undissolved or unsuspended material can slowly plug sprayers, which can also happen when the farmer isn’t applying the correct rate.

Know your tank mixes to avoid incompatibilities with sprayers, products

Jar tests, reading the label and asking trusted advisors are good steps

Farmers need to know whether the products they’re putting into their sprayer tanks will get along or whether they risk plugged nozzles, crop injury and reduced weed control, provincial extension advisors warn. Mike Cowbrough, weed specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Jason Deveau, application technology with OMAFRA, suggest farmers […] Read more

This is what the farm looks like now, cleared of stone fences and leveled in places.

The challenges of upgrading a farm for modern production

A Grey County producer transformed a stony farm with many fields

Adrian Op’t Hoog knew he was taking on a challenge when he bought about 200 acres that had been in cow-calf production for generations. There were 16 different fields and pastures, many separated by stone fences, piled up over years from the rocky ground near Feversham. Two years in, the soil is covered and the […] Read more

Available in both agricultural and industrial colours, both versions of the 9030 were essentially the same.

Nemesis tractor series designed with loader potential in mind

New tractor lines are unlikely to include a new bi-directional unit popular with some farmers

Early this spring, Winnipeg-based Versatile announced the introduction of the Nemesis tractor series that adds power to the low end of the company’s current tractor line-up. The new models land squarely in the mid-horsepower range. Why it matters: A reliable utility tractor is an indispensable tool for many farmers. “In that 170- to 250-horsepower range, […] Read more

The McHale baler working in the field at the Ontario Forage Expo.

Bale and wrap in one pass: new farm technology comes to Canada

Units from several manufacturers debuted at the Ontario Forage Expo

European technology to bale and individually wrap hay in continuous operations is coming to Canada. Four such machines for round bales were on display at the Ontario Forage Expo recently near Monkton. Most Ontario farms that wrap silage bales in plastic do so in long rows, after bringing the bales to a storage spot and […] Read more

It’s important to share the road and have a Slow Moving Vehicle sign on equipment travelling less than 40 km/hr.

Road safety is important as harvest season approaches

Defensive driving and proper lighting of equipment are ways that farmers can contribute to safe roads

Combines, grain buggies, gravity wagons and many more tractors will be on the road soon as they travel to harvest wheat, corn and soybeans. That’s when road safety becomes a concern. It’s important that drivers of large equipment and other motorized vehicles on the road be courteous. Derek Wilbee, enforcement auditor, investigator with the Ontario […] Read more

Jeremy Noble of HJV Equipment, a Claas Lexion dealer says it’s important to verify the information on monitors by calibrating those  numbers with actual weights  from the combine.

Combine readiness heading to the field

Check and replace parts as needed, and calibrate — but do not over grease

Combines are large and complex machines, so it is critical to do maintenance and checks before heading to the field. Louis Melanson, a combine specialist at Case IH has 43 years of experience and currently gives nearly 40 combine maintenance clinics a year, mostly in Saskatchewan but also in Ontario. He was recently conducting clinics […] Read more

Editorial: In praise of hay

The Ontario Forage Expo is one of my favourite farm events of the year. It’s outside, in the heat of the summer, it’s usually well attended and there’s lots of equipment to look at. Haybines, rakes, tedders, balers of all sorts and forage equipment are all working in the field at this event, which means […] Read more

The features available in John Deere’s model year 2019 5R Series tractors put them on par with the brand’s larger models when it comes to high-end options.

John Deere 5R tractors get upgrades for 2019

More high end options are being installed on smaller-sized models

Since John Deere introduced the 5 Series family of tractors several years ago, the number of available models has grown substantially, along with their options range and available level of sophistication. That’s no surprise. This horsepower class is the biggest seller in North America for most brands, and Deere has populated its line with tractors […] Read more

Harvesting last year with autonomous equipment at the British site.

UK autonomous farming project expands

The Hands-Free Hectare project will be working 35 hectares this year

Extra funding has been made available to a unique autonomous crop farming project in the United Kingdom, allowing it to expand. Initially launched in 2016 by Harper Adams University and Precision Decisions, the Hands Free Hectare project was designed to demonstrate that one hectare of grain could be grown to harvest without humans setting foot […] Read more

The Brandt 1520XT attracted attention at the recent Farm Progress Show. The new design kicks the 20 inch auger 7.5 feet forward from the hitching point, allowing the tractor operator to look to the side with unloading, rather than back.

A new view for a grain buggy

A change in the location of the unloading auger is just one change Brandt has implemented

Five new products released at one show “was a lot of new stuff. But these were needs in the marketplace, things farmers were asking for.” Taylor de Gooijer of Brandt Industries said the number of new products that his company brought out at the recent Farm Progress Show in Regina kept the short-line company’s staff […] Read more