Farm equipment makers say the next 20 years of innovation and change in machinery technology and design will be at least as dramatic as the last two decades and it will change farming forever.

Debating the future of farm equipment

Some will be large, but there’s also a trend to smaller machines powered by renewable energy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Four leaders of major companies that sell farm equipment in North America came together for a panel discussion on what agriculture will look like in 20 years, during a virtual version of the Commodity Classic. Their predictions are nothing new but the scale of change they predict might be eyebrow-raising. Why it […] Read more

Don’t forget to inspect the rubber track itself. Look for any loose or missing internal guide lugs and external treads and pay special attention to any cuts or rips in the rubber that expose the inner steel cords.

Maintaining tracks improves life and performance

There is a common misconception that track systems increase maintenance time and costs, but companies say no

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Track systems built for agriculture applications have come a long way during the past decade, but as with anything, they require maintenance. There used to be a larger variety of styles of tracked machines equipment manufacturers sold to farmers and they each had different maintenance demands. Now though, most track systems are […] Read more

Fendt’s Momentum planter helps address compaction with on-the-go tire pressure changes.

What’s new in planter technology

Manufacturers look to better precision, compaction reduction – and speed

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the hunt for higher yields, equipment manufacturers are combining more digital tech with in-field iron to alleviate a variety of planting challenges – from compaction to uneven planting depth.  Addressing localized compaction For Shawn Livingston, Eastern Canada regional manager for Precision Planting Inc., the impact of localized compaction on crop root development has been […] Read more

The Precision Disk 500 series air drill is now available with a single rank design, using 15-inch row spacings.

New equipment from Case IH

Updated big square baler and new seeding options introduced

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Despite recent difficulties and disruptions in production caused by COVID-19 at all equipment manufacturers, CNH’s two brands, New Holland and Case IH, had several new or updated machines to debut this past year. Among those introduced wearing Case IH red are an addition to that brand’s large square baler line, along with […] Read more

Russia-based Cognitive Agro Pilot offers an autonomous combine navigation system that relies on a self-contained camera system rather than on GPS.

Company uses AI to guide combines

Cognitive Agro Pilot relies more on sensing objects in the field instead of GPS to guide it

Reading Time: 3 minutes Artificial intelligence systems introduced into combine threshing systems enable the machines to automatically self-adjust to minimize losses and improve grain quality without operator input. Cognitive Agro Pilot’s system differs from the others. Instead of relying on a satellite signal, the system uses a camera to read the terrain ahead and its AI programming decides how […] Read more

Letters: European equipment imports happen for a reason

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dear editor, I have read the story in Farmtario quoting Bev Leavitt, head of CEEDA, Canada East Equipment Dealers Association, crying wolf about farmers buying agricultural machinery from Europe. Maybe it would be good to consider the reasons why this is happening. First of all, this is far from being a common practice. Between the […] Read more

Sprayers could be be made simpler, experts say.

What to look for in a new sprayer

Consider good cleaning, easy filling, the right boom — and ignore colour

Reading Time: 4 minutes Sprayers are expensive, absurdly so, according to Tom Wolf, Saskatoon-based spray application specialist. In an Ontario Agricultural Conference seminar with Jason Deveau, application specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Wolf gave his recommendations on what characteristics buyers might want to prioritize before signing on the dotted line. A few wishlist […] Read more

Smart-Apply places spray precisely in orchard crops.

John Deere connects with sprayer control company

Smart-Apply precisely places spray based on high-value crop canopy

Reading Time: < 1 minute John Deere is moving further into precision spaying of specialty crops with an alliance with an innovator of intelligent control systems. The company has entered into an allied distribution agreement with Smart Guided Systems to sell and support its Smart-Apply Intelligent Control System through the John Deere dealer channel in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. […] Read more

Slow moving vehicle signs need to be in good shape when a farm vehicle is on the road.

Road rules you might be breaking

MTO officers highlight what can – and can’t – be done when moving farm vehicles on public roads

Reading Time: 4 minutes [UPDATED: Jan. 8, 2021] Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act gives special exceptions, and some additional conditions, for farm equipment. But in an effort to improve overall roadway safety, Ministry of Transportation (MTO) enforcement officers encourage farmers to go beyond minimum safety requirements. Doing so, they say, starts with understanding what’s considered a farm vehicle, why exemptions […] Read more

Development of the Nemesis line began in 2013. It was launched to the public in 2019.

How to design a tractor, part 2

A continuing look at the development of a new Canadian-produced tractor

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – After Buhler Industries took over the original Versatile assembly plant in Winnipeg from New Holland in 2000, tractors sporting the Versatile brand name once again appeared on the market. Although the company inherited the four-wheel drive and Genesis tractor line along with the Winnipeg factory, both lines were dated and needed upgrades. […] Read more