This week on ‘Between The Rows’

This week on ‘Between The Rows’

Episode 219, April 8, 2021

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Corn shipped from the Gulf of Mexico continues to be competitive in world markets.

Market risk in South America erodes, causing limited market upside

Ontario crop exports should increase as Great Lakes shipping opens

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Ontario growing region has received less than 40 per cent of normal precipitation over the past 30 days.  Farmers are heading into the spring period with drier conditions and timely rains are needed for the winter wheat crop.  Quick look Soybeans: Markets soon to switch to watching North American planting progress.Corn: Ethanol margin increase […] Read more

Corn acres are expected to increase in the United States in 2021, but not as much as soybeans.

Volatile crop market expected in 2021

There’s little extra supply to endure a weather-related crop event

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Chip Nellinger has one central piece of advice for grain farmers heading into the 2021-22 crop year — fasten your seatbelts. “It’s going to be a real volatile, bumpy ride in my opinion this spring and summer,” the Blue Reef Agri-Marketing analyst said during the United States Farm Report segment of the […] Read more

The Brazilian soybean crop harvest is being hindered by rain.

European demand up for Ontario soybeans

Soybean stocks are tight around the world and poor weather could make them tighter

Reading Time: 5 minutes During the second week of March, Ontario corn, soybean and wheat prices were trading near or at 52-week highs as domestic and export demand continues to exceed year-ago levels. Quick lookSoybeans: Brazil’s soybean harvest lags year-ago levels.Corn: Second crop corn planting in Brazil about 30 per cent behind last year’s pace.Wheat: Wheat market could rise […] Read more

China’s sudden emergence as a major importer of the crop caught the U.S. Department of Agriculture off guard.

Dissecting China’s hunger for corn

Surprising volumes of corn were bought by China in 2020, supporting prices

Reading Time: 3 minutes Analysts are debating whether China’s huge 2020-21 corn and wheat purchases are an anomaly. Dan Basse, president of AgResource Company, is firmly in the camp that they are not a one-off episode. Why it matters: Foundational shifts in global commodity demand can have long-term impacts on prices and uses of crops. “It looks like China […] Read more

Soybeans continue to have momentum in the market, compared to corn.

North American soybean planting expected to rise

Prices and low stocks encouraging increased acres

Reading Time: 5 minutes During the final week of February, Ontario soybean prices were hovering around $17 per bushel, while elevator corn bids were slightly below $7 per bushel. Quick look Soybeans: Canadian soybean export and domestic use are both up over a year ago.Corn: Ethanol margins are higher, but processors seem to be well stocked.Wheat: Export values for […] Read more

Brazil’s next corn crop planting will be delayed by current rains.

Rains in Brazil delay soy harvest, support markets

The country is still expected to have a record soybean crop

Reading Time: 6 minutes According to Statistics Canada, total Canadian corn stocks as of Dec. 31 were 11 million tonnes, up from 10.7 million tonnes on Dec. 31, 2019. Total soybean stocks at the end of 2020 were estimated at 3.7 million tonnes, down from four million tonnes at year-end of 2019. Quick look Soybeans: Ontario soybean basis holding […] Read more

Ontario winter wheat planting was up in fall 2020 over 2019 acreage totals.

Market sends signals for more soybean acres

U.S. corn exports are running 131 per cent above last year

Reading Time: 5 minutes Earlier in January, the corn and soybean futures market incorporated a risk premium due to the uncertainty in South American production. This risk premium in the market is eroding due to recent precipitation and favourable weather forecasts. Quick look Soybeans: Farmers were regular sellers throughout the price rally. Corn: Ethanol demand for corn has declined […] Read more

Soybean stocks in Ontario and in the United States are expected to reach historical lows this year.

Soybeans, corn, wheat continue strong runs

Soybean demand remains firm in midst of heavy farmer selling

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ontario soybean stocks are expected to drop to historical lows at the end of the 2020-21 crop year due to the year-over-year increase in export and domestic demand. Quick look Soybeans: South American crop will have an impact on prices after March. Corn: Earlier-than-usual export holding Ontario corn prices. Wheat: Russian, Ukraine wheat limits supportive […] Read more

Soybeans have continued to climb in value at the end of 2020.

Drier South American conditions supporting soybean prices

Russia planning tariffs on grains as of February

Reading Time: 6 minutes Statistics Canada’s final crop survey confirmed above-average yields for Ontario corn and soybeans; however, winter wheat yields came in similar to the five-year average. Quick look Soybeans: Ontario 2020 production was higher than the five-year average. Corn: Corn production in Ontario is up .3 million tonnes over the five-year average. Wheat: Canadian non-durum wheat stocks […] Read more