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Preview: Canada's Digital Farm Show, Sept. 15-18

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In a normal year, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is held in Woodstock, a southwestern Ontario town in Oxford County. It leads the province in milk production, and is home to cheesemakers, restaurants featuring local dairy products, hundreds of dairy operations and dozens of dairy events.

The best-known event for dairy producers to see, touch and compare the newest technology for their farming operations is Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. While the show always attracts visitors from across Ontario and the United States, the show’s move to digital will expand the reach of the dairy offering to other dairy intensive regions like eastern Ontario, Quebec and New York. For companies leading the industry in innovations and technology, the show is a popular launch point for new products.

Like Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, this year’s digital edition will serve as a place for progressive dairy farmers to meet and seek out the latest dairy equipment, genetic information, farm management tips and research updates to improve their operations. This year’s Dairy Innovation Central will showcase state of the art dairy equipment, services, and ground-breaking technology.

Dairy Innovation Central Programming

Dairy Farms and the COVID-19 Effect, presented by FCC

Sebastien Pouliot, Principal Agricultural Economist, FCC

An FCC update on the dairy sector shows that COVID-19’s effects on the dairies affected profitability. Find out what it means for dairy farms.

Trade Deals and Dairy Farms

Al Mussell, Research Lead, Agri-Food Economic Systems

Three trade deals that increased access to the Canadian dairy market coame into effect. What’s the long-term implication? Hear about Class 7 alternatives and if the sector can grow fast enough to negate the impact of the deals.

A Compass for the World of Holstein Genetics

Brad Eggink, Manager of Classification and Field Services, Holstein Canada

Genomics influence most breeding decisions on dairy farms. Join Holstein Canada’s Brad Eggink to explore the tool the group has created to get full value from genetic decisions.

Annual Dairy Producer Brunch: How is COVID-19 Affecting Dairy Production in Ontario?

Sponsored by: Pioneer, FCC, Ontario Dairy Farmer and Blythe Brae Farms

A panel will include Alanna Coneybeare, Dairy Producer, Conlee Farms Ltd.; Reg Clinton, Veterinarian, Kirkton Veterinary Services; Rob Goodwill, Chair, Gay Lea Foods Co-operative & Producer, Lormarr Lea Holsteins; & Nick Thurler, Vice-Chair, Dairy Farmers of Ontario & Producer, Thurler Farms Inc. Moderated by: John Greig, Editor, Farmtario

The 12th annual Dairy Producer Brunch will look different this year. It’s BYOB(runch), with a live chat function that will allow for great conversation with fellow dairy producers. Grab a coffee and your morning meal, and get ready for a panel of dynamic speakers as they discuss COVID-19 and its implications for dairy farming.

BYOB(runch) is on us! Pioneer, FCC, Ontario Dairy Farmer and Blythe Brae Farms have partnered to provide 50 digital Tim Hortons coupons. Register for Canada’s Digital Farm Show now and bookmark this session between September 10 to be eligible.

Make Smart Manure Aeration Work

Adam Steward, Business Development Manager, Dairypower Equipment

New manure agitating equipment from Ireland provides automation for an unpopular and dangerous dairy farm chore. Dairy operators are all too familiar with the time consuming task of working up manure to agitate it. This chore requires planning, ties up a tractor and agitator for hours, burns fuel and releases dangerous gasses making it deadly if ventilation is not adequate.

The Dairypower Smart Manure Aeration System eliminates the need to agitate manure tanks. The system works through a blower motor delivering high volume/low pressure air to a patented rotary valve system, which then distributes air to specific sections of air lines and aeration points installed directly on the floor of the manure tank. The system is programmed to a control panel and will run automatically without the need for any human interference.

The system gives farmers control of their manure so they can apply it when they need it without having to agitate or wait hours before the tank has been agitated to spread manure. It creates a safer environment for humans, livestock and the environment.

