Sandhill Cranes continue to cause damage

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A resolution to allow seed treatments for control of Sandhill Cranes was passed at the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association annual meeting.

The cranes dig up seeds and other crops such as potatoes and cause significant damage when they stop in North Ontario.

Mac Emiry, who farms in the Sudbury district has heard that farmers have lost $50,000 due to damage to potatoes.

“You don’t understand what these birds are like,” he said. “They are an interesting bird and I thought it was neat when I saw the first ones on our property, but I’ve kind of changed my mind on that.”

Another resolution called for more work to enable hay quality to be a determinant of the need for forage insurance compensation through Agricorp. It is challenging to evaluate hay quality independently and so insurance for hay is based on information from weather stations closest to the farm.

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