The PrevTech unit being installed in a barn.

New tools aid farm fire prevention

Automated tracking and new fire extinguishing technology could reduce barn fires

Reading Time: 4 minutes New electrical fault detection and fire extinguishing technologies are giving farmers new options to prevent fires. Alarm systems and other technology designed to prevent or extinguish fires have had limited availability for on-farm use. Why it matters: Farms, especially barns, are becoming more valuable so fires have become more costly. Two new technologies recently introduced […] Read more

Barn fires are often started somewhere in the electrical system.

Regular barn inspection critical to electrical fire prevention

Any exposed electrical connection is an area with fire risk

Reading Time: 3 minutes All it takes is one spark — fire can happen anywhere and anytime on a farm. While the cause can be difficult to confirm, firefighters, inspectors and insurance companies agree, electrical issues top the list as one of the leading causes of fires on farms. “I’ve seen all kinds of electrical hazards and my rule […] Read more

The chance of a grain dryer fire occurring can be reduced by routine maintenance.

Mechanical issues often cause of grain dryer fires

Preventive maintenance can help reduce risk of loss of grain — and equipment — due to fire

Reading Time: 4 minutes When it comes to reducing the risk of on-farm fires, maintenance and prevention are a farmer’s best defence. Dave McEachren, a Glencoe, Ont., grain farmer, who is also a volunteer firefighter and captain of the Southwest Middlesex Fire Department, confirms the leading causes of fire and calls to emergency services due to fires in grain […] Read more

Poor electrical connections can melt or damage plugs, extension cords or the block heaters themselves.

Keeping equipment warm, but not letting it burn

Poor electrical connections around block heaters are a leading cause of fires on farms

Reading Time: 3 minutes Faulty equipment stored or parked in barns or sheds remains a leading cause of farm fires. And the use of portable heaters, extension cords and block heaters in tractors significantly increases the risk. Even properly functioning block heaters can cause a fire if they are plugged into a cord with a poor connection. Poor connections […] Read more

Most barn fires occur in winter, when electrical use is high.

Top 10 ways to help prevent barn fires

Inspection and care of electrical systems, whether permanent or temporary, is part of a fire prevention plan in barns, says the agriculture department

Reading Time: 2 minutes Barn fires are a year-round concern, but most occur in the winter. The colder months are generally the time when feed and bedding storage is greatest, electricity use is high, and equipment repairs and upgrades are made. It is an important time to be extra vigilant. When it comes to barn fires, prevention is key. […] Read more