Editorial: Minding the fence lines

Reading Time: 3 minutes The idiom goes that fences make good neighbours, but fence building also makes enemies, even among people who live and work next to each other on farms. That’s why decades ago the province created the Line Fences Act to provide a mechanism to solve fencing disputes and keep them out of the courts. Back when […] Read more

Watermelons head to market in California.

Managing water for farming on a large scale

California’s most recent drought has pushed farmers to become more water-use efficient

Reading Time: 4 minutes The drought may be over but water continues to be a top-of-mind issue in California — particularly for its US$50 billion a year agriculture sector. Most of the state’s rainfall happens in the north and most consumption in the agricultural and urbanized south, which has created a complex water distribution network anchored by two main […] Read more

Feed Ontario interim executive director Amanda King presents the Paul Mistele Award to Ed Benjamins, chair of Chicken Farmers of Ontario.

Chicken Farmers of Ontario receive award

Reading Time: < 1 minute Chicken Farmers of Ontario was named the recipient of the Paul Mistele Award, in recognition of the CFO Cares: Farmers to Food Banks Program. The award was presented by Feed Ontario Oct. 24 at the annual Harvest Gala hosted by Farm & Food Care. Named for the late farm leader who founded Ontario Pork’s Donate-A-Hog […] Read more

New chair and vice chair elected for National Sheep Network

Alberta and Quebec representatives fill top roles

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new chair was elected for the National Sheep Network during a recent meeting held in Ontario. Ryan Greir from Alberta was elected chair for the organization, with Pierre Lessard of Quebec, elected vice-chair. Currently, Greir is vice-chair of the Alberta Lamb Producers and farms east of Strathmore, Alta. “It’s an exciting time to step […] Read more

The Smithfield Foods processing plant in Smithfeld,Virginia, in 2017.

Smithfield looks through whole supply chain to limit carbon impact

Manure remains the largest impact on carbon for the worldwide swine production company

Reading Time: 3 minutes Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest producer and processor of hogs, has a significant plan to reduce carbon emissions from its operations. The company has set a goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 25 per cent by 2025 in its United States operations. Why it matters: Farmers are increasingly under pressure to reduce carbon emissions. […] Read more

Keith Agoada is using a blockchain system to connect an avocado growers’ co-operative to markets.

Search still on for blockchain business value

The secure ledger system was supposed to revolutionize food transactions, but a lack of data sharing has hindered adoption

Reading Time: 3 minutes The world has been hearing about blockchain for years, but several advocates and innovators of the system admit that there’s not that much to show for it yet. Why it matters: Value chains in agriculture tend to be inefficient with the need for humans to input information and the errors that come with that. It’s […] Read more

Baby chicks were shown to be able to determine danger just after birth.

Chicks born with ability to distinguish and avoid dangers

Science Notes: Appropriate reactions to predators key to survival

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chicks are born with the know-ledge to flee from predators rather than learning it from experience, according to a study by University of Trento in Italy and Queen Mary University of London. Researchers also found that newborn chicks know to slow down or stop moving to avoid being noticed when a predator is far away. […] Read more

Farm & Food Care Ontario now a charitable organization

Reading Time: < 1 minute Farm & Food Care Ontario is moving from a non-profit organization to a charity, which will allow it to issue charitable receipts to donors. The organization, a coalition of farmers, agriculture professionals and businesses, communicates with the public about crop and livestock production. The charitable status will mean the organization can qualify for funding from […] Read more

The RootSmart tray developed by A.M.A. to allow lateral root growth.

Growing trees that last

Ontario innovation helps with costly problem for municipalities and growers

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is no denying the benefits of planting trees. From giving off oxygen we need to breathe and providing shade and habitat, to beautification, reducing erosion and pollution, and minimizing storm water runoff, trees add tremendous value to our landscapes. Many municipalities have very active planting programs — it’s estimated, for example, that the City […] Read more

Murray Porteous is retiring from farming, but will miss being in his orchards.

When I’m gone from farming

A retiring farmer thinks about what he will most remember about his farming career

Reading Time: 5 minutes You wake me before the dawn, stirring the passion within. The excitement of a new day, a new challenge, a new chore. I will miss you when you’re gone. The scent of hydrangea invades my thoughts as I step out from my house into the cool, fall, morning air. Stems bowed from the weight of […] Read more