OFA increases leadership program contribution

OFA increases leadership program contribution
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The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) contributed an extra $10,000 to the current class of the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program (AALP).

The money raised will offset costs of additional COVID-19 related travel requirements for more social distancing and re-planning of AALP Class 18’s international study tour.

A foundational partner of the Advanced Agricultural Leadership program, along with the University of Guelph and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, OFA has been a leading sponsor for 36 years since the program’s inception in 1984.

Over that time 17 classes have graduated 482 alumni who contribute their leadership skills to the agri-food sector in businesses, organizations, governments, media, and for global trade/ policy/development. AALP is an experiential executive leadership program for those who want to shape the future of the agriculture and food industry and make a positive difference in rural communities across Ontario.

OFA says it wanted to support the 21 participants of the current Class 18 to ensure they graduate having the experience AALP is known for, strong leadership skills, a wide-ranging network and a global appreciation of the ag-sector.

“As an AALP Class 9 alumnus I know the value of building a strong network, both among the participants within an AALP Class and also with local, provincial, national and international influencing leaders,” said Cathy Lennon, general manager of OFA.

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