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There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has impacted every industry, and there’s no better time to sit down and see where each one is headed. Livestock Central will feature different livestock-related topics through webinars, sessions and panels. In Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show fashion, this area will feature the latest technology, products and research.

Livestock Central Programming

Beef Coffee Talk: Livestock are Critical to a Sustainable Food System

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Dr. Sara Place, Chief Sustainabilty Officer, Elanco

In recent years, livestock agriculture has faced pressure and media attention regarding its sustainability. Alternative products have used sustainability claims to market their imitation products to conscientious consumers looking to do the right thing with their purchasing habits. Often missing from the public discussion is a critical fact: a sustainable food system requires livestock. This presentation will cover some of the key environmental sustainability issues such as greenhouse gas emissions and feed-food competition, as well as highlight how livestock production can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability.

Building Resiliency in the Beef Sector Panel
Maryjo Tait, Co-owner & Operator, Celtic Ridge Farms; Trystan Halpert, Director of Operations, CHOP Steakhouse and Bar; Bob Lowe, President, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association; & Jarrod Gillig, VP Operations, Cargill. Moderated by Lisa Guenther, Editor, Canadian Cattlemen

Four industry leaders from different points on the beef supply chain come together to touch on the risks faced by the beef industry and the opportunities ahead. A farmer, a cattle industry leader, a high-end restaurant director and a processing facility executive come together to talk about the impact of COVID-19, what a more resilient industry would look like, and what we need to do to get there. This session is moderated by Lisa Guenther, Editor of Canadian Cattlemen. The session was developed in partnership with the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association.

Cattle Handling Demo
Tim Prior, Owner & President, Brussels Agri Services Ltd. & Bruce Abbey, Territorial Sales Manager, Gallagher North America

Learn how proper use of equipment can keep animals moving quietly through, keep the operator safe and increase efficiency.

The cattle handling systems being demonstrated will feature an eight-foot crowding tub, an eight-foot adjustable alley with Gallagher alley way ladders, and a manual processing chute with many features. It’s ideal for operations with cattle in different locations, as it is portable to be able to move from farm-to farm. The main feature is the head holder to totally restrain the animal’s head.

Sheep Farming in 2020
Romy and Ryan Schill, Owners & Operators of Circle R Lamb

Ryan and Romy Schill own and operate Circle R Lamb, a sheep operation located in Wallenstein, Ont. They started farming in 2015 with 25 head of sheep and grew to almost 1,000 ewes by 2018. They operate on 100 owned and 50 rented acres.

In this session, Ryan and Romy will walk through their farm and discuss decisions they have made regarding breeding stock, selling, barn versus pasture, feeding rations and why each group of sheep get the ration that they do.

Like all farmers, they are concerned about how COVID-19 might affect their business. about COVID-19 affecting their business. Learn what external factors impacted this sheep farm, how they have adapted and what their future plans are.

Rotational Grazing Demo
Tim Prior, Owner & President, Brussels Agri Services Ltd. & Bruce Abbey, Territorial Sales Manager, Gallagher North America

A well-managed pasture can increase productivity and extend the grazing season. This pasture grazing system works to easily move the cattle from one paddock to another, providing fresh nutrients daily. The cattle are controlled in approximately three acres of paddock, then moved to the next paddock daily. This allows the previous paddock to rest and rejuvenate for approximately 30 days until it is ready to be grazed again. This gives even grazing on each paddock. Portable water and mineral are also moved with the cattle.

Guardians of the Grasslands
John Jamieson, President and CEO Canadian Centre for Food Integrity

Tune in to watch a screening of the film “Guardians of the Grasslands,” a documentary exploring the current state of the Great Plains grasslands, and the role cattle play in the survival of this important ecosystem. You’ll also hear interviews with filmmakers Ben Wilson and Sarah Wray, and John Jamieson from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity will share his thoughts on how the film fits into agriculture’s public advocacy efforts.

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