Anxiety can be a factor in farm decision-making during the pandemic, but understanding that emotion can help, says one expert.

Hack your brain to reduce stress

Help yourself and others by understanding how the brain works

Reading Time: 3 minutes Updated June 8, 2020 Agriculture is unpredictable, and the COVID-19 pandemic is placing additional stress on farmers’ mental health. Experts say understanding the neurological origins of stress and the contagious nature of emotions can alleviate pressure caused by stress. Why it matters: Fear and anxiety can impede decision making, directly affecting the business and those […] Read more

Report links business management, mental health of farmers

Farm women, young farmers report higher levels of stress, difficulties coping

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ottawa — A new report from Farm Management Canada (FMC) calls for action after determining 75 per cent of Canadian farmers reported being moderately to highly stressed about unpredictable interference, workload pressure and financial pressures. But how a farmer plans his or her business — and associated risks — can help lower that statistic. The […] Read more

Labour shortages and high turnover are key challenges faced in the agriculture industry.

Study finds burnout a real risk for producers

The Ontario study found that community involvement improved farmers’ mental health

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Many farmers in Canada are on the verge of burnout, according to a study, putting them at risk of developing chronic diseases and mental health challenges. The new study, conducted by the University of Guelph in Ontario, found that nearly half of participants felt ineffective, disengaged or overextended. Why it matters: Stressed […] Read more

For a long time, the attitude in the agriculture community was to “cowboy up” or be “farm tough.” Today that mentality is changing.

Opinion: Government takes notice of mental health concerns in farming

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farming has long been considered to be among the most dangerous occupations. It’s a profession where long hours are commonplace, financial risk is real and many factors, such as weather are out of a farmer’s control. Combine that with the isolation and loneliness that can sometimes accompany its rural setting and the struggles producers face, […] Read more

Back problems are the most common movement-related injury for farmers.

Day-to-day work around the farm doesn’t have to be painful

Here are some tips to avoid injury by evaluating activities and preparing for them

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farmers take their aches and pains as part of their work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Understanding factors that contribute to on-farm injury can be a start to reducing risk of getting hurt. Why it matters: Farmers are busy, especially in certain seasons of the year, so reducing risk of injury when […] Read more

Stressors pile up for Manitoba soybeans

Reading Time: 2 minutes Damaged patches of soybeans around Manitoba this year could be due to a combination of stresses, says Manitoba Agriculture plant pathologist Holly Derksen. “It’s a tricky year for diagnosing these problems,” Derksen said Wednesday during the Crop Talk Westman webinar. “When multiple stressors are present often the soybean plants may respond differently. Not all plants, […] Read more