Lowering tire pressure is one of the first places to start to reduce compaction damage.

How to prevent compaction at harvest

Limiting damage starts with decisions when combines go into fields

Reading Time: 3 minutes Field activity makes soil compaction worse. That’s just the nature of the work. But there are methods to reduce it, in favourable and unfavourable conditions. Why it matters: Ways to reduce soil compaction vary, depending on soil type, field conditions, equipment capability, operation style, and other factors. For Alex Barrie, a Bowmanville-area farmer and soil […] Read more

The Lexion 6900 and 6800 straw walker combines were designed for small grains and they are most comfortable in wheat, canola, and grass seed crops. The 6000 series offers a 25 percent capacity gain over the combine they replace, the Lexion 760.

Claas debuts walkers for small grains

Accelerator drum feeds the cylinder to make for efficiency gains

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The new Lexion 6000 series of straw walker combines are designed to be more efficient than their predecessor, the Lexion 760, with the help of an additional separator drum. Why it matters: The Lexion 760 earned a following with Canadian growers because of its fuel efficiency and precision in crops like wheat, […] Read more

Profitability should drive decisions on capital purchases like tractors.

Profiting from a ‘five per cent’ strategy

Small changes can generate large improvements in profitability

Reading Time: 2 minutes Should you buy that new tractor? It is the right colour, after all. What about the farm for sale nearby? You’d rather build equity than pay more rent. For financial experts, answering these and other questions with confidence requires a hard look at existing profitability over multiple years. If the math doesn’t pencil now, small […] Read more

The Horsch Leeb SP 6300 self-propelled sprayer’s Boom Pro Plus controlling system allows five boom sections to move independently.

Horsch self-propelled sprayer to roll into Canada

The company’s Leeb SP 6300 brings some new features to the market

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The Horsch Leeb SP 6300 self-propelled sprayer is a different platform and concept than what’s offered by most sprayers, said Jeremy Hughes, product manager for Horsch. “The focus of this sprayer is to improve spray quality. What we want is to mitigate drift and maximize coverage, making sure more live droplets land […] Read more

Chuck Baresich, general manager for Haggerty Creek Ltd., poses with the first working Dot Power Platform in Ontario.

Autonomous technology big and small tried in Ontario

Haggerty Creek sees value in its new Dot Power Platform and RoamIO swarm-style robot

Reading Time: 3 minutes The equipment fleet at Haggerty Creek Ltd., a grain elevator and farm service provider near Bothwell, is gaining autonomy both large and small. By June, both a Dot Power Platform and RoamIO swarm-style robot will be active members of its equipment lineup. And, with plans to market at least one of the two autonomous farm […] Read more

David Kayi, a Hello Tractor engineer, installs an application on a John Deere 5503 tractor, using the Hello Tractor technology that connects farmers with vehicles’ owners, at a hay farm at Umande village in Nanyuki, Kenya.  Photo: Reuters/Njeri Mwangi

Deere taps tractor-hailing tech in bid to break ground in Africa

Low incomes, lack of credit hobble African mechanization

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reuters – It’s ride-hailing, farm style. Deere and Co. is teaming up with the “Uber of tractors” in Africa and betting on a future where farmers summon machines with the touch of a button. The world’s leading farm equipment maker is outfitting its tractors with startup Hello Tractor’s technology, which allows farmers to hail the […] Read more

The new Lemken Juwel reversible rollover plow lets the operator turn the furrow left or right. Lemken offers a wide variety of shares and discs for different situations.

Steel meets soil once again, but different

New generation plows are available for our changing chemical-free world as some farms return to metal weed control

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – As some farms gradually migrate away from chemical control of plant disease, weeds and insects, farmers have little choice but to revert to some level of cultivation. Steel meets soil, again. There’s an emerging demand for innovative new generation technology to deal with this challenge. In response, Lemken has introduced its new […] Read more

Darcy Goossen (centre) being presented with his award in the farm safety category.

Tire Grabber invention wins farm safety award

Reading Time: < 1 minute Farmer Darcy Goossen invented the Tire Grabber to help farmers safely change large-scale tires. Goossen wanted to make it easier and safer to change his own large tires and do tire repairs on-farm himself. It took him about five years to get the product to the final version. “I originally started this to keep my […] Read more

The new Farmall A series tractors come standard with a 12x12 clutch-less power shuttle transmission.

Smaller tractors with more power still don’t need engine regeneration

Farmall FPT engines get horsepower boost and heavier components

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Case has upped the horsepower rating on its new lineup of Farmall A series chore tractors, eliminating the nuisance of engine regeneration. The announcement affects 95A, 105A and 115A tractors. The new models provide the horsepower and a group of standard features designed to fit the needs of beef and dairy operations, […] Read more

Jaylor’s new ribbon auger reduces mix times.

Ribbon-style auger reduces mixing times

Jaylor also adding more sensors, control to TMR mixers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jaylor has launched a new patented ribbon-style auger for its horizontal mixers. These new style of augers provide the benefits of reduced mix times by up to one-third and increased mix capacity of 10 to 20 per cent (measured by weight). Early adopters of the new system also note the ability of this style of […] Read more