Brian Tischler demonstrates how he’s able to drive his tractor autonomously using software on a laptop.

Autonomous technology hamstrung by liability risks

Just about anyone can build a self-driving implement using open source software, but “your insurance company is going to puke”

For farmer and inventor Brian Tischler, the question isn’t whether autonomous tractors are cool, possible, or useful — it’s how to overcome the liability risk if something goes wrong. Tischler told farmers attending CropConnect in Winnipeg recently it’s possible to build your own self-driving vehicle for around $1,000 using open-source software. He’s done it. That’s […] Read more

Greenhouses are already high-tech places with automated produce movers and environmental controls.

Adding more tech to greenhouses

As the number of sensors for agriculture grows, a panel questions whether we even know yet what the sector really needs

Greenhouses are ripe for an explosion of sensors and artificial intelligence, but the ramifications could be many. Participants in a panel on artificial intelligence (AI) in the greenhouse sector at the recent Arrell Food Summit discussed technical and consumer challenges that need to be considered before wide-spread adoption of the technology in the sector. Why […] Read more

The big data dairy challenge

The dairy sector is showing how machine learning and artificial intelligence systems can convert raw data into insight

Dairy farm software and equipment is increasingly turning to the power of machine learning and big data sets to bring new tools to farmers. Large, established companies and startups are bringing their scale and creativity to bear on the challenge and the results are opportunities for on-farm management farmers haven’t seen before. Why it matters: […] Read more