordingly. “People take grazing land and hay land for granted. They’re scared to put money into it. It’s usually a hot topic when cattlemen get together,” said RanchWorx agronomist David Benjamin. “Rotational grazing […] Read more

Can icons simplify chemical labels?

Can icons simplify chemical labels?

Experts argue an internationally used set of icons could make labels easier to update and understand

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Judging a herbicide by its label can sometimes be as difficult as judging a book by its cover, especially if you’re reading product labels on your tiny smartphone screen. The Pest Management Regulatory Agency database on labels is made up of PDF files, which are often difficult to use when projected on […] Read more

The sectional recirculation valve re-circulates the liquid while it’s spraying. Once liquid enters the boom through the SRV2, nothing goes back into the tank.

Total boom section cleanout possible in five minutes

New valve maintains aggressive recirculation when most needed

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – A new spray boom recirculation valve promises to reduce sprayer clean-out time to five minutes, and eliminate dumping rinsate and active product on the ground. The Sectional Recirculation Valve (SRV) was developed by the Drift Reduction Technology (DRT) Corp. in Wisconsin. The company focuses exclusively on improving the safety and accuracy of […] Read more