Smart-Apply places spray precisely in orchard crops.

John Deere connects with sprayer control company

Smart-Apply precisely places spray based on high-value crop canopy

Reading Time: < 1 minute John Deere is moving further into precision spaying of specialty crops with an alliance with an innovator of intelligent control systems. The company has entered into an allied distribution agreement with Smart Guided Systems to sell and support its Smart-Apply Intelligent Control System through the John Deere dealer channel in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. […] Read more

Slow moving vehicle signs need to be in good shape when a farm vehicle is on the road.

Road rules you might be breaking

MTO officers highlight what can – and can’t – be done when moving farm vehicles on public roads

Reading Time: 4 minutes Updated Jan. 8 Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act gives special exceptions, and some additional conditions, for farm equipment. But in an effort to improve overall roadway safety, Ministry of Transportation (MTO) enforcement officers encourage farmers to go beyond minimum safety requirements. Doing so, they say, starts with understanding what’s considered a farm vehicle, why exemptions are […] Read more

Development of the Nemesis line began in 2013. It was launched to the public in 2019.

How to design a tractor, part 2

A continuing look at the development of a new Canadian-produced tractor

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – After Buhler Industries took over the original Versatile assembly plant in Winnipeg from New Holland in 2000, tractors sporting the Versatile brand name once again appeared on the market. Although the company inherited the four-wheel drive and Genesis tractor line along with the Winnipeg factory, both lines were dated and needed upgrades. […] Read more

The Deere Smart Connector can transfer data from tractor to phone. It can also capture information, such as barcodes on the machine for identification.

Smart Connector plugs app into tractor

Device allows farmers to monitor tractor information from a smart phone

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Farmers can monitor tractor performance from their smartphone, including engine r.p.m. and coolant temperature John Deere has updated its TractorPlus smartphone app for compact utility tractors and it’s also offering a new Smart Connector that plugs into the tractor’s service adviser port and automatically connects the app to the tractor. The Smart […] Read more

The Fendt Momentum planter was built from the ground up to reduce compaction including tire inflation that changes depending on weight distribution.

Managing planting pressure

Reading Time: 2 minutes Colossal combines and behemoth buggies might be the leading compaction culprits in autumn, but tractors and seeders can cause compaction in spring too. Technologies exist to reduce the compaction risk in spring, but are they worth the investment? Why it matters: Planters pose a compaction risk when driven on damp spring soils. The move from […] Read more

AGCO appoints new CEO

Reading Time: < 1 minute AGCO’s long-time chief executive officer and chair of its board of directors is retiring and being replaced from within the company. Martin Richenhagen’s 16 years with the company have been a time of expansion and stability for AGCO and its main Massey Ferguson, Challenger and Fendt brands. Eric Hansotia, the company’s current senior vice president […] Read more

Custom input application is more prevalent in Ontario.

Custom application differs across the country

Ontario farmers use agri-retailers for input application much more than in the West

Reading Time: 3 minutes University of Guelph – Speak to a farmer in Ontario and a farmer in the Prairies about the role their crop input dealer plays in their farm’s operations and they will give two very different answers. This difference is due to the high subset of Ontario dealerships that custom apply crop inputs on behalf of […] Read more

Farmer equipment operators can be trained through a new Conestoga College program.

Conestoga College program to train farm equipment operators

The new program received funding from provincial and federal governments

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new college program to train students in the latest in agriculture equipment is getting funding from the provincial and federal governments. The Conestoga College program will start as a pilot project to expand training opportunities for current farm sector employees and better prepare those interesting in careers in agriculture to work on farms. Why […] Read more

AGCO Challenger tractors will now be offered in Fendt colours, but the new 16.2 liter MAN engine provides a horsepower bump to the biggest tractors in these lineups.

New Fendt tractors receive major upgrades

The 1100 Vario MT is the highest h.p. two-track to offer a CVT transmission and is the company’s largest tractor

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The paint, joystick and warranty are all that differentiates the newly branded Fendt 1100 Vario MT and 900 Vario MT tractor lines from the latest Challenger models, but there have been some significant upgrades to the tractors. The 1100 Vario MT is the highest horsepower two-track tractors to offer a CVT transmission […] Read more

Growing interest in composting and granular fertilizer is prompting manufacturers to up the anty on spreader technology.

New technology comes to high output compost spreaders

Greater automation means less maintenance on the larger volume spreaders

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The trend toward surface-applied granular fertilizer is prompting manufacturers to develop new spreaders, such as the New Leader compost spreader, which debuted at Ag in Motion Discovery Plus in July. The spreader is a new design, with only a handful of units sold in the United States so far, and none in […] Read more