Canadian consumers offered praise for the food system’s response to the pandemic, but what lies ahead?

Opinion: The privilege of many problems

Availability, authenticity and accountability are the hallmarks of a trusted food supply

Reading Time: 3 minutes “A person with empty stomach has one problem, but a person with full stomach has many.” Most Canadians are not used to worrying about access to food. Despite a few short-term impacts resulting from adjustments in the supply chains, even COVID-19 left the shelves stocked. According to recently released research by the Canadian Centre for […] Read more

What can we expect Ontario's livestock sector to look like in a post-COVID world?

Comment: Are livestock industries prepared for life after COVID?

Labour, consumer trends, accountability and cross-sector co-operation have to be managed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are we there yet? Every parent has heard that phrase coming from the backseat. Now, as adults, we are asking that question relative to the pandemic. The end date is unknown, but what can we expect the Ontario livestock sector to look like post-COVID? I heard once that “life can only be understood backward; but […] Read more

Each livestock sector faces its own unique threats, including African swine fever in pigs.

Opinion: Dare to be dull

Canada’s livestock sector can learn from pandemic

Reading Time: 3 minutes At a social gathering some years ago, a friend listened to the many crazy things going on in people’s lives and he stated that we should “dare to be dull”. He meant we should focus on the important things. On a related note, I am sure you have heard the old saying “May you live […] Read more