Praxidyn founder Doug Applegate with sons Luke, at left, and Brent focus their energy on developing products like their Mixmate Pro Inductor, in the background, to help streamline the process of filling sprayers.

Potential productivity calculation depends on sprayer fill time

Turn speed can be quicker with smaller sprayers

A bigger implement isn’t necessarily a more cost-effective implement. With sprayers for example, the longer fill time of a bigger sprayer may cut into potential return on investment. Smaller is sometimes smarter. Size is a major consideration in any new sprayer decision. While a larger sprayer is more productive, a grower should try to achieve […] Read more

Summers calls their Renegade fresh from the ground up, it is a variable tillage machine because it can perform up to 10 different functions depending on the setup.

More multi-task tillage tools hit the dirt

Some producers startled at the cost of ‘‘one trick pony’’ cultivators

As more farmers gradually move toward more tillage, they’re finding that the old iron they dragged out of the bush is not up to the performance standards of new machines. But in looking at new tillage implements, some growers are startled by the cost, especially on implements that only perform one task. Price tags on […] Read more

AGCO’s Till Control system enables operators to monitor and adjust the fore and aft-frame as well as the hydraulic lift system from the cab.

Tillage tools reflect need for precision, speed

From electronics to steel, the latest releases in tillage equipment are helping producers turn soil right

Higher capacity and more options when it comes to setting tillage tools have become the latest trend in soil management. During 2019, Deere, Sunflower and Case IH tillage gear are getting new tools that meet this demand. Why it matters: Tillage tools are one of the last bastions of simplicity in agriculture tools, but they […] Read more

There are several areas on a planter you should focus your attention on before taking to the field.

Use planter checklist before heading to the field

Smooth planter operation requires attention to hydraulics, meters and other parts

Spring planting will be underway shortly, and thorough checks of planting equipment are vital to crop success. Josh Boersen and his father Brad farm cash crops and broiler chickens north of Stratford, and have been doing checks of their planters for many years. Off the top, they emphasize safety first. Every year when they set […] Read more

The RiteHeight sensor for sprayer booms has been a success for Greentronics.

Made-in-Ontario technology simplifies crop traceability

The RiteTrace system help to limit paper record-keeping and makes quality assurance easier

Technology developed by an Elmira-based company is breaking new ground in food safety, traceability and crop management for potato growers. RiteTrace is the latest application for the potato industry from Greentronics, which has also developed a boom height control system for potato harvesters that can be used on sprayers, as well as a yield mapping […] Read more

A power take-off-driven hydraulic pump is mounted on this planter to increase hydraulic capacity from the older tractor.

Planter power becoming a challenge for customizers

Adding more and more tech to planters is stretching the limits of hydraulic systems

Planters are larger and more complex, as precision control systems bump up power requirements – often beyond what tractors can handle. That’s meant planter makers and customizers have had to get creative about supplying enough hydraulic power to planters. Why it matters: Companies continue to offer more precision solutions for planters and farmers are using […] Read more

The AFS Connect Magnum has a new digital display, operating system and GPS receiver.

New AFS Connect Magnum tractor launches at London show

The new Case IH tractor aims to increase data connectivity, with more farmer control

Case IH launched its new AFS Connect Magnum tractor at the London Farm Show in early March with comfort and serviceability upgrades and more farmer-controlled integration to cloud-based data storage systems. The company promoted the tractor as a new step in the use of data for farmers, with software that allows remote access to the […] Read more

The M7-2 tractors keep the same horsepower ratings but offer a new transmission option and several upgrades.

Kubota M7 tractor update brings more flexibility in options

The M7-2 models debut new features in North America, including more hydraulic system flexibility

It’s been a poorly kept secret during the past year that Kubota was about to introduce an updated version of its most powerful tractor Series, the M7s, in North America. In fact, the brand showed a newer M7-2 at the Agritechnica machinery show in Germany in 2017. Now the updated tractor line has finally arrived […] Read more

The largest model of Amazone pull-type sprayers is UX11200, with a 12,000-litre tank to maximize acres covered in a day.

Amazone brings pull-type sprayer to Canada

Brand hopes to impress Canadian growers with big capacity

In North America, the self-propelled sprayer has come to dominate the market, as pull-type models have faded from use. However, in Europe it’s a different story. One European brand, Amazone, thinks it’s time for the pull-type model to make a comeback in Canada. Why it matters: More equipment options available at different price points can […] Read more

Tom Wolf gets a look at the Simon Innovations Accu-Volume system.

Colour your guessing glass gauge gone

An Ontario company wants to use a digital gauge to replace visual gauges on sprayers

The high-clearance sprayer represents some of the most advanced agricultural technology that we have today — except for that obsolete guessing glass gauge we depend on to sight-estimate liquid volume in the tank. It’s time to get rid of the clear sight gauge. Why it matters: A digital gauge is far more accurate that conventional […] Read more