Truck driver charged in protester death incident

Driver charged with careless driving causing death

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Updated July 22

A North Perth truck driver has been charged after a truck struck and killed a protester at the Fearman’s Pork processing plant in Burlington June 19.

The driver was charged with careless driving causing death under the Highway Traffic Act by Halton Regional Police Service.

The police said in a statement that “there were no grounds to indicate that this was an intentional act or that a criminal offence has been committed”.

The 28-year-man was charged after the police say they interviewed witnesses, analyzed physical evidence and examined video footage that captured the entirety of the incident.

Regan Russell of Hamilton died as a result of the incident. She was in her 60s and a regular protester at the plant, where trucks are often stopped by protesters and pigs given water.

A GoFundMe page has been created to support the driver, who works for Brussels Transport. As of the morning of July 22, about a day after it was started, almost $50,000 has been raised, which was the goal.

Updated with GoFundMe page total.

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