Easyconnect seals chemical transfer

A specially designed fill valve creates a sealed connection with a chemical container

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Glacier FarmMedia – It’s not often we see major crop protection companies work together on technology, but that’s what’s happening as they develop a new universal closed transfer system (CTS) for chemicals.

The CTS Easyconnect consists of a specially designed fill valve that creates a sealed connection between the CTS and the chemical container.

The chemical container is built with a unique cap that fits the Easyconnect fill valve. The system must use jugs with the special cap. The connection remains sealed tight throughout the filling process.

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The product is dispensed and the container and coupling rinsed in a totally sealed system. There is no risk of exposure to the operator or the environment. It’s also possible to dispense part cans, using the valve and scale on the side.

“The introduction of CTS on a broad range of products will have real benefits by significantly reducing the risk of spills during handling products,” said Syngenta’s Xavier Leprince. “Further advantages are seen in the integrated rinsing system, which makes it easier to clean and rinse packaging.”

Pentair Hypo says the Easyconnect has been shown to reduce operator exposure and environmental risks from splashing or spilling chemical during loading, as well as making it easier for farmers to rinse packaging and reduce overall sprayer fill times.

Five leading chemical manufacturers have signed on to supply product in jugs with the standardized caps.

BASF initiated the project, and they have been joined by Corteva, NuFarm, Syngenta and Adama.

This article was originally published at the Western Producer.

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