Soil manager app helps with test interpretation

The app gives another option for understanding soil tests

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A new soil test app will give farmers an easy way to get quick interpretation of their soil test results.

The app, found at was launched at the recent Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association annual meeting in London.

Jake Munro, OMAFRA’s soil management specialist for field crops, says that the app brings together information from several print OMAFRA resources into an interactive resource that gives farmers an alternative interpretation from what they’ve received from crop advisors and input suppliers.

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“It’s meant to provide a resource for you as a grower to interpret information,” he says.

He says the app’s data takes a “more conservative” approach than a grower would get from industry and is based on the economic annual rate of application for a specific crop.

The recommendations that come from the app have been vetted by researchers, industry and OMAFRA staff.

Growers can choose from 33 different vegetable and 15 different row crop options. They then add in the various numbers from a soil test to generate application recommendations.

There’s also an information page that explains what all the many measures on a soil test mean.

The unit can be set for imperial and metric and the results can be emailed as a PDF.

There are also 4R stewardship calculators for nitrogen and phosphorus, which help evaluate a grower’s current practices and rate how well they fit the 4R principles. The nitrogen 4R calculator is only available so far for corn and horticulture and vegetable crops.

The application was created by AgNition for OMAFRA and it was funded by the Canadian Agriculture Partnership, through the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

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