Sources: European Reference Laboratory; The Pirbright Institute.

Canada imports pork from Poland, despite African swine fever

If the disease appears in Canada, countries could ban imports of Canadian pork and cause billions in economic damage

Canada continues to import pork from Poland, even though it has had hundreds of cases of ASF. For the first 11 months of 2018, Canada imported more than $25 million worth of pork from Poland, based on Agriculture Canada data. Infected meat is the primary vector of ASF, a viral disease that can cause fever, […] Read more

Zone of inhibition produced by Streptomyces sp myrophorea on a lawn of MRSA. The bacteria is the brown spot, and the lighter colour around the spot shows that it is inhibiting the spread of the MRSA which is surrounding it.

Bacteria found in ancient Irish soil halts growth of superbugs

Science Notes: The discovery offers new hope for tackling antibiotic resistance

Researchers analyzing soil from Ireland long thought to have medicinal properties have discovered that it contains a previously unknown strain of bacteria effective against four of the top six superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics, including MRSA. Antibiotic resistant superbugs could kill up to 1.3 million people in Europe by 2050, according to recent research. […] Read more

Although not required, “no trespassing” signs are encouraged for farm properties.

Farmers fear being targeted by activist invasions

Recent incidents have prompted many to review what the regulations allow

A recent self-guided tour by animal activists on a dairy farm in southwestern Ontario and a protest outside another dairy near London have farmers reviewing their rights and possible courses of action should they find themselves the next victims of these unwanted visitors. Why it matters: Animal rights activists are illegally trespassing on farm businesses […] Read more

Ernie Hardeman, left, Ontario’s minister of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs talks to Premier Doug Ford during a visit to a Woodstock-area farm.

Province hears from farmers on carbon tax

There’s little enthusiasm from the premier on a high speed rail proposal

The provincial Conservative government is continuing its push to negate the federal carbon tax. Premier Doug Ford, Rod Phillips, minister of environment, conservation and parks and Ernie Hardeman, minister of agriculture, visited Veldale Farms near Woodstock in late March to hear from farmers about the effects of the carbon tax. The meeting was closed to […] Read more

With spring seeding fast-approaching couched with uncertain commodity markets, there’s growing fear that the dispute with China is poised to hugely impact Canadian farmers’ bottom lines.

Opinion: Agriculture now part of grand global political game

Capital Letters with Kelsey Johnson of iPolitics

The news came in a single news release, quietly sent out the afternoon of March 21. Despite ongoing conversations, the Canola Council of Canada had been informed Chinese importers were no longer interested in purchasing Canadian canola seed. Technical conversations, the release said, had not shown an “immediate resolution was possible.” At this time, Canola […] Read more

Editorial: High speed investments

My fist-pump moment when we were deciding whether or not to buy our small farm 10 years ago had nothing to do with the state of the house, or soil conditions, or proximity to off-farm work. I was standing on the second floor of the derelict house on the property and I could see the […] Read more

Canada has a significant reputation for biosecurity, but the arrival of ASF would be devastating.

Canada’s pork industry is on high alert

African swine fever is spreading rapidly in other parts of the world and could cause catastrophic losses if it reached Canada. Here’s how the industry is trying to keep it out

Pork industry officials have welcomed bumped up biosecurity — including more detector dogs — at airports as one of several strategies to keep African swine fever (ASF) out of Canada. As an export dependent country, Canada is particularly at risk from the deadly virus. If it surfaced here, customers would quickly close their borders to […] Read more

OFA responds to Middlesex tax change rejection

Letter to the Editor: The county continued to support further tax burden shift to farmer

Dear Editor: The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) has serious concerns with the recent comments made by Middlesex County Warden Kurtis Smith in the March 27th London Free Press article, ‘Middlesex County rejects farmers’ bid for lower tax ratio’ by Jonathan Juha. Warden Smith’s comments clearly indicate Middlesex County’s lack of understanding of Ontario’s property […] Read more

Meagan Maitland and her mother-in-law created laminated sheets of all of their farm addresses after a fire on a neighbour’s farm property.

Knowing the details key in an emergency

As farmers move into the fields for planting, knowing locations and having a plan can help them stay safe

Meagan Maitland was discing a field in fall of 2018 when her husband raced down the road to inform her of a nearby field fire. It made her think about what would happen if she was presented with a similar situation — in a field by herself, in the middle of an emergency. Maitland, who […] Read more

Marie, left and Gary Baars with their children.

Talk about money, even though it’s tough

Having clear financial conversations can go a long ways towards building a successful succession plan

This is part of a continuing series by Matt McIntosh looking at succession issues. Discussing farm finances and the financial aspect of succession can be tough. This is particularly true when succession plans must account for family members who do not intend to farm, or those uncomfortable with money-related conversation. But discussing the dollars is […] Read more