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Klassen: Feeder cattle markets experience volatility

Beef prices encourage slaughter pace

Reading Time: 2 minutes Compared to the previous week, western Canadian feeder cattle markets traded $3-$4 on either side of week-ago levels. Prices were quite variable across the Prairies with four main factors influencing buyer sentiment. First, the eastern Prairie regions experienced adverse winter weather. Auction barns in Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan had smaller volumes on offer. Buyers shied […] Read more

Soybean stocks in Ontario are expected to be low by the end of this growing season.

Ontario corn, soybeans hit highs, wheat slides

Markets are now focusing on upcoming North American production

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ontario corn and soybean prices made fresh 52-week highs in early April while elevator wheat bids have dropped 40 cents per bushel from the February peak.  Quick look Soybeans: Ontario soybean production is expected to be up in 2021 versus 2020.Corn: Crude oil’s increase is helping to underpin corn price.Wheat: Timely rains will be needed […] Read more

CME August 2021 feeder cattle (candlesticks) with Bollinger bands (20,2) and 100-day moving average (black line). (Barchart)

Klassen: Stronger demand drives feeder market

Reading Time: 2 minutes Compared to last week, western Canadian yearling prices were $3 to as much as $6 higher, but calf prices were relatively unchanged. Major feedlot operators were very aggressive on heavier calves and yearlings weighing 700-850 lbs. Yearlings over 850 lbs. were also well bid but not as strong as their lighter-weight counterparts. Feed barley prices […] Read more

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Klassen: Feeder market digests USDA acreage report

Reading Time: 2 minutes Compared to last week, western Canadian feeder cattle markets were relatively unchanged. Lower flesh yearlings appeared to trade $2-$3 higher in certain pockets of Alberta but replacements carrying excessive butter experienced severe discounts of $6 to as much as $10 in some cases. October and December live cattle futures made fresh contract highs, which underpinned […] Read more

Corn shipped from the Gulf of Mexico continues to be competitive in world markets.

Market risk in South America erodes, causing limited market upside

Ontario crop exports should increase as Great Lakes shipping opens

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Ontario growing region has received less than 40 per cent of normal precipitation over the past 30 days.  Farmers are heading into the spring period with drier conditions and timely rains are needed for the winter wheat crop.  Quick look Soybeans: Markets soon to switch to watching North American planting progress.Corn: Ethanol margin increase […] Read more

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Klassen: Feeder cattle market exhibits defensive tone

Reading Time: 2 minutes March 30 — Compared to the previous week, western Canadian feeder cattle markets traded steady to $3 lower on average. Alberta packers were buying fed cattle on a dressed basis in the range of $245-$249 delivered, down from the average value of $250 seven days earlier. Deteriorating feeding margins set a negative tone for the […] Read more

CME May 2021 feeder cattle with 20-, 50- and 100-day moving averages. (Barchart)

Klassen: Feeder market remains volatile

Feed grain values remain firm

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last week, western Canadian yearling markets were traded $2-$4 above week-ago levels from Monday through Wednesday; however, buyers backed away from the market on Thursday and Friday as feeder cattle futures fell nearly $7 from Wednesday’s high. By the end of the week, yearlings were relatively unchanged from week-ago levels. Calf prices were relatively flat […] Read more

The Brazilian soybean crop harvest is being hindered by rain.

European demand up for Ontario soybeans

Soybean stocks are tight around the world and poor weather could make them tighter

Reading Time: 5 minutes During the second week of March, Ontario corn, soybean and wheat prices were trading near or at 52-week highs as domestic and export demand continues to exceed year-ago levels. Quick lookSoybeans: Brazil’s soybean harvest lags year-ago levels.Corn: Second crop corn planting in Brazil about 30 per cent behind last year’s pace.Wheat: Wheat market could rise […] Read more