The food supply chain continued to get enough food to people across Canada during COVID-19 lockdown periods.

Supply chains held during COVID stress, but showed vulnerability in some sectors

Dutch research finds that people have reduced their food waste during COVID restrictions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Agriculture and food supply chains bent and held during the early COVID-19 pandemic, but it depends on your point of view whether that means change is needed, especially to encourage more reliance on local supply of food and agriculture inputs. Bayer Crop Science hosted a panel of agriculture and food supply chain experts recently as […] Read more

How COVID-19 is upending global food supply chains

Cows fed strawberries in India, watermelons rot in U.S., okra not reaching Canada

Reading Time: 5 minutes Satara/Singapore/London | Reuters — In the fertile Satara district in western India, farmers are putting their cattle on an unorthodox diet: Some feed iceberg lettuce to buffalo. Others feed strawberries to cows. It’s not a treat. They can either feed their crops to animals or let them spoil. And other farmers are doing just that […] Read more

Mushroom stems are often trimmed and discarded.

Mushroom waste shown to provide extended food and drink shelf life

Canadian company is using a part of the mushroom that often is discarded, creating value for mushroom growers

Reading Time: 3 minutes A waste product from the mushroom industry is being put to use as a natural shelf-life extender for processed food products. New Brunswick-based food technology company Chinova Bioworks is using a dietary fibre and antioxidant extracted from white button mushrooms called chitosan to produce its trademarked product, Chiber. Why it matters: The stem of the […] Read more

The line between consumer sentiment of what is safe and healthy is too often blurred with the science of what is safe and healthy.

Opinion: Conversations around agri-food shows progress

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The not so easy task of figuring out the best policy to sustain Canada’s food systems on a domestic and international scale recently took a step forward in Ottawa. In gathering more than 200 people involved in every aspect of the agri-food industry — producers, processors, manufacturers, policy makers — Canada 2020’s […] Read more

Food, farming not expected to be big election issues

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canadians don’t think that food and agriculture will be a significant issue in the current federal election. A survey conducted Sept. 9 and released Tuesday by Angus Reid Global with the support of Dalhousie University’s Agri-Food Analytics Lab shows 31 per cent of Canadians believe food and agriculture will be a prime electoral issue during […] Read more

Increased packaging is a greater concern for the public than food waste. Photo: agnormark/istock/getty images

Addressing food waste may mean more plastic

Better packaging to extend shelf life creates dilemma as non-biodegradable material ends up in landfills, oceans

Reading Time: 3 minutes The food business is caught in a Catch-22 situation. The public wants to control food waste and one way to do that is with better packaging to preserve freshness and prevent spoilage. On the downside, better packaging often means plastic but more people are concerned about the amount of plastic being thrown away, accumulating in […] Read more

Each person wastes about 400 kilograms of food each year.

Table scraps could be used to reduce fossil fuel use

Science Notes: Ontario technology could be more efficient than anaerobic digestion

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wasted food can be affordably turned into a clean substitute for fossil fuels. New technology developed by researchers at Ontario’s University of Waterloo uses natural fermentation to produce a biodegradable chemical that can be refined as a source of energy. The chemical could also be used to replace petroleum-based chemicals in a host of products […] Read more

Federal food policy aims to lift local and Canadian-grown products

Reading Time: 2 minutes Federal programs to boost the profile of domestic and locally grown foods at home while reducing food waste, food insecurity and deceptive food marketing are all up for funding under the government’s new Food Policy for Canada. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and Parliamentary Ag Secretary Jean-Claude Poissant announced the new policy Monday in Montreal, following […] Read more

Ag minister announces launch of Canadian food policy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canada has its first food policy, an initiative to increase access to safe, nutritious and culturally diverse food, and to cut food waste. Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food and parliamentary secretary, Jean-Claude Poissant made the announcement Monday in Montreal. “The Food Policy for Canada is our road map for a healthier and more […] Read more

The Avoidable Crisis of Food Waste study.

Researchers zero in on farm level food waste

It’s harder to track and even harder to fix than waste higher in the value chain

Reading Time: 4 minutes A first-of-its-kind Canadian study has found that there’s more food loss at the production level than previously thought. The “Avoidable Crisis of Food Waste” study found that 24 per cent of food volume wasted is lost at the production level. A further 34 per cent of the food wasted is lost at the processing level. […] Read more