Bird Control; The New Way to Dairy

Brett Miller, Agricultural Sales Director, North America at Bird Control Group

Brett Miller from Bird Control Group FenceFast brings new innovation to Canada’s Digital Farm Show. Many farmers struggle with birds in their barns or in their fields eating crops, and although there are different products on the market, Bird Control is a laser that can be installed indoors or outdoors to successfully scare birds away automatically 24/7, 365 days a year if required, with no noise, objects or chemicals.

Birds are able to process light differently than humans. For birds, a green laser appears as an unknown predator that deters birds from sitting on the green line, creating a fight or flight mood. This laser is unique and easily installs in a barn or fields, and can cover up to 48 acres. FenceFast AVIX Service providers have the required technical knowledge to create the best results in bird repelling directly from your phone or tablet. You can set the laser to run 20 different times throughout the day, as well as where to run and shine the laser. Bird Control offers a hands-on set-up process to help determine the best placement of the laser on your farm.

Exhibitor Profiles

BouMatic is a global company founded on innovation and technical leadership. It helps farmers run efficient and productive operations, safeguard animal welfare and provides solutions to the challenges that dairy producers face. Through the pandemic, it has worked hard to remain in contact with dealers and dairy producers, emphasizing the importance of supporting customers at all times.

A highlight at BouMatic’s Exhibitor Showcase booth at Canada’s Digital Farm Show is the new Gemini Milking Robot, a robot that provides operational continuity and efficiency. It features a unique patented system that attaches the milking equipment from between the rear legs and is the only double box on market able to offer an efficient, small footprint to considerably reduce investment costs. The Gemini will also be featured as part of the Canada Digital Farm Show Innovations Showcase.

BouMatic will feature a variety of other products including the RealTime Activity System, FloStar Xtreme milking claw, Magnum Turbo milking liner, Pulse MD pulsator system, SmartLite detacher, Bovi-Kote D premium iodine teat dip, the Xcalibur 90LX parallel parlor and the BouMatic Plate Cooler.

Gallagher Animal Management is a global company that creates electric fencing, weighing and traceability systems. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic it has continued their commitment to personal interactions with dealers and customers via digital communications like text messaging, email, digital conference and participating in Canada’s Digital Farm Show.

Its Exhibitor Showcase booth will feature the newest electric fence energizers, like the MBS series, with updated lines of plug-in, battery and solar units. The latest fencing products will feature new line posts, insulators and ringtop tread in posts. Weighting equipment and Miraco livestock water systems will also be on display.

Dairypower Equipment manufactures and sells manure management equipment globally. With several different scraper systems in its portfolio, its most unique product is the Smart Manure Aeration System. This system keeps manure in a liquid state year-round, eliminates the need for agitation, and reduces methane, ammonia and other dangerous greenhouse gas emissions dramatically. The Smart Manure Aeration System has been installed in the Slurrystore at the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, where it will be delivered by video demo during Canada’s Digital Farm Show. This marks the first trade show launch of this product in North America!

Grandview Concrete Grooving has specialized in the grooving of concrete floors in dairy barns for over 25 years. Grandview’s mission is to provide innovative solutions to suit customers’ needs in the safest and most efficient way possible. It collaborate with industry professionals to add new services such as wider grooves, two ways, and scraper system slots that include laser guidance for precision cutting. In its Exhibitor Showcase booth at Canada’s Digital Farm Show it will feature concrete grooving capabilities and laser-guided slot cutting services.

Calf Star will display a Calf Expert Automatic Calf Feeder with the Calf Star Double Milk Jug. This system provides complete automation, as all the equipment talks to each other. If you have robotic milk equipment there’s even more automation by adding a Mini Flash 2.0 to the operation. Milk that is being diverted for pasteurizing diverts directly to the Mini Flash 2.0, pasteurizes automatically and goes directly to the Double Milk Jug for chilled storage until a calf comes up to drink at the HygieneStation for the Calf Expert. Milk is pulled from the Double Milk Jug instantly for that calf and heated up with the Calf Expert.

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