The new Lemken Juwel reversible rollover plow lets the operator turn the furrow left or right. Lemken offers a wide variety of shares and discs for different situations.

Steel meets soil once again, but different

New generation plows are available for our changing chemical-free world as some farms return to metal weed control

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – As some farms gradually migrate away from chemical control of plant disease, weeds and insects, farmers have little choice but to revert to some level of cultivation. Steel meets soil, again. There’s an emerging demand for innovative new generation technology to deal with this challenge. In response, Lemken has introduced its new […] Read more

Darcy Goossen (centre) being presented with his award in the farm safety category.

Tire Grabber invention wins farm safety award

Reading Time: < 1 minute Farmer Darcy Goossen invented the Tire Grabber to help farmers safely change large-scale tires. Goossen wanted to make it easier and safer to change his own large tires and do tire repairs on-farm himself. It took him about five years to get the product to the final version. “I originally started this to keep my […] Read more

The new Farmall A series tractors come standard with a 12x12 clutch-less power shuttle transmission.

Smaller tractors with more power still don’t need engine regeneration

Farmall FPT engines get horsepower boost and heavier components

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Case has upped the horsepower rating on its new lineup of Farmall A series chore tractors, eliminating the nuisance of engine regeneration. The announcement affects 95A, 105A and 115A tractors. The new models provide the horsepower and a group of standard features designed to fit the needs of beef and dairy operations, […] Read more

Jaylor’s new ribbon auger reduces mix times.

Ribbon-style auger reduces mixing times

Jaylor also adding more sensors, control to TMR mixers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jaylor has launched a new patented ribbon-style auger for its horizontal mixers. These new style of augers provide the benefits of reduced mix times by up to one-third and increased mix capacity of 10 to 20 per cent (measured by weight). Early adopters of the new system also note the ability of this style of […] Read more

The AFS Connect Steiger is available with tracks or wheels and ranges from 370 to 620 horsepower.

Steiger tractors get a digital update

The large horsepower tractors are now are available with Case IH’s AFS Connect system

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario farmers were some of the first to get a look at the new Case IH AFS Connect Steiger tractor when it was displayed at the London Farm Show. The tractor was launched at the Commodity Classic in the U.S. a week earlier. The tractor brings the AFS Connect technology, engineered throughout the whole tractor […] Read more

Shawn Livingston explained FurrowForce and other Precision Planting technology to visitors to the London Farm Show.

More precision in seed row closure

Down pressure for seed closure can now be controlled automatically, with multiple adjustments per second

Reading Time: 3 minutes Closing the trench over and around the seed has been a challenge increasingly met by more innovation over the past decade. That’s meant there are many and varied types of closure and press wheels for planters now on the market. Precision Planting believes it has found what really needs to be done – control the […] Read more

A well-set planter can reduce headaches during the planting season.

Planter readiness: Most of planter set-up can be done before spring arrives

Checking level, meters and doing calibration ahead can reduce calls to the dealer

Reading Time: 4 minutes What makes you call your planter supplier when you’d prefer to be on the land? Often things that could have been checked out before. Checking equipment before planting will ensure the planter is ready to go when the soil is. Why it matters: Ideal planting conditions can come in a very short time frame. It’s […] Read more

Telehandlers’ ability to hoist heavy loads skyward has made them handy additions on many farms, but that same ability can make them dangerous, with power lines and rollovers being the two most common accidents.

More safety urged as telehandler accidents continue

The high lift is the advantage, but also the big risk with telehandlers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Telehandlers are becoming common on more farms each year because of their ability to handle many jobs, serving as crane/forklift hybrid. There are numerous versatile attachments including winches, pallet forks, snow plows, buckets, bale handlers, back hoes, cranes, and forklifts. But there’s a downside to having ability to perform so many tasks, and that is […] Read more

The model 800 Quicker Picker handles rocks up to 34 inches in size, carries 2,000 pounds of material, and lists for $9,995.

Picker rocks and rolls in wet soil and stubble

The Quicker Picker’s unique design shakes out stubble

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – There are countless rock pickers designed for skid steer loaders. One of the most interesting employs a rotating cage that picks up rocks and shakes out the dirt and stubble. The Flexxifinger Quicker Picker is designed to address some of the drawbacks found in other skid steer rock pickers, says Flexxifinger representative […] Read more

SoilReader can be mounted on any field implement or used in a separate dedicated operation as shown here.

Real-time soil analysis in the field

Don’t bring your soil sample to the lab, take the lab to the field, says the Canadian inventor of the SoilReader

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – It’s a difficult concept to sum up in a few words. A Canadian startup sells a coulter that reads nine nutrient factors while pulled through soil. As the headline states, SoilReader can provide real-time data, on the go, as it is pulled through the field. The nine vital constituents are nitrogen, phosphorus, […] Read more