Licence fees on veal now apply at sales barn

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Sellers of veal through sales barns will now have to pay licence fees to Veal Farmers of Ontario.

Veal Farmers of Ontario recently announced amendments to regulations that came into effect Jan. 1 that update the definitions of veal cattle and include the collection of licence fees on veal cattle sold in sales barns.

VFO has worked with the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission to bring forward amendments to Regulation 58/15 — Veal Cattle-Marketing Plan and Regulation 272/14 — Veal Cattle-Plan.

The amendments bring in several changes:

  • They expand the definition of veal cattle to include an extended weight on male dairy bob calves up to 150 pounds.
  • They allow started or preconditioned intact male dairy calves of up to 450 lbs.
  • They include veal cattle marketed on live weight basis, weighing no more than 769 lbs. through an auction or livestock dealer.

There are no changes to the definitions for those producers who market their veal cattle directly to processors.

There are no changes to the $5.50 per head licence fee or check-off being assigned to veal cattle sold.

Before the amendments, veal cattle sold in sales barns on a live weight basis would have had the Beef Farmers of Ontario check-off applied.

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