Todd Cowan, station manager of the Centralia Research Station.

Researchers expand tillage options related to dry beans

There are few weed control options for dry bean in conservation tillage

Reading Time: 3 minutes More than half of the dry bean trials at the Centralia Research Station are now done using strip tillage equipment.  “We want to go strip till, because that’s what we’re evaluating it for, growers who want to go strip till or minimum till. We want to be closest to the practices that growers are using […] Read more

Halo AerWay is available in 20, 25 and 30-foot sizes now, and 35 and 40-foot machines in 2021.

Salford puts on a Halo and tills like the devil

Tillage tools come in many forms, but the new high-speed disc with AerWay tool onboard puts a bite on the field

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Salford recently launched a new tillage frame called the Halo that can be fit with different combinations of ground engagement tools. Two models are available. The Halo high speed disc (HSD) comes in five sizes from 20 to 40 feet wide, and the Halo AerWay is available in 20, 25 and 30-foot […] Read more

Versatile’s Fury high-speed compact disc in transport mode. (

Versatile to move tillage equipment work to Winnipeg

Buhler to halt production at Vegreville next fall

Reading Time: 2 minutes The company that makes Versatile tractors and tillage equipment is set to consolidate those product lines at its plant in Winnipeg, pulling the work out of its plant in east-central Alberta. Farm equipment maker Buhler Industries announced Friday it will halt production at the former Ezee-On manufacturing plant at Vegreville, Alta. in September 2021 and […] Read more

The highly fluted disc is the key component of the Väderstad Crosscutter, where they are set in two ranks with the leading rank offset by 14 degrees from the rear. These are followed by a rank of heavy packers.

Swedish disc offers new approach to seed bed prep

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – A new variation on the familiar disc tackles the challenges of managing crop residues, volunteer plants, and weeds, while also preparing the seed bed for a crop. “Has anyone seen a disc that looks like this before?” said Philip Korczak, holding up a steel disc with a wildly serrated edge. Korczak, regional […] Read more

Wes Hart eventually developed a system of strip till and the ability to apply both liquid and solid fertilizer.

Adventures in strip-tilling

How two farmers adopted and augmented their strip-till approach

Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s more than one way to strip-till a field. During this year’s Canada’s Digital Farm Show, Woodstock-area grain growers Ken Martin and Wes Hart shared their lessons learned, and triumphs experienced, in making the hybrid tillage system work for their businesses. Why it matters: Strip-tillage continues to attract interest as a workable midway approach to […] Read more

Corn seedlings.

Looking for carbon sequestration answers

U.S. farmers could soon be paid for sequestering carbon, which could put Canadian farmers at another subsidy disadvantage

Reading Time: 7 minutes Canadian farmers are worried their American neighbours are on the cusp of getting yet another competitive advantage, this time over carbon management. Farmers in this country are not only paying carbon taxes on many of their farm inputs, they are not receiving any credits for the carbon sequestered in their soils. Meanwhile, American legislators are […] Read more

The new Lemken Juwel reversible rollover plow lets the operator turn the furrow left or right. Lemken offers a wide variety of shares and discs for different situations.

Steel meets soil once again, but different

New generation plows are available for our changing chemical-free world as some farms return to metal weed control

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – As some farms gradually migrate away from chemical control of plant disease, weeds and insects, farmers have little choice but to revert to some level of cultivation. Steel meets soil, again. There’s an emerging demand for innovative new generation technology to deal with this challenge. In response, Lemken has introduced its new […] Read more

Tima Bansal of the Ivy School of Business led a recent discussion over a no-till business case to be used at the business school.

Business school no-till case shows complexity of tillage decisions

Farmers tested the delivery of the case for Ivy Business School

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ivy Business School at Western University is aiming to include more agriculture cases for study by its business students. But first, it recently hosted an evening for farmers and the sector to discuss one of the cases set for students to analyze, and professors there found it’s challenging to the level of us versus them. […] Read more

Sometimes soybeans have to be swathed if there is too much green material.

Waiting and weeding are keys to organic success

After six years, this organic farmer is seeing reduction in some weeds

Reading Time: 4 minutes It can sometimes be comforting for an organic farmer if the view of their field from the roadway shows an absence of green growth between the rows of corn or soybeans. But according to the presenter of a recent Guelph Organic Conference session entitled “Avoiding Field Crop Disasters,” this illusion can often hide the troubling […] Read more

Brian Hyland, ESCIA president, left, Richard Paquette, his father Robert Paquette and Michael Dick representing Essex Region Conservation Authority were part of the presentation of the Conservation Farm Award to the Paquette family.

Paquette Farms wins conservation award

Farm uses minimal-impact tillage and pays attention to precision nutrient application

Reading Time: < 1 minute A dedication to low-soil-impact practices won Paquette Farms the 2019 Conservation Farm Award. The family was presented with the award at the Essex Soil and Crop Improvement Association (ESCIA) Annual Meeting in December. The award is presented each year to the farming operation which best displays conservation-minded farming practices from those nominated. The farms are […] Read more