Syngenta launches five new fungicide products

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Syngenta Canada recently launched Miravis, a lineup of five fungicide products designed to protect crops against several of the most destructive diseases facing Canadian farmers.

Miravis fungicides are built with Adepidyn, a new Group 7 fungicide belonging to the carboxamide chemical class.

Miravis fungicides are registered in Canada on multiple crops – including wheat, canola, pulses, corn, and fruit and vegetable crops through five brands:

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Miravis Ace – For spring, winter and durum wheat

Ace fungicide brings together propiconazole (Group 3) and a new mode of action Adepidyn fungicide to manage fusarium head blight.

Miravis Neo – For corn, chickpeas and field peas

Miravis Neo is a combination of technical fungicides Adepidyn, azoxystrobin (Group 11) and propiconazole (Group 3). It offers superior control of the broadest range of foliar corn diseases — including grey leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight — and also suppresses fusarium and gibberella ear rots through a new mode of action.

Miravis Neo is also registered in field peas and chickpeas as the first three-modes of action foliar fungicide for pulse crops. It provides preventive, long-lasting protection against key diseases such as ascochyta and mycosphaerella blight.

Miravis Bold — For canola

Miravis Bold contains technical fungicide Adepidyn and delivers consistent, long-lasting control of sclerotinia, one of the most destructive diseases in canola.

Miravis Duo — For cucurbit and fruiting vegetables

Miravis Duo brings together technical fungicides Adepidyn and difenoconazole (Group 3) for the broadest disease control label in cucurbit and fruiting vegetables. Miravis Duo is designed to help growers manage early blight, powdery mildew and alternaria leaf spot in addition to several other important diseases.

Miravis Prime — For grapes

Miravis Prime combines technical fungicides Adepidyn, and fludioxonil (Group 12) for effective control of botrytis grey mould, a disease that can cause severe yield losses and substantially reduce quality in grapes.

Syngenta will begin introducing the Miravis fungicide lineup in parts of Canada in 2020.

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