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No winter wheat performance report for 2019

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All winter wheat performance trials conducted by the Ontario Cereal Crops Committee in southern and eastern Ontario were severely affected by the prolonged wet weather during the fall, winter and spring.

As a result there will be no winter wheat performance report for 2019.

Two locations were not planted in fall 2018. Many of the remaining locations were either lost during winter, or the tests were discarded because they were too variable to produce reliable data. Consequently, there will be limited data, if any, for these areas. Both trials in Area 5 (Northern Ontario) are expected to produce reliable data, but harvest is extremely delayed.

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As a result of this outcome, the OCCC will not be publishing a 2019 Winter Cereals Performance Trials Report. Growers are advised to use the 2018 report as their guide in selecting varieties for planting this fall, which is available on the website in the downloads section on the main page.

Data deemed acceptable from 2019 will be incorporated into the long-term averages in future reports. A 2019 report for Area 5 will be released when the data become available.

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