There will be continued interest in plant-based protein products post-pandemic, and there is plenty of room for wheat and other grains to be included.

Grain-based foods popular in post-pandemic world

Altered purchasing behaviours and personal preferences may bring opportunities

Reading Time: 3 minutes Homemade sourdough bread might not last into post-pandemic life, but that doesn’t mean the popularity of wheat and grains will diminish overall. Changing consumption behaviour offers many opportunities for the sector, according to Dana McCauley, veteran food system analyst and director of New Venture Creation in the University of Guelph Office of Research. Why it […] Read more

Cherry orchards are one area where agriculture technology company IntelliCulture is working.

Ag society turns funding efforts to ag-tech start-ups

First recipient offers technology that assists high-value orchards

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new type of investment in agriculture technology is being made by the Grand River Agricultural Society (GRAS) which takes it into new territory for an agricultural society. Why it matters: There isn’t a lot of flexible investment available to mid startup stage agriculture companies and several groups are working to find original ways – […] Read more

Opinion: Stop selling false hope for historical carbon efforts

Opinion: Stop selling false hope for historical carbon efforts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farmers holding out hope that historical efforts to sequester carbon will earn them credit on a newly-created market should accept a hard truth. It isn’t happening. They should have accepted disappointment long ago, but are continuously sold false hopes by their leaders. Globally, putting a price on carbon and offering the opportunity to buy and […] Read more

Pandemic cancels in-person Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show’s in-person trade show has been cancelled for 2021, although the company continues to roll out digital opportunities for farmers to get together and learn. The Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) team has met regularly with public health officials and the provincial government and it determined that the popular farm show could […] Read more

There are more options to reduce interest rate risk over a longer period of time for higher value farm borrowers.

Interest rate hike protection advised

Rates are forecasted to rise next year, so now is the time to hedge risk

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Farmers should start thinking about protecting themselves from potential interest rate hikes, agricultural debt financing experts say. “If you … have borrowings of $2 million or greater that do have long-term amortizations that are associated with them, you should be exploring ways for you to mitigate your interest rate risk over a […] Read more

Although Canada has the potential to lead in the cellular sector, it lacks significant investment in engineering biology education or research.

Cellular agriculture makes waves in protein production

Canadian government investment, cellular food policy strategy and regulation are missing yet

Reading Time: 4 minutes Scalable cell-based meat production is a reality now that the world’s first industrial cultured meat facility has been launched.  Israel-based Future Meat Technologies (FMT) opened its plant last month and aims to have products on the market by 2022. The facility marks new market potential to compete against traditional agriculture and aquaculture sectors.  Why it matters: […] Read more

Editorial: The two routes to agriculture minister

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lisa Thompson was recently named the new minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for Ontario, another in a line of female agriculture ministers from Huron-Bruce. I’ve known Thompson for a long time and she’s spent her life in agriculture. I remember riding the bus while I was taking the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program (AALP) […] Read more

Could COVID vaccine development speed change the game for food?

Could COVID vaccine development speed change the game for food?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Could bio-innovation be the disruptive technology that addresses the challenges of feeding a growing population and reversing climate change? A McKinsey Global Institute report was released in May 2020 called The Bio Revolution: Innovations transforming economies, societies and our lives. It surveyed scientific advances and explored 400 use cases to create a roadmap of the […] Read more

Ultraviolet light is widely used in food sanitation because it can be tuned to inactivate microbes without damaging food, such as the fresh cucumber in this test.

UV light holds grain decontamination potential

Researchers want to build pilot-scale UV sanitation unit to test stored grain

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Tatiana Koutchma foresees a slew of new applications for ultraviolet sanitation, whether it’s helping to keep meat packing lines free of SARS-CoV-2 or knocking fusarium fungus out of grain. “Before we only had lamps as a source of UV light,” she said. “Now, we have LEDs. They are small, flexible and their […] Read more

Can-Am has introduced an updated line of Commander off-road, side-by-side machines for 2021.

Can-Am releases new side-by-sides

Better performance and more hauling and towing capacity promised for 2021 Commanders

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – It’s been 10 years since BRP’s Can-Am brand first introduced its side-by-side Commander models in 2010. Now, the company has given them a major redesign for 2021. BRP claims the revamp not only enhanced the Commanders’ performance but made them more versatile as well. “The 2021 Can-Am Commander is our most versatile […] Read more